SOLO TRIP TO PORTUGAL | Lagos, Lisbon + Porto

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hi everyone I'm in Portugal good morning everybody it's my first day here in the Algarve I'm staying in Lagos I'm at the beach this morning I got here for sunrise it's about 6:30 7 o'clock so I'm going to be here for about a week and a half not just in the Algarve I'll be going to a couple of other cities in Portugal as well I'm just so happy to be here in it's warm and my feet are in the sand and what more could you ask for you guys have to see this it's like a million steps down to this little secluded Cove of arches it's so stunning I just got back from breakfast it's another beautiful day here in Portugal and this morning I am doing something that I am so excited about I am going to the Benefiel sea cave this cave has been rated one of the best sea caves in the world and what's unique about it is you can only get to it by sea so today I am stand-up paddleboarding I'm so excited [Applause] that was so amazing highlight of my trip so far we went to like six or seven different caves and each cave had a different story it is just incredible today I arrived in Porto which is in northern Portugal I'm staying in one of the coolest hotel rooms I have ever stayed and I think this building used to be old apartments that have now been converted into hotel rooms it just has that feel it has these beautiful hardwood floors I love the simplicity of it it has these beautiful French doors that are overlooking the city this evening for sunset I am climbing the Porto bridge I've never done a major bridge climb before I believe this is the only bridge in Europe that even offers it and there's really only I think a handful of bridges in the world that do bridge climb Sydney is one of them I know that because of mary-kate nationally our lips are sealed it is a dreary day today this morning I'm going to a library here that is supposed to be one of the best in the world and I didn't realize that JK Rowling used to live in Porto and it said that she drew inspiration from it for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter world good morning from Lisbon I've made it to the final city of my journey beautiful weather here not a cloud in the sky today I'm spending the morning exploring I'm walking around the Alfama neighborhood right now which is very old Lisbon look at this view guys I have come to the conclusion that Portugal has really cool hotels because I'm also totally in love with where I'm staying here and I got lucky when I checked in they had a complimentary upgrade for me the bathrooms awesome and also they have these sassy like passive-aggressive reminder signs all over the room to like turn off the lights or hang your towel up so they don't have to wash it and to not leave the top running Lisbon is a lot like San Francisco you're either walking uphill or downhill you guys on Instagram have been telling me I need to go to this shop and try a pastel Donata it's my last day in Portugal I fly home tomorrow so for my last day I'm going to head out to sintra it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's about 15 miles west of Lisbon it's supposed to have lots of forests and palaces and castles so you get off at the train station and then you get on a bus that takes you on the windiest uphill road for like 30 minutes and then you have to walk uphill it is so much incline I totally understand why they say you need two or three days here because it's been a few hours and I'm only just getting to the second thing I'm back at the hotel Sintra was amazing it's just it's enormous now it's time for me to get ready to go home I have to pack up I have to figure out how to retouch risk everything into my suitcase I've had the best time in Portugal if you are interested in solo traveling and you're interested in coming here I definitely recommend it I hope you guys have enjoyed coming along on another adventure with me if you want to see more photos I'm sure there are a ton on Instagram and I'll see you guys next time

24 thoughts on “SOLO TRIP TO PORTUGAL | Lagos, Lisbon + Porto”

  1. The benagil cave is not in Lagos it's in Lagoa , you visted lagos and you missed maby the most beautiful caves in ponta da piedade , just get on a one of the boats from many of the company's that do grotto tours and it's ridiculous that people just focus on Benagil that isn't even in Lagos!!!

  2. Portugal is a safe homogenised country.
    Now try being a single white female travelling alone, walking the streets of Germany, Sweden or even London in England. I dare you.
    You'll soon see that mass immigration from non white third world countries in not a good idea as you're robbed, beaten, raped and left for dead in the gutter.

  3. Hi Allison. My name is Ana, I am a portuguese girl. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here. I wanted you to know those passive agrassive messages in the hotel are from a portuguese artist called Wasted Rita. You should check her on facebook or instagram. She is really good. Best wishes!

  4. I have a question about how you achieved the title in the video – what did you use to edit your video and how did you get the “Portugal” title to layer behind the image?

  5. Hi hi I know you list the items you use/used, but as a college student which would you recommend I'd get initially (go pro/camera/blogging camera,etc) ??

    Or anyone who is also into photography/travel vlogs pls lmk!

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