You guys suggested us to do this tagalog challenge so here you go! To all our fellow filipinos out there hope you guys enjoy this haha! and if you’re one of the people who doesn’t speak our language we have them subtitles for you to read so don’t hesitate to watch still!! πŸ™‚


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shut up hey guys and welcome to we're trying to change our accent to Lake in Filipino English acts we're just kidding but so we saw this comment had a lot of likes this final suggesting us to do the speaking Tagalog challenge yeah so basically we're gonna be like you know speaking Tagalog for this whole vlog we're Filipinos you guys actually speak Tagalog which you select you know speaking English so that it's understandable for everyone that's why today we're gonna be speaking Tagalog in this vlog and to make it more interesting we're gonna introduce you to the Filipino culture yeah by a playing Filipino game and some Filipino folk that's everything for the pedo are you ready not yet 3 2 1 we're gonna speak Tagalog starting now so for all our international viewers out there read the subtitles below okay just a reminder in 3 2 1 I mean it's a doula novena una OSHA I'm a nanano hello come in Pato Pato Pato so at the top when I'm in tough some are numero done tapas Kayla and Hamming in box up John still an American at MoMA Lake Nanami do Mindy get some Alenia sample is some sample para some of them people sigue [Applause] fiber in subway map in Siena Guerrero b-billy some of us Oh in English I'm Amelia I'm a youtuber [Applause] sample sample in Amin Amin Amin hi I'm Arne Bahnsen saya on Pilipinas saw my on over at I don't I try handsome self I Filipino that so I'll good dango say you know you know village and si Amaya this Indian Armenian Parma Karuna allow they're all in Papua or in a video and sha nae Ayanami cocina man minimal Gangnam must Myers Sonya put cocoa cinnamon and added Ito say I Mahina hollow hollow a team at a time though haha I ain't a nothing no doubt [Applause] we know you yeah so what happened because Anunnaki then you need us hello tapas Marron banditos sinigang and he says a monastic at NAPA gonna be no adobo dying operator pilot and sell hadn't Abednego an Amiga Nina so many songs about sounds but they don't think I'm a CC oh my gosh so I don't love develop super nice a Filipina scale but I hear nothing no I guys are you know I'm gonna you know that Challenge I mean every now I'm gonna go sign a person I mean came up in the pinna john valleca English Stovall if I'm a hockey more the subscriber convener for tomorrow familiar somehow hi youtubers my regards and my blog people let's go Anthony Mendoza and yeah droppin a basilica and comment or something be Joe the widget oh yeah I've got somebody mother happy from Vienna

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