Skiing in Champoluc with Ski 2

Why would you consider a skiing holiday in Champoluc? Ski 2 offer a popular skiing holiday package to the Italian resort of Champoluc. The service includes transfers from the airport, a British run ski school that can offer instruction for any level, lunch vouchers which can be used in any of the mountain restaurants in the area. See what our clients have to say in this video…
[Laughter] welcome to John Pollock the best-kept secret in the Alps ski – have been bringing skiers here to this Italian resort for over 14 years now we know this beautiful place inside out Chum pollutes is under a two-hour drive away from the land a lesson three hours from Geneva and we'll be there waiting for you to pick you up in one of our own vehicles for a hassle-free transfer to resort we collect from six different airports at any time day or night transfer is very flexible you can goes well with any airport or you can drive here which we've done almost all the permutations and they're all pretty straightforward and they're company very good at picking you up or whatever time day or night that you turn up excuse you pick us up from the airport they don't mind coming and picking us up in Geneva which is a three hour drive away from here we only live in the north of England and we can only get to Geneva and so we sit in a big car the boys watch a DVD and we're here in no time there are over 30 different hotels to stay in or within an eight or nine minute walk away from the ski deposit and the main gondola will help you find one that suits you best we as a family have been coming to on pollute for eight years so we've stayed in a variety of hotels all very different but the standards are excellent the food is delicious and the service is first-class is why we love coming here because we looked after so well there we've stayed in three different hotels here and they've all been slightly different but been very receptive for the family and helpful foods very good and we're all very close to the result as well so you don't have to walk too far get into the mountain ski to have their very own ski high shop and deposit right at the bottom of the main gondola you can leave all your equipment here overnight so that you don't need to carry it to and from your hotel ski hires fantastic greeted with a wonderful smile as you arrive in the ski to office superb skis handed a prestige pair that I would hold them brand new and in fact they were and I've had a brilliant time on the snow here so really excellent I've been very pleased with a ski high here and if you need some lessons I know just the people scooty run their own British ski school right here in the heart of shambolic so I'm actually not particularly enthusiastic skier but Sean pollute is really the answer to that for me because the whole family loves it and even I actually really enjoyed the scheme this week partly because I've had a really good instructor tackled Alan who she's been very patient and it's been a really good fun so I've actually so slightly rediscovered a bit of passion for skiing this week ski to look after the kids we when we first started coming with ski to five years ago youngest was in crash and he thoroughly enjoyed it they would bring him up to the slopes if you wanted a little our tobogganing or learning to ski and now they're off at ski school from ten till three and we can go off and do our own thing and don't have to worry about them there are over two hundred kilometres of runs in the Monterey the ski area and a wide range of piece to suit all skiing abilities today we skied from shrimp loop all the way over to alanya which is about two valleys away it's it's a whole day skiing if you leave it turning you get back about three it's an amazing trip lots of beautiful scenery some great runs and a great time I think the runs are brilliant there's a lovely mix of red blue and black when I first came to Champa Luke I was low intermediate and I've really come on because I've gained fantastic confidence in this Resort superb condition oh I almost forgot ski to give you lunch vouchers which you can use at a range of Mountain restaurants across the area which saves you having to carry around any cash at all and they're included in the price of all ski to holidays lunch and vouches are superb very easy give the kids each a lunch and voucher every day and they can get a lovely meal the food in Italy is fantastic and you can get really great value meal for the lunch and voucher and very high quality in the mountain restaurants too we've been skiing ski to for five years and the thing that's great about mosquito is the two full-time working parents with two kids we really do just have to pack up the bag get on the plane and then they take care of everything else once we get it don't just take our word for it come on find out for yourselves you

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