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hey guys since April Fool's is just around the corner today I'm gonna be reviewing tick-tock pranks with my dad and brother yeah and since that April Fool's is just around the corner I'm gonna be making some exclusive tick-tock pranks so please check out the link in the description and download tick-tock follow my account look at my tic TOCs maybe drop a like that'd be nice and it's gonna be really cool and I might prank my brother all right let's review some ticked off pranks all right we're here ready to review some tick-tock so we're gonna be reviewing some tick-tock pranks here are these the best tick-tock pranks we're gonna determine if those are good tick-tock pranks or not let's see we got dirty come here look this Penny's gonna go inside this water boil no there's no way yeah no way there actually is one where so that's a classic inside this water boil no there's no way yeah look okay I know that's fake how can you tell it's fake his face tensed up before he even squeezed it no way on you tensed aah aah did he tense up before he did he did oh my goodness my gosh okay I think okay that seemed a little fake I used to do that to people though really yes I used to like squeeze the water ball in their face so who my friends I think they used to do my friends not anymore hi the old credit card to the back of the head oh I think that was real okay he's a good sport about it let's see if he's a good sport about it now some pool he's a little hesitant okay so that's no he didn't know what that was happening like the other guy yeah you seem super Jason you were like ah but then does he know the guy or yeah I think he knows agree yeah cuz it happens so many different times right upside down cup oh I know this okay okay what do you guys think wow it's just water you just grab a towel that's kind of like me do you think that's real no yeah no she's still like the outcome is real but like even he knew takes a girlfriend I wait a second though he was in a closet okay that's pretty real yeah okay but he was in a closet the lights around wait a second see that looks pretty real but the closet is why was he in the closet look the light switch is clearly outside ah okay but I like this acting but at the end when he said were you you were in here the whole time you were in here the whole time you were in here the whole time so what'd you say to someone on a scale of 1 to 10 how good is that prank that's pretty good like maybe a look at 6 or 7 what do you think sakes did you that's me when you come out of the bathroom after 20 minutes whoa who knows guys if you download tik tok maybe she'll do that to her buzzer so good you guys download tick-tock and maybe this B's gonna prank her brother okay here we go I've seen this before look over there shirt I don't know okay how does she not look up at her head that's so faint okay what do you guys think about that oh man I don't know about that one a little bit dry 1.4 million 1.4 million likes Wow I tried that on you today and it didn't seem to work she looked it right out my head as soon as I did it oh my god I love this guy oh I saw this I saw it takes his wallet I mean sure I guess do you have like your wallet or something okay this appears so close your eyes okay oh my goodness Illyria's my gosh Kev's boy Perry alright he's so great a bit of sketch I could watch that like eight times oh that's so funny on a scale of one to ten by mr. bean a nine try that on your friends and see how far you get hey Austin if you can answer this riddle I'll give you my MacBook okay that's like really bad acting if a blue house is blue and a red house is red what color is a green house clear yeah you not see the book under and he's sitting there you sitting underneath him and the MacBook was right here you think so yeah I get if he was holding it here I can see the book under it yeah if I show up with a book under it I'd be like why do you have a book under it I'm a little suspect I know that you woke her up boy [Laughter] come on man what was that there was one that you did before when you had like the little the little guy on your thumb and you throw them up in the air and then you clap you're like oh no there he is and I say that's that's Jimmy Jimmy likes to jump throw up Jimmy and boom I know goes this is Teddy Teddy says hi daddy says clap your hands oops Teddy died that escalated quickly all right here we go babe I found a new trick when was your phone oh you start it – – – – – – – I just lead everything off your phone yep she restarted in no way my friend was about to do that to you today see you can do that yeah if I do to you right now oh no thanks – – – – – – – oh okay that's real her face is real oh that was real for sure now I'm sure just research the phone doesn't delete everything there's no way you can delete everything on the phone like that I'm not gonna say it garbage prank gone wrong okay I could see the prank I could see someone doing this I don't think that was real I don't think that was genuine play it again want it again [Applause] come on what's wrong with you bro that was great what was your guys's favorite tick-tock what was yours my favorite one is probably where the husband reset the wife's phone oh the – – – one yeah okay I'm gonna try that not on my phone though oh I'm trying to both your phones no can you see – – – – – – I thought – ten times I've been – I've been I can – mine was the the guy resetting the wives phone as yeah totally I was right there was a genuine reaction thank you guys so much for watching this is my outro please leave oh I forgot my slipper and then you sure you did yeah thank you guys so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this tick-tock reaction video April Fool's is coming so I'm gonna be making some Tic Tac pranks make sure to download the app it fulfills your satisfaction for memes dank memes and meme stirs and I hope to see you the next time I post button thanks for watching everybody please like subscribe and leave a comment down below if you haven't subscribed yet please click on the icon on the left and a little theme will pop up and use it to subscribe if you already have subscribed please forget everything that I have just said it's my radio voice

45 thoughts on “REACTING TO TIK TOK PRANKS!!”

  1. How I know it is this is buggy. Buggy says hi this is buggy when the come by and you slap your hands and on the other hand you have a scribble

  2. Me: I'm never downloading that app ,what is it called again? Ticc tocc?

    One week later insert sponge Bob voice

    Me: "Hit or miss I guess they never miss,huh? You got a boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss ya"

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