Rockypoint Mexico Teaser Trailer for my Vlogs (Wild)(2019)(Vacation)TMas

Teaser Trailer for my Vlogs, Rockypoint/Puerto Penasco Mexico Holiday Amusement park travel ice cream. Food las palmas condos beach ny malecon 1 4th of july.

•Watch in 1080p!
•I will be soon be uploading the vlogs so stay tuned.
For now this is the teaser trailer I hope you like it
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time edititng: 6hrs

•In that clipping where i’m running i said “they’re onto me”
•My Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat: Mario24432
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•Ive been uploading videos to YouTube since 2013 so don’t come at me with the “all these kids nowadays making channels for clout” I do it cuz I enjoy editing, filmmaking and interacting with people who like what I do and who have similar interests.

– #rockypoint #puertopenasco #uahfresh

I got copyright claimed😒 whoever reads this F in the comments 😔

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