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Join your Orbitz Travel Insider Jeanenne Diefendorf as she shares tips for making the most out of your family vacation. Traveling with the kids doesn’t have to mean cramped rooms and fast food. Get insider tips on how to make your family vacation a memorable and affordable one!

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I'm Janine defend or fewer orbits travel insider here from the ultimate family destination Walt Disney World with insider tips on how to make the most of your family vacation look for resorts that cater to multi-generational travel from tops teens parents and grandparents it's all about reconnecting with the family all-inclusive resorts are a great way to suit everyone's needs choose a resort where you can do things together as a family or kick back and relax while your kids enjoy supervised activities luxury resorts now offer kid friendly features such as water parks and Xbox lounges even though it is vacation kids can still learn a thing or two and enjoy it choose a destination where you can experience a different culture or even another period in time and check out marine life Park and zoos many of them offer hands-on programs that make learning and adventure so now that you know what to do with your family here are some tips to make sure your getaway is affordable and entertaining for everyone for better deals buy your tickets to events and attractions online before you leave for vacation take advantage of extras at your hotel like complimentary breakfast on property free internet and even discount on museum or event tickets check to make sure the hotel you choose meets your expectations read user reviews by other travelers to see how their experience is measured up for more family travel tips and advice check out family orbits calm we're here to share their own experiences to help you plan a memorable family vacation you

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