Road Trip Across South Africa

A vlog of my two-day adventure across South Africa from Pietermaritzburg to Cape Town.

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our into a two day road trip across the country more specifically from Marik's burg area it was a lunatone to the Western Cape Cape Town so very exciting we have a couple more hours until we get to our first stop which is Clarence and hopefully get some food and coffee we just arrived at our first stop which is Clarence Oh 20 it's a little artist mountain town the drive was so beautiful way better than expected actually and so now we're gonna grab some brunch and coffee and yeah explore a little bit the food it's great you're satisfied but my salad is amazing it's so fresh it has mint basil tomatoes trade tomatoes mozzarella and thinly sliced pieces of apple with a little bit of olive oil and balsamic it's so good safe to say we made good choice on our first time we are back in the car ready to hit our next destination which I think will be cold part but it's like five hours away continue on mal Herbstreit for one and a half kilometers it was a brief stop at clearance have too much time to spare you today because we still have like seven hours to go oh here we go okay we're about ten and hours in today one left at 7:00 and now it's just past 5:00 and we have only a lot thirty minutes left until we reach kolesberg which is we're stopping for dinner and then just two hours more to Garnett which is where we're spending the night one other thing that makes this road trip a time crunch mentioned earlier as that ant is the only one that can drive this car because it's a stick shift so but he's killing it we made it too close first the last stop the last stop of day one it's only two hours from here to graph Burnett where we're spending the night and we just ordered some fish and chips we're gonna get some coffee to go and make the final push feeling good anyway we're at this restaurant calls the Bordeaux questionable okay we got a little excited but here's the aftermath okay just arrived at our place and they actually upgraded us from a basic room to a cottage so it's a lot bigger than we were expecting and we're very happy to have made it let's see what's over here little kitchenette area with a fridge a nice big bathroom we'll be taking our last long showers before Cape Town and then a bonus bedroom which was the four beds for the two of us were so happy to finally be in Grapher net and are excited for another day tomorrow tomorrow night we'll be in Cape Town so we're gonna get settled here did you watch some TV and then get a good night's rest good morning from Burnett we're in the hotel just getting some breakfast before we hit the road I have a really beautiful breakfast wrap and some coffee we're gonna drink lots of coffee and then make our way towards the garden real hopefully stopping in George which is only a few hours away so excited to get to Cape Town tonight okay we've been driving for about three hours just over 30 more minutes to our first stop on day two in George we are officially in the Western Cape so our fifth province days attend the Free State the Northern Cape Eastern Cape and now the Western Cape a couple observations the scenery has changed just as dramatically as it did yesterday about every hour you get a really big shift I've also noticed that there's very very little roadkill here I think I've seen one dead animal on the road since this entire trip and in Michigan you can't really even drive two hours without seeds swirls Wow okay look at this now there's trees speaking of animals we're right behind a truck full of goats right now we've seen a lot of goats on this whole journey yeah it's an exciting trip oh we're stopping at a viewpoint lovely stop at this cute little coffee shop and now we are trying to just push on to our final destination which is Cape Town without stopping so I guess the road trip was going a little too smoothly we just got a flat tire or discovered that we had one so we're here getting it fixed apparently it was just a faulty valve whatever that means but they replaced it for a 67 ran and now we're good to go only how many minutes fine just one more hour left in this epic road trip and we are both definitely feeling John we are finally in Capetown city centered nine eight minutes away from the Airbnb I'm so excited to see what it looks like it has been a long day so we're very excited to be wrapping this trip up home sweet home

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