Riding the Bosch CX Electric Mountain Bike System in Sedona  | Electric Bike Report

Riding the Bosch Performance Line CX electric mountain bike system in Sedona, AZ with Claudia Wasko and Jonathan Weinert from Bosch eBike Systems​.
hi this is Pete from electric bike report and I'm here with Claudia Vasco from Bosch ebike systems North America and we just rode up this nibbly Hill Road here in Sedona Arizona we rode up 2,500 feet from 4500 foot elevation to the ponderosa pines at 7,000 feet and it was all on an electric mountain bike on this dirt road totally legal and a lot of fun we had a good ride up and here with Claudia to talk about their new performance line CX system that's built specifically for electric mountain bikes so Claudia could you just give us a little bit of background on Bosch and then let's just talk about the CX system a little bit yeah great great right by the way um yeah so this is the bosch CX and performance wash the X version which has been specifically designed for amat bikes so first of all you will notice a different design it's more compact it's also lighter it's about 200 gram lighter than our regular version and it is powder coated so it's totally adjusted to some other conditions you may find here as you can see in Molly roads and so on um and what is very important about this system when you climb up a hill you tend to have a higher cadence and the system is adjusted to this high tech high up cadence so we have a specific software specific algorithm who takes care also that you get immediate support because when you hop on the bike you need immediate support when you're especially steep section we call it track control and this has been implemented in this system and also the system comes with more torque so we have 75 and Newton meter torque here to ensure that you always get the uphill flow and get an extra boost even at very very steep sections yeah could you tell us a little more about uphill flow and can let that me oh yeah we I mean we are partially we are proud that we kind of introduced in mountain biking in in Europe and the Apple flow is just we produce videos about it to explain to first go to to educate train educators on also to educate about this specific use for the mountain bikes for and the flash system you just get an extra tailwind and feel this Apple Apple flow which you usually would amount like never experience because you don't have enough power to to get this flow but with the Bosch system you get enough speed and extra extra assist from the rotor that you can even go in a little excess flow what you normally just know from going downhill right and we experienced that today you know just riding up this this road and I mean there was definitely a lot of gnarly sore the technical aspects to it but the same time we could ride side by side and have a conversation and we're still getting to work out for sure but it was fun I mean I kicked it up to turbo and just you know took off and managed gives you wings for sure so it's I mean I could definitely feel the torque you know as you start pedaling it's it's immediate and for mountain biking conditions that's a really nice thing to have that immediate power kick in especially if you're riding on really technical stuff or maybe you're in the wrong gear and it really kind of helps you climb out and say then get into the flow get into the flow yeah totally Jonathan how are you enjoying Sedona Arizona loving it my first ride of the week mr. schneebly Hill Road yah-yah-yah open to electric bikes yep awesome yeah and now we're going all the way to the top we're going to seventh up today and you know forget your right side by side enjoy the ride buddy of us gonna wash as well though we have different levels of skills and shape you can do together where's the highest level of skill we're checking everybody's into eco right Jaime go up you

26 thoughts on “Riding the Bosch CX Electric Mountain Bike System in Sedona | Electric Bike Report”

  1. I just tried one today only over 2k € worth, was amazing. Did not buy it since I could also get a used car for same amount 🙂 I'll put it in my "when I get rich" list.

  2. I love the idea of e mountain bikes in America. I don't love the cost and the knowledge that I am obligated to ride on roads along with other motorized vehicles. Mountain bikers live for singletrack period.

  3. Such a shame you couldn’t experience the normal trails there on such a fun bike. The petty arguments against these bikes are pretty rediculous. Demoed one recently at a very busy trail network with families out hiking and biking and not once did I hear of any issues with the ebikes…nothing but smiles from those who demoed them. Got one on order

  4. r these false purported Ebike!lasting up in those mountains?r is it like the specialized defect brand battery's commercial violative die out,no operating?we must know truth need converter batteries,universal fuck Ebike,fprever fed viol OfFSHELF"

  5. Haven an E MTB with Impulse II Motor: All said is true – and it is fun. But you will never get the power and strength as you will gain, with regular manual pedaling – E MTB it s fun – but it is no workout

  6. Nice job. Bosch is reassuring in that I hear it's proven to run trouble free for several years. Both the reliability and responsiveness to start/stop without delay seems unbeaten in the industry. Haibikes might be my first pick if the MTB design allowed for addition of a rear rack (not a beam rack which does not work with a droppr post). Others like me favor the MTB for city mean streets. I prefer this MTB look over softer hybrid/urban designs that have racks.

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