The Wild Within: British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is the kingdom of abundance. Where glaciated mountains stand over an unruly Pacific. Rainforests wrap cities. Nature shapes culture. The wild breathing life back into the wild within. / @HelloBC

Location list:
0:10 – Evans Lake, Valhalla Provincial Park
0:18 – Campbell Creek near Kamloops
0:22 – Bobby Burns Creek, Bugaboo Provincial Park
0:25 – Naikoon Provincial Park, Haida Gwaii
0:30 – North Beach, Naikoon Provincial Park, Haida Gwaii
0:33 – Tofino
0:41 – Columbia Flats, East Kootenays
0:48 – Osoyoos
0:49 – Blue Mountain Vineyard
0:53 – Purcell Mountains
0:55 – Mount Nimbus via ferrata
0:58 – Takakkawa Falls, Yoho National Park
1:00 – Bugaboo Spire, Bugaboo Provincial Park
1:06 – Tofino and Ucluelet area
1:14 – Devil’s Range, Valhalla Provincial Park
1:19 – Duncan Lake, West Kootenays
1:23 – Avatar Grove, Pacheedant Village
1:26 – Near Golden
1:29 – Mulvey Lake, Valhalla Provincial Park
1:36 – Little Glacier Creek
1:42 – Chesterman Beach, Tofino
1:44 – Barkley Sound
1:46 – Pigeon and Snowpatch Spires, Bugaboo Provincial Park
1:49 – Naikoon Provincial Park
1:51 – Tofino and Ucluelet area
1:53 – Idaho Peak
1:54 – Spotted Lake near Osoyoos
1:58 – Whistler
2:00 – Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park
2:02 – Potato Ridge
2:04 – Duncan Lake
2:11 – Great Bear Rainforest
2:14 – Arrow Lakes Provincial Park
2:16 – Langara Island, Haida Gwaii
2:18 – Howser Tower, Bugaboo Provincial Park
2:25 – Salmon Glacier
2:27 – Mount Nimbus via ferrata
2:29 – Vancouver
2:34 – Barkley Sound
2:44 – North of Tofino
2:47 – Pacheedaht Village, Vancouver Island
2:49 – Crown Mountain near Vancouver
2:59 – Spear Spire, Bugaboo Provincial Park
When I pause listen I hear it: the calling. A beacon to return to a place and myself. British Columbia to be amongst the elements: the purest water and air. Fertile abundance a natural richness that
over time has quietly become the true currency of life. And this place is the kingdom of abundance. A land of giants. British Columbia forces you to rethink
life's measures. What is big? What is power? What is important? Supreme nature. Super, natural. The thread that connects us all is undeniable in this place that the Aboriginal peoples have honoured for millennia. Massive groves. Standing giants, fed by the climate and the circle of life. Altitude swings that take you from sea to sky. From rainforest to desert to snow-capped peaks. This is the place where wildlife thrives. All in the court of her majesty, Mother Nature. She chose this place to erect her monuments, masterpieces forever in the making. Constant, and changing. A dichotomy that reflects our refined civilization and raw wilderness. It's the rush of standing on the edge of the world. The deafening quiet of a mystical morning. The exhilaration of British
Columbia that reminds you of what it feels like to be alive. To find the wild within. Super, Natural British Columbia.

29 thoughts on “The Wild Within: British Columbia, Canada”

  1. I moved here 4 years ago and have sadly watched as Ford, Chev, GMC,
    Nissan, Toyota and Dodge have slowly turned this island paradise into a
    giant monster truck rally….Ford and Dodge being the worst offenders.
    They have dumped thousand and thousands of huge, dangerous pick up
    trucks all over the island without any thought to anything but the
    bottom line of their businesses and share holders. Except for the
    flexing of a possible diminished sexual muscle by the short, baseball
    cap wearing, mirrored sun glass wearing, unshaven trolls who drive these
    trucks, and the elderly people who got sucked into buying one of these
    because some fast talking salesman told them they were getting a deal
    on something that will have great resale value……not sure how that
    works if there are more of them than customers to buy them……I and
    many others cannot see the need to have one of these trucks. Add to the
    this the fact that the majority of the people driving them barely
    passed their driving test so letting them have control of such a
    dangerous vehicle is totally irresponsible, The owners race, bully and
    threaten other drivers with something so big that it can easily drive
    over a smaller car with ease and injure of kill the occupants of the
    smaller car. We've witnessed these trucks racing through neighborhoods
    and school zones where there are small children playing and walking and
    moving at high rates of speed as such that if they were to hit a child
    the child would not stand a chance. The driver probably wouldn't even
    know they had run over the child and killed them. It's disgusting and
    shameful that Ford and Dodge and the rest are allowed to do this to
    us.There is no need for these gas guzzling, emission spewing monster
    trucks to be rolling our lovely island into the ground. I agree that
    it's acceptable if they are needed to conduct business with but to
    witness one of these monstrosities rampaging through the woods followed
    by a dozen idiots on dirt bikes, chewing up the trails and filling the
    air with dirt and gas fumes is unacceptable and heart breaking to any
    reasonable person who cares about the environment. Perhaps it's time the
    government put restrictions on these trucks. Business only. Ban them
    from all other use except business……please….before it's too late
    because if you look, everywhere you turn, you feel like you are
    surrounded by these trucks….parking lots, parks, school parking lots,
    side street….they are all over the place being driven recklessly and
    carelessly and we're running out of time. The damage to the wooded areas
    and the air will quickly become irreversible and if a child is injured
    or heaven forbid, killed….then it will truly be too late.

  2. the dramatic music and narration made me laugh a lot even though i was in awe of the landscapes, it was just so dramatic and intense that i was picturing a group of people sitting around a table discussing how they want to make the video REALLY dramatic and powerful. but good landscapes and stuff so i want to go there.

  3. My little sister was adopted by a family that lives here. This video made me cry. It warms my heart that she got to grow up in such beauty. I grew up in Kansas so I wasn't as fortunate. However this is remarkable.

  4. hey folks if you care about the environment don't spend money in bc there biggest export is DIRTY COAL they have the largest export facilities in North America and when you flush the toilet in beautiful bc most of the province flushes raw sewage right into the Pacific like sum third world countries. it's your planet too so don't support these environmental terrorist there green campaign is terrible lies to get your money. your money has power speak with it and spend in places that support mother earth not destroy it with there dirty coal and pollution for all there toxic mines

  5. It really is beautiful here. There's something to see in from east to west, north to south. The best areas are the ones that tourists don't know about. If you plan on visiting to see true wilderness, talk to the locals;)

  6. I am a BC'er. I left BC for a career and could have settled anywhere in the world, but I chose to come back home. Once you have spent time here there becomes a calling within. A desire within to return to the roaring ocean and the raw wilderness. I love BC.

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