The TRUE cost of living in NEW YORK CITY

A look at the cost of living in New York City one of the most expensive places to live on Earth and how you can live and travel here on a cheap budget!

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this is how much money it costs to live in New York City in this video I'm going to take you through a typical day in life to show you how much money it cost to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world I wake up at 5:30 a.m. and I turn on the lights then I head over to my local gym and get in a quick workout I head on home shower off and it's the first of the month so I pay my rent then I take a quick business call from an old friend oh of course I'll do your next movie oh my gosh I thought you'd never ask Marty is talking my ear off and I forget to turn off the lights as I'm walking out the door the most convenient way to get around New York is by taxi so I jump in a cab down to Soho because I live in New York I don't cook so I head into my favorite breakfast joint grab a nice black cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast bowl after that I hop back in a cab and head uptown to the office I rent a nice workspace in Midtown the day has been hectic I don't have time to cook like I said so I head out for lunch it is Friday work is done for the day I jump in a cab head back to the Casa I'm heading to a fancy dinner tonight and you know your boys guys look fresh so I decide to wear my designer coat then I head out for a night on the town to a lavish dinner in the US village living like this I spent a grand total of eight thousand two hundred and ninety dollars per month on average now let's go back take a look at that same day and that's a little bit a bit differently I wake up at 5:30 a.m. and I turn on the lights I work out on the streets for free I grew a morning coffee with beans I buy in bulk and I watched the Sun Rise on my rooftop I buy all my groceries and cook every single meal I always have breakfast at home then I sit down and I pay my rent but I have a roommate so we split the cost I take a quick business call from an old friend jump on the internet to get some work done it is a very important call but I take the time to tarp the lights before I head out the door I hit the streets of New York City I jump on my bike and head to work for free I share my office space with my two other business partners we're always bouncing ideas off each other and we split the rent by three I pack a nice light lunch for work and sit down at the office to eat after a long productive day at work I head out of the office for a quick bike ride home for free this time of year there's nothing like cooking a nice meal at home so I cook a dinner and I sit down in my apartment to eat I'm heading out tonight to meet up with some friends real quick and your boys guy look fresh so I put on my vintage coat from the thrift shop down the street after seeing friends for a little bit I opted to hang in the apartment and watch a movie with my roommate on our home theater living like this I spend a grand total of two thousand six hundred and seventy one dollars per month on average video interesting share it with a friend click right up here to subscribe to my youtube channel and to watch more videos click right over here and with that said I will see you in the next video so until then as always oh gee viewers remember to smile more more left live your passion

24 thoughts on “The TRUE cost of living in NEW YORK CITY”

  1. So you eat a bunch of overpriced food alone and then work. Too eat more overpriced food, then you eat more food and surprise…. you eat more food. Honey. …… some of the wealthiest people I know eat at home and try and be humble, you’re pissing your money away . You’re a douche..I liked your real estate vids but stick to that. You’re a shit guru

  2. Honestly….. I'd only move to New York City(from California) for the woman. I'm sure there's a slew of single woman. More so who aren't as stuck up as Californian bitches.

  3. That's what you pay because you enjoy living way beyond your means or simply because you love wasting money! Regular people don't need to spend that much!!

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