SLEEPOVER !  ELSA & ANNA toddlers - Chelsea Barbie

This toys dolls parody video shows ELSA, ANNA toddlers going for a Sleepover at Barbie’s house !
They have a fun time with Stacie, Chelsea and Skipper! They have a Tea Party, eat cookies, but…. something happens to the cookies! Join the fun and see what other funny things they do! Watch them playing, joking, baking, eating delicious sweets, laughing, having fun and going to bed! Enjoy !

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one two three joy okay girls I'll see you tomorrow and just a reminder listen to Barbie and don't do silly things okay you can get hurt okay mommy promise you'll be nice girls yep we will okay bye have a good time bye Elsie Anya you're here hi Stacey hi girls we're gonna have lots of fun today are you excited yes of course we love sleepovers and guess what Barbie is gonna have make some tea for us cuz we're gonna have a tea party and cookies chocolate chip cookies yeah yummy okay now let's go inside my room I'm gonna show you our room okay let's go so this is what our room looks like woah we even have a bunk bed yeah are so lucky oh thank you we always sleep there hi Chelsea hi skipper hi girls yeah you're here I'm gonna go play with you now welcome girls you're gonna have a blast at our room we're even gonna have a makeover with nail polish how does that sound really we get to paint our knee yes see the nail polish is right over there yeah I want the pink Chelsea we're not painting our nails yet I know I'm just telling you what color I want I think I want the pink too well I want the green Oh green sounds cool well come on girls let's sit over here I think Barbies bringing the tea so tonight let's sit here where should I sit just find a spot Chelsea what do you mean where should I sit mind I'll sit here Chelsea you're funny okay girls the tea is ready make sure you clear the table here's a tea let me put it on this here's some milk if they want to pour it in their teeth as well as some sugar hmm what am I missing oh you have the cups where are they gonna pour it let me just get them from the cup board there they are and this one can't forget the fourth one okay I'm bringing the tea here you go girls enjoy thank you Barbie yeah thank you you're welcome now I'm going to get the cookies cookies cookies I can't wait yummy yummy cookies I think I can even taste them from here sorry girls I didn't put the cookies in the oven yet but you can have these cupcakes instead does that sound good yummy yummy cupcakes they are so delicious doesn't matter as long as it's sweet right girls yeah joints Thank You Barbie okay here come the cookies and the oven slide them in okay time to cook for 20 minutes oh just eat so good I agree I like this tea – hey Stacy what are you doing drink some tea already no thanks skipper I think this cupcake is better mmm strawberry flavor yummy going to pour some tea now the mail grab some milk pour it in and ready to drink hey Anya I just noticed did you lose a tooth it's kind of black over there my tooth fell out at the dentist but it didn't hurt at all and the new one will grow back in Chelsea what is that it's not goofing around it is it ok fine but can we put nail polish now ok well that's what I was about to show it yours yay well here comes the green nail polish there you go I wanted this one and Chelsea got the one you wanted the pink nail polish H I wanted the pink one too no Anya this is mine I want this nail polish Chelsea that's not nice she's the guest she had gets to have it give it to her no please I need it Chelsea don't be rude fine here you go on you have take it Thank You Chelsea Hey look there's a bright yellow color where where over there actually I want this one that's better girls stop fighting we're here to have a good time alright since everybody's happy let's paint our nails let's start my right here my other fingers one two three four and five they're all done I look like my mommy hey here is my second one okay I think I'm gonna take off my shoes now so I can put it on my legs okay I might see how you do it yeah that yellow it's okay I like how you used pink on your feet on yeah Oh Thank You Chelsea look at me it looks like I have banana on my hands you're so funny Chelsea I use the green for my hands and now I'm going to use pink for my feet no Elsa but you have to use the same color nope one two three four and five mm-hmm they are all done hey girls don't forget to brush your hair it has to be nice and smooth right let's brush it first I got the brush first I brush my hair okay skipper over here you can brush your hair next do a nice and smooth hair and I even put some red highlights in my hair you like it guys yeah oh I didn't notice there are some other things here we can use there's a blow-dryer there's some powder some lipstick let me put some powder on my cheeks and pop it on my cheeks do that pink color looks so cool Anya thank you and I am going to curl my hair they're all done heat and now my hair is nice and curly hey what's that smell kind of smells yucky I think it's coming from the oven what let me open it Oh No all the cookies are burnt this this is not possible and now I don't even have any other ingredients to make more I should have listened to the timer I didn't even hear it actually oh no no everybody's gonna be mad at me girls I'm sorry I have some bad news look what happened to the cookie for cookies I'm sorry girls I didn't pay attention will you please forgive me let me see are are all of them is it true Barbie are the cookies actually burned I can't believe it yeah look over there a lot but I said I'm sorry doesn't help they're still burned hi 100 cookies so stop crying girls please I'm sure we can find something else to eat yeah maybe barbie has something else sweet hey girls I forgot we have these over here look at these traits do you like them yummy cake oh of course Barbie I want to eat them right right now no not tomorrow now Chelsea stop crying look so summer sweet here Yeah right only doughnuts no doughnuts I love doughnuts what am I thinking you're the best now yeah I'm glad that you're happy girls and I'm very sorry for the cookies getting burned that's okay Barbie yeah that that's okay because now we have other delicious treats yeah OCS right I'm glad you're happy well you can go eat now hey girls I found this interesting movie to watch while we eat it's called Barbie spy squad so come on over okay girls here are the sweets they're gonna be on the table and you have a plate for each person well this movies so cool is any sweet yummy I'm trying to watch the movie okay she'll see you're so well did you see that cool trick whoa that was cherry mmm this cupcake is so delicious YUM these are so good I feel like eating all them Chelsea you can't then I know I'm just eat this donut first that's all so good okay girls the movies over and it's also time to go to bed come on girls bosses feel so good I'm so sleepy come on girls when you waiting for and take off my shoes and let me go up up up I'm on the top bunk bed and there's an S on my pillow for Stacy and this is my little bed bounce bounce bounce excuse me you have to go to bed oh okay I knew that I guess this is where where we sleep Anya yeah I'm going to choose this one ah nice and comfy and now I'm going to choose this spot okay let me turn off the light okay back to bed oh they're already asleep I can't believe it – Lily 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