The Post-Vacation Detox | Good As Gold Presented By American Express

Returning from vacation is hard enough on its own – we have a few great ways to make it easier. From making sure you have a fridge stocked with antioxidant rich foods to embracing dandelion tea, we’ve got you covered. Check out these Good As Gold tips and more from Claire Marshall (ohhaiclaire) and Peter Bragiel (pdrop) to help detox after your next vacation. Learn more about the Premier Rewards Gold Card at

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The Post-Vacation Detox | Good As Gold Presented By American Express
what's the worst part of any vacation sharks no going back to work on Monday that's where I come into you from American Express studios with a few smart ways to detox after your next big trip we all come back tired and hungry so set up a grocery delivery for the day you return have a stocked fridge when ordering go for super foods like salmon almond and avocados they're high in omega-3s which will help raise your system of toxins keep antioxidants and probiotics on hand to get your systems back on track this smoothie is packed with both just add kale blueberries ginger flaxseed and Greek yogurt flush toxins and lose excess sodium by powering up your hydration routine adding lemon to your water and replacing coffee with dandelion tea for a few days will help do this one last thing use coconut oil to bring back the moisture that you lost during your flight it's great for your face and body and will help bring back that healthy glow how do you bounce back after a big trip tell us in the comments

23 thoughts on “The Post-Vacation Detox | Good As Gold Presented By American Express”

  1. This vid seems scripted and staged idk if its supposed to be an informative vid or a commercial. If its supposed to be an informative vid, I prefer the style that the youtubers film themselves because it seems more natural and personable. But I guess this is what we get from GQ/American Express.

  2. I don't know why she's talking about healthy foods. She just put a vlog out saying that she wants to lose weight so she'll only eat vegetables and fish occasionally. I'm pretty fed up with people saying meat is bad for you and being vegetarian/vegan is the way to go. People need to stop making and believing absurd assumptions of diet spread by people like her. Also, the super food myth is created for Californians aboard the "fit" bandwagon.

  3. I am sorry. Instead of going over board… stop eating the junk you ate on vacation. Peeing and pooping cleanses you of "toxins" so, regular water and black coffee are fine. Super foods, just aren't really a thing. I could go on, but, I am not looking for an argument. Just hope you do some science based research. WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE DAVID WOLFE OR THE FOOD BABE! <– not scientists

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