The Gate 1 China & Yangtze River Cruise Experience

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Experience the history, cuisine, architecture and old-world charm that China has to offer. Gate 1 Travel visits the cultural behemoths of Beijing and Shanghai, and shows you the lesser traveled gems that evoke the spirit of China along the Yangtze River. Travel with Gate 1 and see More of the China for Less!

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well our trip to China has been wonderful I think our expectations have been surpassed we you know we thought it would be good but it's been great and honestly I can't imagine what more we could have seen that was better we've hit all the highlights we've been having a great time in China with our gate one group everything's been fantastic from the hotel's the restaurants the tours and our guide is just wonderful it has been very very interesting and I think we've gotten just a wonderful overview Shanghai then the Yangtze River then then the tombs and and Xian and finally Beijing it's just been a wonderful flavor of a big country like China there's a saying if you want to see the future of China you have to come to Shanghai if you want to see the president of China Beijing it's a city if you want to see the ancient China she is the one the first few days were in Shanghai Shanghai was great very westernized and we just loved it and Shanghai is an amazing city a lot of skyscrapers there are really modernize like in New York and then after that and a lot of people looking forward to see the Yangtze River in China which is the third largest river in the world has the most beautiful scenery and we can ourselves through the three gorges cruising with Victoria Cruises it's been great fun the ship offers everything that you would desire you could get a massage you can get a foot massage which I recommend highly dinners have been terrific the service been impeccable the cabins are roomy the balconies are at the feet are great to sit and watch the countryside go by and it's relaxing being in China being on this cruise going down the river seeing the gorgeous with my family and friends is an amazing experience the gorges were fantastic when I think of China I've seen pictures of the gorges and it's it's what I imagined China to be with a little hazy with the beautiful cliffs and the green water if you're gonna take a tour of China definitely put the crews in the trip because it it gives you a completely different perspective on the river and it's very relaxing the highlight for me was probably xi'an with the terracotta soldiers and just the history in and around xi'an it was much deeper and richer than I would have expected then from xi'an we went came to beijing and we have had a whirlwind tour today getting to see the giant pandas and the Forbidden City the Summer Palace and a Peking duck dinner tonight that was wonderful we took the tour to the great wall which was just a thrill to be there and today we did tienamin square so that was great and then the Temple of Heaven was another very interesting place was very beautiful gate one does a phenomenal job of selecting tour guides that are extremely knowledgeable and extremely concerned about ensuring that we really enjoy our trip our tour guide has made it a very intimate and family atmosphere it's been like having a relative in China taking us around he's like a family member to us if you want to come to China and also to see the local people and to know more about the local culture customs join k1 one thing make a wine so unique is we take you to the people we take you to the local culture and in Beijing will arrange for example like the hutong tour that's the real life of the common people living in Beijing now we can also have some games with the older local people layer like the shuttlecock a lot of young people they like to play that do as an exercise the food has been great we we really have had a lot of tastes of local things we three huge meals every day which we're not used to but we don't want to miss one so it's been it's been super for the money that it costs us the accommodations are wonderful the quality is it's very nice probably nicer than we would stay if it weren't an arranged tour the location is also very good you can walk to interesting places right from your hotel we've always felt very safe staff has been very nice so I would rate it excellent this is my eighth trip with gate one and I have seen some amazing places and I keep coming back to gate one because our experiences have always been great and we just can't beat the value that we get when we travel with gate one we would not be able to travel as much as we do if it weren't for the gate one deals that we get that's one of the reasons I took the trip the cost was for all of those things was the same as it would have been for a flight over here so it was you could hardly say no for the value and and for the local guides and the local flavor that you get I would definitely recommend gate one so don't hesitate just booked your 12th row day one right now and you will see us in Beijing here you

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  1. I did the 17 day tour last year and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. The Gate 1 package was fantastic. I agree with everything on this video. I then stayed for an additional 3 weeks and did another 12km hike on the great wall (Jinshangling to Simitai) from there took a train to Hong Kong to meet long lost family in Hong Kong and back in China at Shenzhen, original family village of Wu Shek, Xintang & few other places. Just wanna take family (wife and daughter) there on the tour and meet family. Need money

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