SHOW and TELL ! Elsa & Anna toddlers at School - One is Sleepy - teacher Barbie - Math problems

In this toys dolls parody video you can see Elsa and Anna toddlers
going to school. Little Elsa was not able to sleep well last night, so she is very tired and sleepy in the classroom !
They also have show-and-tell at school today, but will toddler Elsa be able to focus well and present her show and tell toy ? Also, watch as other children in the classroom present their cute toys.Watch the video and … enjoy !

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oh I don't think I can do show-and-tell today I'm sleepy well you have to we'll see alright students it's time to start how is everybody doing we're doing this glad to hear that and is everybody excited because we're starting with show-and-tell today so Ariel you're gonna go first before we start to do the show-and-tell I will take the attendance I'm gonna go to the computer Ariel here Anya right here mrs. Natalie awesome and Benjamin I'm here as usual next is Mulan right back here Miss Natalie Jasmine here here here's Daniel right here Cinderella back here all rora get right over here shank here and last but not least LC yeah LC yeah last call for else yeah I guess she's not here you're the teachers calling you yeah LC I told her to sleep that night and she's calling you a round now come on well she's sleeping I can't believe it miss Natalie look come see a sleepyhead over here what what did you say Benjamin and see how sleeping no she's not sleeping she's just looking over there right yeah yeah everybody mm-hmm this looks like she's sleeping no she's not oh she is sleeping fine she is sleeping because she didn't get enough it's time to wake up for show-and-tell come on sleepyhead look at this sleepyhead she doesn't even wake up and I'm making moist Oh what's this ugly bear yeah I faded ha I'm gonna wake up now because the bear is on the floor huh well why is my bear on the floor Benjamin why why are you Ruta me oh my beard let me put it back on my desk I better take a seat I bet better not fall asleep anymore because everyone is looking at me Benjamin please take a seat I heard that Miss Jackson put you in timeout do you want me to do that too or just sit down and be quiet okay fine I'll choose to sit but didn't you see that LCL was sleeping so why don't you just mind your business Benjamin stop yes don't worry I saw that she was sleeping she just probably didn't get enough sleep at night you don't need to make fun of her try not to sleep in class again okay I'll see ya we'll try okay miss Natalie all right so let's get going with the show and towels first is Ariel so come on up with your show-and-tell item I don't know why but I'm actually not scared I'm excited okay I'm gonna sit right over here so I can watch your presentation Hey hello my name is Ariela and today for show-and-tell I brought this sparkly pink heart and I brought it because I look like it and it's my special gem cuz it looks so sparkly and pink and it's my favorite color do you want to ask me something about my nice shiny pink heart I have a question I have a question what is it I'm wondering if it glows in the dark well it actually does so I mean it doesn't but it but it's sparkles so it kind of glows all right round of applause for Ariel she did such a great job [Applause] hmm I gotta admit that heart was a little bit boring my presentation will be the best can't wait for mine yeah yeah yeah you think you have the best things all the time um was I talking to you no I wasn't so why are you talking to me never mind never mind thank you everybody go back to my seat and next on the list is Anya so come on up yes yes yes my turn hi everybody my name is Anya and today I brought in my toy squirrel and I like this squirrel because it's so cute and I like squirrels so much and I always like to play with this one it's so cute and fuzzy questions are anyone I have a question would you pretend to feed her good question well since her name is nut she loves nuts she likes peanuts she likes all kinds of nuts oh it's y'all is she also likes to eat candy cuz when i candy i guess i give some to her too oh that's such a cute squirrel Anya let's clap for Anya nice presentation good job job thank you thank you hey come on nuts we get a good job nuts nuts nuts and other peanuts ha ha ha ha oh wow that hurts my poor head ah you get up mmm see what happens if you're really Benjamin don't be rude anymore yeah yeah I'm a big boy it was just an accident they happen anja class class be quiet don't be rude ok Benjamin you're next whoo-hoo prepare to see the best presentation ever now watch and learn everyone here we go again with Thank You men I pretended I didn't hear you but anyway let's start well I hope he starts already so what I have here is remember this it's a magic toy frog so you can actually talk to it let me tell you something about it first it's cute and it's green it likes to eat cool insects and flies and it's my friend and you can also talk to it like I said so try saying something to it guys say my name frog excuse me you're being rude to my frog it's name is not frog its name is Danny all right Danny say the answer what is her name her name is Jasmine I knew it my frog is pretty amazing don't you think any questions for Danny he can answer them himself oh yeah ask him what day of the week it is believe you fell for the trick guys now so funny Benjamin you silly guys you actually believe that if you want more funny things Benjamin is the place to go thank you thank you would you like to hear something else about my frog I'm Benjamin your presentation was long enough go back in your seat it's somebody else's turn now fine but the real fun is over mark my words huh what a great job I did okay next is else yeah now see you're leaving trouble you're sleeping again come on it's your turn I don't see I missed my presentation because she was sleeping come on now see ya wake up Benjamin oh wait is it my turn oh it's my turn looks like I bet better hurry I better get my bear you'll see I try to go to bed early and get more sleep next time okay I'll try to next time but look I haven't dice presentation to show you so my name is Elsa and today this is this is my this is my squirrel and she likes to eat apples that's so funny are you even thinking why look even the Frog is laughing leave her alone please Benjamin she is just sleepy stop being rude sorry no sniffling can I please start over again sure you can buy you'll call me miss sniffly instead of miss Natalie I'm sorry I'm just so sleepy it won't happen again I promise Oh time to say my presentation good so my name is Elsa and this is my green a bear that I always like to play with and she likes to eat berries and honey because that's what bears eat she loves to hang out with me she's just so you're so cute and I love her so do you have any questions for my frog oh hi mean bear Oh my bear I'll be right back you go get my bear whoa Oh your teddy bear is cute can it be friends of my bird LC yeah LC uh where did you go LC yeah how is it taking so long just to get a bear here's something what's that I'll see how you're sleeping again now see I wake up you're sleeping at the front of the classroom under my board what I think I'll just Sogeti getting my parents it's a just septic long time I know you think Elsie I can see you have puffy eyes you it looks like you didn't get much sleep what did you do last night um I just have enough sleep well you have to talk to your mom because you see what can happen if you don't sleep you don't think very well here's your bear okay lots of people went so far I'm gonna check them off so Ariel you went check on you Benjamin and else yeah so next is Mulan you're up next be brave I can't do it yes I can you can start whatever you want okay hi everybody my name is that's not your name don't say that because it's just my first time talking to everybody in front of the class and I'm scared everyone's looking at me this is my red bubble burn and I and I like to play with her and Benjamin some people are just shy and they're nervous it's not nice to make fun of them she's trying her best fine fine whatever I am NOT a chicken and I will so be brave to say it in front of everybody in the class I can do it hi everybody my name is Mulan and today I'm here to show you this is my show-and-tell toy it's my it's my red bird and it's so cute I like it and I like to pretend it's chirping and this is how it sharps did you design elf yeah how can you do that oh come on guys anybody can do that and I'm more special and I could do it even better listen to this how birds do whatever I just have a sore throat but I can do it all right round of applause for Mulan nice job being brave my mom will be so proud of me so excited go back to my seat okay Mulan check her off the list and next is Jasmine so come on up yeah are you falling asleep again no no I was just resting oh well we listened to the show and tells okay so you can go ahead now Jasmine okay hi everybody my name is Jasmine and for show-and-tell I brought my cute kitty cat and it's name is marshmallow because it's white and fluffy and it's just like a marshmallow and I just love her just so cute yeah yeah it's just the cat that's kind of boring and let me guess you're gonna say my little kitty says meow meow meow meow all the time we already know it says meow I'm just gonna ignore you children too much talking we gotta get going round of applause okay and the last person to present today is shanks so come on up yeah I get to present my toy dog let's go hello everybody my name is schengen this is my dog it's name is poofy because it's so poofy and fuzzy and it's so cute and he likes to have treats when he does tricks like sitting down and flips and he is just the cutest dog in the world and I think it is and always wakes me up in the morning he is such a nice dog Oh poopy that's such a cute name for a dog that's such an ugly late poofy what's that it sounds like a little kid name put something more serious like how about Rufus that's a cool name Benjamin not again too much talking I don't like it well if I like the name that's what matters I don't care about what you think Benjamin yeah I got it Yatta Yatta discussion over well I want the discussion to be over anyway back to my seat ok the last one for today and now it's time to start with mouth wide white listen Natalie can I please present my butterfly I really wanted to present it to the class please for the little puppy I'm very sorry but we have to start with math but let me see what time is it okay I guess we have two minutes but you have to be very quick so come on oh hi everybody my name is Cinderella and today I have my butterfly in it's name is flutter wings and I picked this one out from the store because it's a blue and my favorite color is blue and even matches my dress and it can flutter everywhere with me around the house and it likes to to suck pollen from the flowers in my garden it just so nice of its colorful wings you I hate butterflies I don't even want to look at it bugs and insects are on the best not butterflies I don't want to look at it not again Benjamin you said that again people like different things okay pay attention class we only have ten minutes we're gonna do subtraction today so let's I'm gonna write some problems six minus two how about ten – three four – four okay so just take a while to think and then raise your hand up if you know the answer to one of these problems um excuse me but I can do all of them in just one second so can I do it please No thank you Benjamin I already know you're good at math I want to ask somebody else hmm somebody who's not really participating how about else yeah else yeah are you sleeping again remember that are you okay yeah I'm okay I'm sorry you don't sleep I'll see how you really need to get some sleep do you think you know the answer to the first question look on the board six minus two what's the answer I'll see how what are you doing oops that is not the answer try again Elsie eyelet Oh 100 LCR pay attention please oh I'm sorry missing Natalie I will answer it okay what 6-2 hey think think think LCI please talk to your mom and I'm gonna talk to her too that you have to go to bed earlier okay but you don't you're not acting very well because you're tired okay but where's my toy where is it I can't see it anywhere else you I know that you are sleepy so I'm gonna get the bear for you here you go oh thank you Benjamin but are you sure that's not really like you I just want to give you the bear and that's all oh well thank you good job Benjamin you did the right thing how nice of you you should do that all the time alright who can solve it six minus 200 I think I know the answer and the answer is what is it for yes you are right 6 minus 2 is 4 ok who wants to do the second one 10 minus 3 10 minus 3 it should be 8 right oh not quite but you were close who else wants to try oh I know it this time is it 7 good job that's the right answer looks like you've been practising on you 7 and the last one before we go for – for mrs. Natalie I think I can get it this time are you sure yes I'm sure ok give it a try 3 no that's not correct Elsie oh wait wait wait is it 0 and you're right I got it right even though if I'm kind of sleepy alright so we are going to have a test next week on subtraction so make sure you practice it alright everybody yep we'll all right the bell ring any seconds so get your backpacks because it's time for lunch you did a great job class thank you visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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