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if you love to cruise or stay at all inclusive resorts I'm sure you've discovered the benefits of having a travel agent do the necessary footwork to get you the best possible deal they use their relationship with travel vendors to get you prices and services that you either didn't know about or simply can't get by booking online a travel professional is key to discovering the latest travel trends and world-class experiences that can't easily be researched online their insider tips and advice is invaluable in providing the necessary guidance to provide you with the best possible vacation for your hard-earned investment that's the outside but here's the downside the best of travel agent can do is offer a retail experience and although they might promise the best price possible there's no guarantee that's why working as a travel broker is clearly better a travel broker provides everything that a travel agent can but with the lowest price guarantee as well now you're probably familiar with what a real estate broker is someone who works with a network of real estate agents right well a travel broker does the same thing with droplets but here's where it gets interesting as a travel broker you'll be able to take that exact same trip but you'll pay wholesale rather than retail and by becoming a travel broker your whole vacation becomes tax-deductible you'll work with a 25 year old travel company that's expanding its operations here and overseas you'll be trained to be able to work from home around your current schedule for details just watch our short 25 minute webinar stop paying too much for something that you love to do be part of the largest industry on the planet travel

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