Taste Testing Crazy S’mores Foods! (Cheat Day)

Tis the season for campfires, summer vacations, and S’MORES! It wouldn’t be summer without the chocolatey, marshmellowy, graham crackery treat we all know and love. But this time – we’re taking it up WAYYY too many notches with cocktails, grilled cheese, and every random food you can think of! What should we eat on Cheat Day next?!

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Here’s What We Tried ►►
S’mores Iced Coffee
S’mores Donuts (Donut Friends)
S’mores Yogurt (Chobani)
S’mores Poptarts
S’mores Grilled Cheese
S’mores Cupcakes
S’mores Oreos
S’mores Marshmallows
S’mores Ice-cream
S’mores Martini

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32 thoughts on “Taste Testing Crazy S’mores Foods! (Cheat Day)”

  1. Every culinary person is cringing when Traci was talking about soufflé, tiramisu, and creme brulé and then Dariany said that we all get our french desserts mixed up and tiramisu is Italian lolol. Not hating, it made me cackle so

  2. I’m gonna skip this video nos because of their awkward chemistry cuzat the end they should pretend they enjoy each other or so. But the white lady is annoying AF…. so no thanks bah byeee

  3. S’mores are my favorite thing ever, and I’m not tryin to be mean, but this video was kind of awkward to watch. Idk what it was, but ever since the introduction of each other at the beginning, it just seemed like they had attitudes towards each other. It was a bit…awkward. Now seeing everybody else’s comments, it wasn’t just me feeling this way. Maybe, next time they should have a girls day before filming and meeting a new person?

  4. I love cheat day and cheat days in general for the positive ‘Anything goes’ vibes. This was the most negative and whiny episode I’ve ever seen. It ruined my ‘cheat day’.

  5. I used to camping and I LOVE me S'mores. Now I found an easy breezy way in the comfort of my kitchen. I stuff a piece of Hershey chocolate inside each marshmallow. Put two marshmallows on a bamboo skewer. Roasted it over an open flame on the stove until it's golden brown.Then place it on the graham cracker.

  6. I never leave even a remotely negative comment but to Tracey there's a difference between witty banter/sarcasm and being condescending/judge mental. This was so hard to watch with all the derogatory comments aimed at parenting and Americans weight and everything in between. I come here for fun and comedic relief not critical rhetoric.

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