The best ways to pack your suitcase for vacation

Learn the best ways to pack a suitcase for a vacation. See the different methods I use to pack, including packing cubes, zip-lock bags, and hanging closet organizers. Be sure to print a copy of the free vacation packing checklist to make sure you don’t forget a thing on your next trip!

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hi this is Jacqueline with Jack of all things and today I'm going to show you some of my favorite ways to pack so my my most favorite way is to use packing cubes that are really easy to go into your suitcase they separate everyone's clothes really nicely they keep them really wrinkly free they're just real really great to travel with so my favorite brand is the conex brand and I've tried a couple but what I really like about this brand is that it's a compression track packing cube so when it's closed it reduces a little bit more space and you could open it up for when you're actually putting in your clothes so if you go a little bit more space before you squeeze some of the air out what I also like about this track this packing cube compared to others is the mesh front with the air that can help squeeze out some extra air there and the fact that it actually has a couple different zippers dual zippers so you can pull from both sides I have another version packing too here and it only has the zipper from going from one side and it doesn't compress it down either and it just makes closing it and opening it a little bit more hard to do so these actually come in a couple of different colors got red here we have a couple different colors depending on each family member and they come in several sizes as well which is really great I can typically fit a whole week's worth of clothes into this large one if I'm going away for a long weekend I fit into the smaller one they also come with a laundry bag depending on the package that you buy and several different sizes as well so um what I'm gonna do is just show you exactly how much fits into this bag here so I have got a pile of clothes here and I've opened up the packing cube so it's not in its compression mode and I'm just going to quickly show you so I've got two dresses here Eric pajamas my sweatshirt two pairs of pants and five shirts itself that's in there you can roll it too if you've liked I've done both just depending on your style and then what type of clothes you've got close it up I'm gonna do the first zipper around and then I'm going to use the compression part of it so that's where I'm going to pull this second zipper on ground and this just makes it a little bit smaller a little bit easier to compress the air out get into stock here and when you get stuck if you do get stuck you just have to move it around a little bit this could actually probably a fit another pair of hands another couple shirts another sweatshirt looks to see them but you can see there's a lot of extra air here one of the reasons why I really like is because it fits into travel backpacks really nicely so my husband and I each have a backpack that we travel with when we're trying to travel more minimalistic ly if we're going somewhere where we need a lot more clothes like Disney will typically bring our larger bags but when we do euro trip or other weekend trips we like to pack in these because there's so much easier travel and the compression on these ones versus the other pink one that I showed to you really helps out and allows it to fit in nicely in these backpacks and allows you to fit in many different packing cubes into this and whose backpack to these Ospreys are absolutely great they have the removal removable de pack and they allow us to be hands-free as we're traveling with our two little ones so I want to show you was using just a simple black bag so this has been a great way to pack when we've gone to Disney and I've needed multiple outfit changes a day and I'm trying to keep everything straight and honestly I just have a lot of clothes so maybe I would need more packing cubes than normal so just a simple gallon plastic bag and I've got my outfit for Disney here complete outfit I may put it here I may roll it up depending on where I'm at I'd actually probably roll it knowing me because it keeps heaps of the wrinkles out but I'll just show you for demonstration purposes I'm just gonna put it right in and you could really seal the air out what I also like about this before I'm gonna seal it is I can take my jewelry and depending on what I'm wearing that day just poke it through the hole so it attaches I obviously wouldn't do this with anything extremely valuable um but honestly I'm not bringing anything extremely valuable to Disney so that's just a nice way to keep your jewelry straight with it close it up nicely compress that air right out and on the front right here I'm a right day one so in my suitcase I'll have a bunch of these bags and it will say day one it may say day one day day one night something like that the last way that I want to show you is how I pack for my children sometimes and this is also really depends where you're going and how much you're bringing this was a great approach when we were going to Disney and my kids are not the neatest so they didn't need a lot of outfit changes so this is a really great way to pack for kids for adults it's a little bit hard to put all of your clothes and fit them in here so what I would do is I have an outfit for one of my daughters fold it up and I do a little roll and put it right so I've had this whole thing complete you can put a hanger in at the top and then when it's time to pack just fold it up it's a little bit more bulky obviously when it has clothes in it and put this in the suitcase when you get to your destination you'll have a hanger just take it out and put it right on the written a closet hook it's also really great I'll take some scotch tape and I'll write on it you know day 1 day 2 whatever that may be spare outfits so this is an easy way to keep their clothes organized it's also an easy way to get on the same page with your spouse when you have a specific outfit planned out for them and it's very easy saying hey go grab you know their day to outfit and you're you're both on the same page with what you have put together so I hope this was helpful I hope that you use the packing checklist that's really been a lifesaver to make sure that we've captured everything and we have everything wherever we got happy travels

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