Records reveal how much Trudeau's Caribbean vacation cost

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one of the perks of being Prime Minister never having to fly commercial for security reasons Justin Trudeau is required to travel only on Defense Department aircraft that's how he his wife and their three children flew to the Caribbean islands of st. Kitts and Nevis for a New Year's holiday a nine and a half hour return trip at a cost DND estimates at $48,000 new records obtained by CTV News show that for ten days and nine nights the government Challenger and its air crew of four sat on the tarmac while Trudeau and his family enjoyed a winter getaway personally paying for his stay at a resort where villas cost twenty five hundred dollars u.s. per night the Prime Minister's Office says Trudeau will reimburse the cost of his travel for personal trips but there will be no reimbursement for keeping the pilots and crew on standby for two hundred and eighteen hours while the jet served as a backdrop for pictures with local officials the Defense Department says the crews stayed because the aircraft always has to be ready to fly with three hours notice the PMO also won't disclose the extra cost of keeping his RCMP bodyguards at nevus saying it doesn't discuss security details Stephen Harper established a precedent of repaying the equivalent cost of economy-class flights still the Liberals in opposition attacked him for taking the jet to sea MHL playoffs the prime minister is having a challenge so he and the Heritage Minister can go to Boston to watch a hockey game at ten thousand dollars an hour now it's the Conservatives turn saying Trudeau should have considered the optics of his holiday with public money at stake to keep two pilots around the clock on the payroll while you're off for ten days like that might not have been setting the best signal for Canadians even if Justin Trudeau reimburses the equivalent of economy class tickets for his whole family it'll still be a small percentage of the total amount the government paid for this winter holiday Lisa all right Glen Glen MacGregor in the Ottawa Bureau tonight thanks fun

16 thoughts on “Records reveal how much Trudeau's Caribbean vacation cost”

  1. this ass is the crime minister of the country ,apologies at this point are a day late and a few bucks short . This arrogant con artist is not trustworthy and Canadians will wipe that smug smerk of his pompous ass in the next election.

  2. why would someone who is helping his country men and women with all his heart and all his fairness need to look over his shoulder or need security to protect his life, everybody is happy for the great things he has done for everyone in the country and the world

  3. It was announced that Trudeau paid for his family vacation. The tax payers paid 48,000 for his jet. 64,000 for 9 RCMP officers to accompany to Nassau for their accomadation & food. What a waist of tax payers money. 25,000 for a jet to watch a hockey game.
    Really Mr. Prime minister? ?????
    Boy were we wrong in voting for you.

  4. C'mon, every single member of parliament does this to whatever extent they can get away with! They make $100 000 ++ per year, yet live like royalty with the perks and expenses, they spend $20 000 a year of their salary and get it returned ++ with write-offs and compensation packages. All Federal Governments are corrupt beyond repair, cant be fixed…GET USED TO IT, YOU CANT AND WONT CHANGE IT!

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