South Africa Road Trip: Blyde River Canyon and God's Window in Mpumalanga

After a week in the Bush, we figured it was time for our first African road trip…
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Under the lights- KIINGS

Fugitive Orchestra

so today's our Sunday which means it's up day off and we're gonna go on a bit of a road trip in this thing good old golf okay so this is Duncan hahaha I'm Katie and yeah we're gonna go into a bit of a road trip find some cool sites lesson number one so can we have diesel or unleaded it's great great start today yeah ok hi you Julie okay so at the blind blind slide slide slide River Canyon face relocation they go and yeah look at that view yeah it's not bad view that is it stay still Duncan good effort how's mine comparison comparative GPA it's pretty good I think mine's worse but I know you've got you've got loads of hair covering it though you can't even yeah you don't even wear your GPS okay so that's the end of the first view to the next viewport go away and there's me thinking it was just as well okay so we just turned up some really random off-the-beaten-track not entirely sure where it is potholes we've paid so we're going to persevering go in no way and this is where we try and make sense of a map and fail oh is this where we are up against me yeah pilgrim dress rubbers pad twice the distance we won did you name these places I don't know whether we're actually gonna get where we need to get but fun is the ride okay so we are now fully prepared for the trip it's not way if you can even tell us what earnest so that is a pothole again pay in Duncan pushing the boundaries just in case you miss the first sign definitely don't go beyond the second point that's Templeton I need to know what's there now no so we're in the middle of the gorgeous National Park I think it's a national park but the Pater federal money to get in meal brand and how to put a depressing note on guys but down there there's some plastic bottles floating around how much does everyone know on this water mongoose anybody got a clue what that is it is bigger than your average dwarf I've not seen one of those crocodile Sun in itself rock dasi closest living relative to an elephant okay DJ Katy go I knew if I failed it would happen all right Duncan's having trouble with his clutch control and we're gonna go and get some food now because everyone's starving yeah yeah let's grab a bit so do you reckon the pancake place oh that pancake place which ones be original built on what are they hi I am Joseph slump slump little thing is about Wow yeah now I'm a tourist oh yeah yeah that's not bad so close like a big tree you could set up from the massive zip line all the way down there to the bottom I have to be amazing wasted opportunity wait I'm taking good yep yeah come on get your camera's out and guys so can ever anticipate the being less tears when we started running I love you though last time nice place last time I tell you I I like the way it just kind of pisses out at that tree you feel like you could just jump up it couldn't yeah so just stroll them through the grasslands hoping not to see a snake looking out for some weird formula 1 track climb sound of it what is that it must be a formula 1 track surely still at God's window it's God's backdoor so there is an amazing amount of signs before saying don't go near the edge as far as you can go I haven't come across one single sign that says don't stand on that point so if you die we're not gonna come and pick you up but if you set up an amazing zip wire then you're laughing so didn't you learn the other day yeah oh nice one

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