The Spectrum of the Seas - Quantum Ultra Class cruise Ship

The Spectrum of the Seas. Royal caribbean’s brand new Quantum ultra class cruise ship has begun her sailing in Asia. because she was built with the asian market in mind she has some new features that I’m looking forward to. let’s check out the all new Spectrum of the Seas ultra quantum class cruise ship.

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41 thoughts on “The Spectrum of the Seas – Quantum Ultra Class cruise Ship”

  1. LARGE is not always BETTER – I travel the world for destination – factors – did 10 countries on the Holland Koningsdam a few years ago – destination not ship – headed to JAPAN this March 2020 again not about shit (holland) but about destination and PRICE

  2. Good luck. I've had some friends go on the "Cultural Enrichment" cruises with Royal Caribbean recently and said it was one of the worst cruises they've ever been on. All the entertainment was in chinese, the food was all downgraded and average compared to other RC cruises and the worst of asian behaviour was there for all to see. Pushing into queues, people sleeping in chairs, people taking up chairs in the restaurants and bars with not even in a drink in front of them and stopping others from being able to sit there. People spitting in bins. Nobody talking to you if you aren't Asian. These cruises are aimed at the asian market so gambling and shopping is paramount and fun and food is barely looked at.

    Turned me completely off ever going to one of these cruises.

  3. I'm Australian and have been travelling to a few Asian countries. I'm glad you aren't going to shy away at trying new foods. I can tell you that their cooking is way better than Australian or American foods. Remember, these guys have been doing it for thousands of years, certainly longer than our cuisines. They also enjoy their food a great deal and I can understand why.

    You may have tried Asian foods in America but they are not the same. The Asians have ingredients that are unique to their region and they know how to make the best of them. They are also fresh which makes a big difference.

    There is a lot of foods that aren't curry hot and a lot of variety. One thing that is strange to our palates are their desserts. We don't like them, other than their shaved ice. They are mostly jelly like and glutinous, although they look pretty.

  4. Also Don, could you please, please, no matter what it takes, do a Collaboration cruise with Ben and Dave, from Cruise with Ben & David!? That would be the ultimate dream team cruising blog right there!!!! Maybe even Jim Zimmerman too!

  5. You mentioned hitting the notification button, but I don't need tos, since every day I make my Youtube rounds, and Brian Shaw, Larry Wheels, and your channel Don, are the three I check first every day, every single day, no matter what. So I haven't missed any since finding the channel Fall of last year. 😀

  6. We did a river cruise in China once the majority of the ship were Chinese. After lunch the ship was deserted as most of the ship were sleeping in there rooms. Then we had happy hour in the bar to ourselves with a group of 10german tourists. By 8pm the ship was deserted again and we had the bar to ourselves again. There were about 200or so people on board. The moral to the story is you will probably have most of the ship to yourself

  7. surprise me, let me see a positive review from a Westerner after u take a china cruise lol. ive done two w royal in asia only because my partner had no other options. Worse than an aussie cruise and thats setting the bar low

  8. Hey Don! Hope you have an awesome time on Spectrum – we'll be keeping an eye out for your vlogs!

    We planned to go on her in November, but looks like it might be next May instead due to work commitments.

    The only two things for me about the Spectrum I've heard, that I wish might be different:
    1. The Ultra Class ships have a number of reserved areas (such as the solarium), normally only accessible to Silver and Gold class guests – much like NCL's Haven, and MSC's Yacht Club
    2. For Asian sailings, a number of no-cost items become up-charged on Quantum and Ovation, and it's expected the same with Spectrum. I've heard the iFly, North Star, and Bumper Cars may be at least three activities in this category

    Would love if you can give us the inside word on this!

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you vacation anywhere else besides cruises? Not that you have much time to put in after 100 cruises, but just wondering. I hope Tony doesn’t gain all his weight back on this new ship, but it looks like a wonderful temptation.

  10. Don, I lived in China for a few years. Some advice…be prepared for some line cutting and jumping in front of you. The Chinese people are wonderful, however this is one trait that is widespread and unfortunate. Just be aware. And prepare yourself for public spitting, lots of smoking, and possibly children going to the bathroom in public (public place as in the floor). I have seen it, just be careful.

  11. This is fantastic, so glad you are traveling on Spectrum of the seas Don. My family and I are doing back to back cruises on her later in the year, so we've all been waiting to see some great ship tour videos on YT. Cheers.

  12. Just download the google translator ap and you’ll be good 👍🏼 🍚🍣🥟 Just used it at work with a Vietnamese customer tonight. And study Asian culture a little before you go. Have an amazing time!

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