Roma (Italy) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Roma in Italy.
Roma Aeterna, eternal city and ancient centre of the world.

The Piazza Navona is situated in one of the Italian capital’s most beautiful squares in a city that has always been a dream destination for travelers from all over the world. Three large fountains adorn the large oval square that was built above the ruins of a Domitian stadium that dates back to the 3rd century A.D.

The Romans had a special regard for fountains, the most famous of which is the Fontana Di Trevi. It was designed by Nicolo Salvi for the façade of the Palazzo Poli.

The Via Appia Antica was the most important street in ancient Rome. It connected the southern area with the main city and even today, one can walk over its ancient cobblestones.

Pope Gregory XIII had the Palazzo Del Quirinale built as his summer residence but it was not long after that the Italian monarchs acquired it as their Renaissance palace. Today it is the residence of Italy’s President and the daily changing of the guards ceremony is still a popular attraction.

The 17th century St. Peter’s Square is the most beautiful square in the world and is situated in the centre of the Vatican, an autonomous Church State in the heart of Rome that also contains the imposing and breathtaking Petersdom, the largest Christian church in the world.

The allure of this city lies in its combination of chaos and joie de vivre, elegance and creativity. Rome is a complete work of art!

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Roma Aeterna Eternal City and ancient center of the world the Piazza Navona is situated in one of the Italian capital's most beautiful squares in a city that has always been a dream destination for travelers from all over the world three large fountains adorn the large oval square that was built above the ruins of a Domitian Stadium the dates back to the 3rd century AD this is the Baraka era of Rome that contains several of the city's most famous monuments and buildings evil it's impressive fountains have been well preserved thanks to numerous master builders these magnificent fountains help to create the perfect atmosphere of this city's many Street cafes here the motto is to see and be seen the Romans had a special regard for fountains the most famous of which is the fountain of Trevi it was designed by Nicolas Alfie for the facade of the palazzo Polly a tiny square surrounds the white Barack splendor of shells Triton's gods and white horses and Fellini's film la dolce vita contained an age-old message that those who throw a coin over their shoulder into the fountain will one day return to this splendid city Pope Gregory the 13th have the Palazzo del Coronado built as his summer residence but it was not long before the Italian monarchs acquired it as their Renaissance Palace today it is the residence of Italy's president the daily changing of the guard ceremony is still a popular attraction in this remarkable City la dolce vita in the Eternal City where the past unites were the present colossal elegant and excitingly beautiful the pantheon this fine circular temple boasts the world's largest cantilever dome the Magnificent building was once dedicated to numerous Roman gods but 1400 years ago it was transformed into a Christian Church several Italian Kings are buried within this spectacular building a gentle beam of light enters the circular opening of the huge dome the roman forum form a center of power of the roman empire whose majestic power can still be felt today and for many centuries this once the heart of ancient Rome was neglected fortunately today each of Rome's historic monuments are protected you Oh the valley marshland that once lay between the capital Quirinal Palatine and Velia was drained during the 6th century by the Etruscan monarchs in subsequent centuries temples basilica's triumphal arches memorial columns and further buildings were built on the forum and also stages for auratus and even memorials for the dead this was once the center of the civilized world it was here that the Senate met Cicero spoke to the citizens of Rome and Caesar refused the crown during the time of the Roman emperors the Emperor forums were built and the Roman Forum was the center of the city the huge arches of the Constantine Basilica indicate the original dimensions of these massive buildings this was the center of politics law and trading in ancient Rome it is believed that on Palatine Hill that is adjacent to the Roman Forum Romulus found in Rome in 753 BC Oh the roman emperors resided here for 400 years the large area of ruins of the once splendid buildings extends over the entire hill when emperor otto the third decided to revive the roman empire he chose the Palatine as the residence for his court you in antiquity each of the Imperial forums were public places victorious generals were honored here and basilica's and columns were constructed in their name SIG's story hi Trajan's markets were built here they represented the power and prestige of those who built them on the northern side of Capitol Hill is a huge monument of the first Italian king who ruled over the newly United Kingdom the monumental Vittorio a man worthy you viii Hill of Rome was Italy's largest and most costly National Monument of the 19th century the view over the Piazza Venezia is breathtaking construction of the altar of the fatherland took 26 years a classical building with a semicircular portico the 135 meet a wide facade with its central statue of the king on horseback is particularly striking we're the temple of Jupiter and Juno once stood in 1536 Michelangelo created the Campidoglio wide steps lead up to the square in antiquity this hill the smallest of the seven hills of Rome was the center of Rome's administration and is now the residence of the city's mayor you twenty-one meters high and 26 meters wide the arch of Constantine is the largest and most well-preserved triumphal arch in Rome to commemorate the victory of emperor constantine against Maxentius this memorial was built next to the Coliseum stone reliefs depict their es battle scenes in 72 AD Rome's largest Amphitheatre was built at the command of Emperor Vespasian on the site of what was once Nero's Palace his son Titus supervised the completion of the monumental building and held an inauguration ceremony that lasted for a hundred days bread and games were promised to the people from this time on the Emperor offered to his citizens public entertainments that comprised savage gladiatorial battles that involved both man and beast an ingenious design solved the problem of crowd control and a system of divided corridors and seats separated the common people from the elite thus fire 18 numbered entrances it took only ten minutes for 73,000 spectators to reach their seats a masterpiece of planning up to 5,000 pairs of gladiators fought in a single performance and as many animals were slaughtered mythological and historical battles with costumed warriors were also reenacted in the arena each morning human-beings are fed to bears and lions wrote the Roman archivist Seneca and in the afternoon they satisfy the bloodlust of cruel spectators much is being done to preserve the amphitheater for future generations and it is indeed a unique Roman landmark and historic symbol for the whole of Italy in 200 AD the Roman Emperor Hadrian had this villa and it's large garden built as his country-seat in Tivoli east of Rome the construction of this the largest of all Imperial villas took more than 20 years with government buildings squares residential quarters and a stadium between pine trees and ancient oaks the Emperor had water basins built with Greek figures and marble arches in memory of his numerous travels this area of 120 hectares contains a large variety of temple complexes some of which still remain partly covered large thermal baths have been discovered that were heated by fires in subterranean corridors a fantastic luxury of ancient times you the emperor came to this small romantic island in the Teatro marítimo to enjoy painting in meditation perhaps this explains more about the great emperor than the mighty buildings of his time via appia antica this was the most important street in ancient Rome and it connected the southern area with a main city even today one can walk over its ancient cobblestones the old towers and gates of the huge city walls are still discernible the most famous street of antiquity travels through the Porta appear to the old town it was here that Rome's elite have their luxurious villas and family graves this huge complex of ruins is similar to a shopping center of today the terror medic Caracalla here numerous bar saunas fitness centers boutiques hairdressing and beauty salons once served more than 1500 Romans huge halls with cross vaults corridors and walls whose mosaics are still partly visible dimensions that even today are quite amazing in the Middle Ages this area was densely inhabited during the 19th century it was a fashionable district today Trastevere is the cultural quarter of Rome's upper classes in the center of this district of tangled alleys and small squares there are shops and craft centers full of traditional fare here rome is like a village with all its bars restaurants and tourists this district has a special intimate atmosphere on the Tiber is the island of his Ola tiberina it is accessible via a bridge on each side and is in the form of a ship with its impressive bell tower the San Bartolome Oh church can be seen from far and wide it was built in the 10th century on the ruins of an aesculapian temple in the Middle Ages it was used to isolate those with a plague today it is a hospital for Rome's wealthy how times change a walk along the banks of the Tiber is very rewarding 21 bridges spanned the soul of Rome the lifeline of the city for thousands of years beneath the bridges along the riverbank there's a relaxing atmosphere fishermen and joggers enjoy the tranquility and strollers take in the Magnificent views and bruh Hadrian had this mausoleum built for his entire family and the papacy had a castle built above it that was connected to the Vatican via a subterranean corridor the world's most beautiful bridge leads from the historic center into the castle Bernie knees ten glorious barack angels flank the bridge the castle of the angel derived its name from a legend the Archangel Michael appeared and placed his sword into its sheath thus the plague was banished next the most beautiful square in the world the 17th century st. Peter's Square in the center of the Vatican an autonomous Church state in the heart of Rome an imposing and breathtaking sight the dome of st. Peter's the largest Christian Church in the world designed by the most famous Italian architects of the time the faithful travel here from all corners of the globe this meeting point of Christianity is an independent state with its own currency newspaper station and various embassies following the completion of the dome of st. Peters a massive square was built to accommodate the countless thousands who were to come here for various religious ceremonies st. Peters was built on the site of a basilica that dated back to 326 BC and above the grave of the Apostle Peter although he did not live long enough to see its completion Michelangelo designed the 136 meter high dome it is supported by four columns and is decorated with mosaics everywhere there's an abundance of golden decoration this was dominant in both Renaissance and Baroque times Bernini created the canopy above the papal altar that is located above the grave of Peter it's construction took more than a hundred years and in 1626 it was finally consecrated it is the world's largest Christian Church and can accommodate 60,000 several Pope's lie buried here and their graves and statues were created by famous artists the dome of st. Peters is like a gallery that rises high above the Eternal City from here there's a wonderful view of st. Peter's Square the Tiber in the city the Pope is guarded by an army of around 100 the Swiss Guard the allure of this city lies in its combination of chaos and joie de vivre elegance and creativity Rome is a complete work of art roma que Bella

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  2. A Roma, molti dei genitori ignora le legge del traffico e molti di questi genitori sono dipendenti pubblici. Gioventu in Italia meritano rispettosi della legge, etiche e coscienziosi funzion ari, loro futuro in realta dipende da esso. Raddoppiamo multe per il traffic in citta capitali e attesa da tempo di orologio, adulti e rispettosi della legge strade compaiono a Roma!!

  3. The City that has at its centre The Holy Tomb Of St Peter, the disciple whom Jesus loved. This is the most important part of the film as far as I'm concerned, and the true icing  on the cake of Belief and Faith would be a view of The Holy Father greeting his people, who love The Lord and His Mother.

  4. I just saw a short film of the river and was wishing to see another part of Rome so this is lovely viewing many thanks ! Hope I can see Pope Francis soon ??

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