June 20, 2019- We decided to take the older kids to SeaWorld. With Lincoln still needing naps. He stayed home while Louis got some work done. Click arrow or “show more” button. 🙂 – XOXO- The Bacas

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we are just having a blast over here getting then all the rides that we can because we don't have the baby so we figure we can get it up back morning guys and happy Thursday welcome to today's vlog today is SeaWorld day I need to charge this battery so I'm gonna charge my camera and then we should see you in about an hour all dressed and ready because one hour later we are dressed and we are going to head to SeaWorld I am gonna bring my phone and sir my big camera that way I'm not you know getting this one way the kids are you guys ready to go to SeaWorld my daddio hi guys have fun at the SeaWorld you uh you get some work done I need a lot of work done baby you guys have fun bye guys Sun comes out Sun's up buns out we're walking into SeaWorld are you excited cam let's look at the map we are on the right I guess that with this that was a very short ride the next ride we're gonna go on the kids are excited we are just having a blast over here getting then all the rides that we can because we don't have the baby so we figure we can get it up back y'all ready explorers remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop once your lap bar – babe please exit carefully to my right and a short speed and articles you may have left behind all right so we are walking into our last show it see lines why story California sea lions see your blood agent O'Connor open er are you guys ready a few moments later [Applause] are you ready everybody here we go you can win this competition [Applause] we're leaving for the day let's head to the beach all right today is Thursday the week is already almost over I can't believe it we're having a blast Lincoln and I are just hanging out we're getting ready to go grab some food everybody's gone the kids are all gone at Sea World he just woke up from a nap not too long ago so we're gonna go explore the board rock walk la explore the boardwalk and go have some fun while we wait for everybody to get back beautiful day outside a little chilly so we wear our jackets on alright see you guys a little bit by what of what up we are now home all the kids are down for a nap we're gonna hang out hang out enjoy the day that's 25 a Sun is coming out hopefully we will see in the frills no order from a cheap company yeah we are just hanging out on the patio it is so nice it's been playing outside and the patios so nice here because it has the seating area this seating area and then it has this right here that has the fireplace yeah I got you in the background so friggin Stevens Stevens rocking the Wills really pop a wheelie wheelie are you ending me right Geoff fun on the beach oh yeah now you can relax showing don't wanna have to wait tonight wait tonight better I'm gonna find my way tonight wait tonight who'd you talk to me to you yeah what did he do to you you want to go out there with the sand with daddy you want to go play with Daddy Uncle David and Daddy are playing with the kids oh wow I've been drinking these since we've been here and they're so good my favorite is the peach mango it has been so nice staying at this beach house and then just being able to walk on the beach and the kids just play it in here we just had the best time and I can't believe it is almost coming to an end tomorrow's our last full day here at this house and then we check out the next day at like 10:30 and then we go to Orange County to see Leroy and Fran Saturday tomorrow's our last full day again what are you doing what's wrong I can make it Yelp okay throw it whoa What's Wrong Cole mommy's hand you 30 David oh that was so close to your brother oh good job I think it have you been having fun yeah the water it's too cold we can't go in the water how about tomorrow you're gonna go in the water tomorrow yes yes yeah tomorrow we're gonna go to the beach we have a beach day all day tomorrow except tomorrow is actually my mom's birthday and so we are going to take her out to breakfast in the morning but other than that we're gonna spend our day on the beach and I am excited Chemical Adam

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