STOP wasting time ! Elsa and Anna toddlers - homework - evening routine - dinner

In this toys dolls parody video Anna and Elsa just came from school. Watch their afternoon – evening routine , having dinner, playing, doing homework, etc. Someone is wasting time….. who? Enjoy!

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okay oopsies okay honey the school day is over and we're just home mommy we're home shoes there now we can take off our backpacks oh it's so heavy cuz I have a lot of homework to do yeah me too backpack off yes Tracy I know Elsie and on out here come on Elsa let's go okay ho continue my work later okay let's go on up goes here yes little cat and little owl All Right girls and guess what tonight is sushi night yes we're gonna have sushi so first wash our hands and then come to the table okay here's the nice sushi yum yum yum and some yummy rice gonna be so good onna the cups yep coming right away there are the cups roll better not be clumsy okay one two three and four girls dinner's ready juicy I know the food looks yummy but you have your own food this is ours please be a nice bird oh did you forget our pets named its name as mango not juicy do you know why because I was thinking of mangoes because they're juicy so that's why I said juice oh well that makes sense then mango what are you doing over there oh wait you just reminded me I should get the juice thanks mango tree then washing my hands and coming to sushi my favorite butterfly chair in where Zosia well she was still in the bad bathroom oh well and when I left it so she might be still just washing her hands what did it I wanted to when I got home oh yes watch videos on my tablet here's my tablet that that one's onions and now my pink headphones but we're Google going to eat I could just take out the table and I think you should get the house oh maybe I should yeah you're right Oh else yeah you're finally here yeah I'm here for sushi night okay but make sure not to stay on your tablet that long okay I'll eat don't worry wow so amazing so Anya how was school today did Benjamin bother you you know actually it was okay today it was just a normal day at school we went out to recess you know and what about you else yeah did you have a good day else yeah so sorry mommy did did you say something yes I asked you how your day was at school oh yeah yeah I was great last fight okay I'm full now one last drink of orange juice finished Anya yep fun fact I sure AM okay gotta get started on your homework yeah uncle do it I'll see ya huh you didn't even take one bite I don't like this else yeah you know I'm I'm okay with you to watch videos but I want you to eat too oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I know I know okay um so oh no what were you saying oh I was saying about those shoes so happy all the homework to do okay see we're having here take them out come on stuff come out oopsies there's some books in there okay oops I didn't mean for all of my stuff to come out mm-hmm clumsy me all right so the first thing that she asked me to do is to ride to the multiplication tables of 10 so neat that I also need a pencil to write it pretty sharpened enough okay now I don't need the yellow book but I do need this red book so I can read chapter five that's also one of my homework could use an eraser okay times 10 equals hmm what is it again oh yeah 20 20 now three times okay time to do the dishes oh but else yeah you still have one more sushi to eat wait wait wait there's just one more minute left okay but you also have homework remember I'll finish it fast so then I can go watching videos on the couch I'll just watch it there you know now I can go Oh actually I want to sit on my new auto chair so fun oh yeah you took forever to eat and aren't you gonna start on your homework yeah yeah yeah sure I'm coming it's just something so interesting here well how they actually did that and ended I need to watch the second part all right now pull like done now it's time for reading mommy I need help I don't understand what this word means sure Anya what word is it crispy crispy yeah well that's just like something like crunchy like chips it feels crispy chips like that okay yummy huh oh yeah umm LCI you didn't start your homework yet hmm what what oh yeah yeah I'll go get my headphones oh yeah I mean cat I need homework yep just coming right here oh wow that's amazing oh you know what I think I'm gonna do my homework on the couch so I can have a coffee spot and maybe just one more minute up top yep just one more it'll be okay I blend then she went back home with her friends yes yes I finished Chapter five all right time to answer the question why did she go to her house oh yeah just because you did it and start your homework does it doesn't mean you you can disturb me now I lost my thought great oh so sorry sorry whoa okay okay I'll do my homework have a lot I forgot to hide I better hurry up and do it and I have to write my multiplication tables okay so ten times oh yeah I forgot I haven't 5th finishes about that game yet quickly quickly just one game just one game this is I can be this level and just yes I did I did it but now I have to go back to the homework maybe just one more level yes it's just just one more one more my questions alright I'll do my homework it up and now I have some free time I did play the piano and tell them Anya aren't you supposed to be doing your homework well I'm all done done already no it's fine you started then and now we start now don't worry don't worry I'm a fast the girl to do homework so it's okay I think I plenty of time in fact let me see what time ten times zero is is this twenty wait no no no wait 100 no no no no wait actually it's zero zero here is s yes okay ten times one I'm 2020 wait actually no else yes okay wait hey I thought I had plenty time money well what's wrong very scared no um you just scared me well I just came to say that it's time to pack up and get ready for bed what I have behind haven't finished my homework why not do you have this whole time to do it oh no I just this time I don't know why zhonya finished see she's she's not the piano um well I don't know she just finished faster I guess did you need help with your homework I could have helped you out see ya you know no it's not that usually I'm so fast you you know me but I don't know something just slowed me down but I don't know you just had like ten things to write how can you not write yeah and I did have a short story in a question she didn't do that either yeah there was actually one chapter and I uh-huh I see a game over there Oh Elsie ah were you playing games on your tablet huh why would I do that well when I know what I have I have work to do I don't know because you're with the tablet even at the table so I think so um what are you talking about Elsie ah come on tell me you played some games right no no I didn't auntie Elsa I told her to do it but she just did it listen oh really it's fine to play on your tablet that's okay but if you know you have homework you should do the homework not stay on your tablet and then see now what are you gonna bring to school no homework he took time with our table yeah it's too late now I'll see how I don't want you to do this anymore because you're wasting time you really had to tell her Anja LCI it's good that she told me because now I know what happened you see knots time to go to bed I think you'll have a little bit of time in the morning to do it but I don't want this to happen again okay okay promise it won't and I'll make times before my tablet and my homework all right so let's go to bed okay I'll leave it here in the table so you can do it in the morning okay okay come on let's go get ready for bed okay I mean good night Tracy wait what maybe I can use my tablet just a bit and tell you brush your teeth Elsie ah um I forgot to get something oh well I don't think you need anything at the bathroom yeah yeah just wait here there's no TV so uh I hear footsteps what's that just came here to say Elsie you know very well you wanted to say goodbye to the tablet not me oh no that's definitely not true well I know you too well that's what you wanted to do okay fine fine well good night yeah good night pool by night for a promise tomorrow that I will try my best on my homework yes well anyway good night else yeah good night see you in your room and one minute all right for more videos go to our Channel and subscribe

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