The BEST Central Otago Wineries in New Zealand!!!

The BEST Central Otago Wineries in New Zealand!!!

New Zealand is famous for its wines. In Central Otago, NZ, we checked out five different wineries. It was surprising to see many opened wineries because we went there during the off-season (winter months in the Southern Hemisphere). It was a great opportunity to check out these wineries without the large crowds. We checked out these wineries:

-Akarua Wineries
-The Lazy Dog Wineries
-Mt. Difficult Winerieis
-Wild Earth Winerieis
-Aurum Wineries

All of these places produced some of best wines I have ever tasted. If you’ve never been to New Zealand, make sure you m ake a visit to the wineries in South Island, New Zealand. I promise you won’t regret it. Remember- THE VOYAGE IS CONTAGIOUS!!!!
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