The Truth About My India Trip


It’s time that I come clean about my trip to India…



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27 thoughts on “The Truth About My India Trip”

  1. As an Indian I can't take this anymore… India is the 7th largest country in the world and most people are still judging India by very few places… Believe me India is so diverse than you can imagine… Every region of India will give you different experiance… 9 days and 3 cities means you haven't covered even 1% of India… I hope someday I'll see some video from someone after covering all parts of India…

  2. Well we made a trip from Kolkata to Haridwar in 2006 (3people) for 12-13days costed us around 30k… So idk what u are talking about and where were u saying and eating .. And remember we went there in 2006.. Inflation ?

  3. People, I am not trying to throw shade but, as a person who has lived in two SE Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia) and visited several others. You don't really know about a country until you have lived there for an extended period of time. Two weeks to 30 days is not enough time to learn what a country is truly all about and give a glowing impression of the country. We expats talk about getting through what is called the "honeymoon period"! This is the first 6 months when you start to know the country and truly find things that you like and don't like. This is the time when you say I'm staying or I'm leaving. Before then, you are still dazzled by superficial aspects of the country. "Oh, the people are so nice and kind they like me, or not" is one of the things you find out after awhile. "The culture is great and I can fit in, or not" is another thing. "When I go to pay my bills at the bank, the people will help me, or not" is another. You can't know these kinds of things visiting a country for 2 to 3 weeks! If you are in a major tourist area, all the people there will seem nice but, are they truly being nice or are they just trying to re-leave you of all your tourist dollars? Tourists don't even pay the same prices as locals or long term expats do. You pay 50 to 100 percent more. I don't buy in tourist areas, I go to malls and make my purchases! No haggling! You pay what is advertised! I even do this when I am a short term visitor to a country. You will find this out when you reach the 6 month period of stay. When I lived in Thailand, I would play a joke and tell them I am broke and have no money. The first thing they would ask me is "why are you still here in Thailand?" "You need to go back where you came from!" I got a good laugh off of that! I lived in Thailand for 2 years! I now live in Penang, Malaysia (5 years). I don't go to any tourist areas of the city because practically nothing there is truly Malaysian. Think of it as a Disneyland! I don't live in the tourist area and none of my friends are tourists or even foreigners. They are all Malaysians. I have integrated myself into the life of the city and its people! It took time and at times, it was touch and go. Now, they don't call me Malaysian, something I will never be but, they do call me a Penangite! I am truly that! I have truly learned and gotten to love Penang, Malaysia. The real Malaysia! It is a Malaysia that you will never see and experience in the short period of time that you visit there as a tourist. All you will see is Disneyland Malaysia or any other country you visit for a few weeks! My next trip away from Malaysia is to Spain. A country I love as much as Malaysia! I will be spending 3 months there. When I leave from there, I will still not truly know Spain and its people even though I have visited there several times in my life! You can overcome the tourist syndrome by researching as much of the country's history and culture as you can before you arrive there. I do this a lot. Try using Google Trips and Wikitravel as starting points. Both are free! You will really enjoy yourselves then!

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