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Hey everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic day today. If not please allow me to change that for you with todays TheLifeOfShark vlog! Remember to always smile and stay positive! Put #Vlogs #Vlogging #Vloggers in the comments!
three two one this is not breaking bro what's going on there it goes come on okay guys so we have to film this video and we got to fix out to skateboard but Andrew keeps on sleeping that we should wake him up we should wake him up Andrew huh boy wake up dude we gotta film this video we gotta fix out the skateboard what happened Alex's skateboard what are you talking about it's literally in half oh my gosh I completely forgot we live how we gonna fix this how is that floating in your hand like that wait wait you mean like this yeah this is just my Flex tape that we could actually probably use this to fix Alex's skateboard you ever seen it before I have not yeah pretty cool let's use it let's do it I'm just like Superman ready yep drop you ain't got these powers like me I let's fix this board and in today's video we have something that you guys might be very well aware of that is called flex seal have you ever heard of flex seal Danny I have not flex seal is this the world's greatest and best TV advertisement for tape ever it literally I mean let's just put it this way they cut a boat in half and then they tape it back up with this stuff and then it's still completely works let's try it I don't know how that's gonna happen if this video in any way gets 20,000 likes guys Danny we got to acquire a boat and we need to cut it in half we're gonna buy a boat and cut it in half use the flex seal flex tape and do a trip out 50 kilometers or miles out somewhere in the middle of the ocean and see if this thing really works and see if that advertisement is true we could always stick to a pool instead of the ocean and maybe we get stuck out there yeah but but but in the ocean ocean they have sharks that is right 20,000 likes and we'll get a boat and test it but ladies and gentlemen welcome to today's Bahamas so in today's video of course before we go ahead and start breaking things and trying to fix them with flex seal my roommate Alex just recently actually broke his skateboard and he snapped it I don't know did you see the video of him doing yeah he like literally snapped it went like in the process of doing a I mean like this is a really nice skateboard like he literally just got he just started boarding on it okay Alex window was actually open right now so we need to be a little bit quiet if we want to surprise him with this board being fixed he's still sleeping right yeah he was out cold okay like it's like only ten in the morning right now so everybody in the house is still sleeping is that for Danny night let's go ahead let's see if we could fix this board and there's a break stuff right there wait where you going man break stuff this is not breaking bro what's going on yeah let's use the plexi Lynch I put his puzzle all right so I want to go ahead and try and align this properly here I don't know exactly like where he snapped it like I need to get the perfect kind of spot later in today's video guys if this skateboard is alive and works again I'm gonna see if Alex can do some tricks on here and see if the Flex tape and flex seal will hold with him doing like an ollie and stuff Danny you want to try that and get it in like the it's got to get in the right spot all right bro I'll give it a try we must close that gap right there I kind of think we should just spray some flex seal over that should we put some tape over spray the bottom that's actually very true spray some flex seal over that let's see if it will close the gaps because the only problem is you could see all the way through to the bottom so we need to make sure I'll give it a nice little thick closure oh yeah you could still see it's kind of worth a shot I mean yeah you want to start spraying it go ahead lexy of gods don't do us wrong now oh it's holding everything do you think it'll stick the deck to the skateboard and will I lift up the entire deck – I mean I don't know man it's flex seal this is the work of a god here okay you want to get the backside now yeah we should definitely try the other side it doesn't look like it sealed the gaps we can probably cut a layer of Flex tape now and actually throw it over just to keep everything intact dude I actually really hope this fixed Alex's skateboard you know how said he was when he broke it like I know exactly how upset he really was it kind of needs to wrap around I would keep going a bit you want to wrap it all the way around but we can't though why not because this middle thing oh yeah that's right okay I just want to see if this works I really don't even know if this is gonna work and if we're really gonna use this as like a big part of today's video I just want to see if this work to see if we can help Alex out I know he was really owning that when it broke and it is like extremely sticky now all right here we go let's stick this on okay I have it wrapped around the back right now oh no I just got flex seal oh I don't know this is good or not to have on my skin yeah I don't know I don't know if this is sticking the whole board is it's still completely flimsy so far this whole flex seal stuff is phony but I'm not gonna I'm not gonna leave that as the concluding judgement right now because I still don't know how this is gonna work and so we added a bunch of extra layers to the skateboard here as you guys could see it's wrapped with the flex seal tape and it's sprayed down like crazy with flex seal I'm honestly thinking let's go ahead and let's let it drive for a little bit because it does say on the label it needs to apply to a dry surface and we kind of layered it all with flex seal which isn't dry it's like wet glue so we'll leave it outside for a bit let it dry and fingers crossed that it's going to work it's gonna work and stay I hope I know Alex would be very happy I know let's go outside look breaks talk now you ready I'm ready I'm always ready to break stuff dude yeah all right let's break stuff okay so Andrew what what exactly or white film edible we are filling this up with water can you guess why we're gonna be filling it up of water I'm gonna have to say it's something to do with this no actually no not that the Flex tape yeah okay so always saying they're commercial ads if there is somewhere that it's exposed and you slap tape on it apparently it'll completely stop the leakage no matter how much water is coming out so let's go ahead and let's fill up this entire bucket cuttable and see while there's water coming out if we get stopped the flood if not we're gonna have a flood all down here it's gonna be really messy you can clean that up yeah all right what we have let's fill this up close the lid everyone oh my god alright let's try it again oh the door freeze yeah it's kind of happy to you're strong enough you can carry it I believe in you I don't know man I haven't done arms in a while originally our idea was what you mentioned we're gonna flip it on the side and cut a hole yeah it's just too hard nothing that's gonna happen no I really don't think that's gonna happen cut a hole up here where the water isn't okay pick up here yep and then put the thing on top and then lean it and see if the water fall oh the guys right here I am unrolling the tape of the flex flex tape I'm gonna go ahead and just stab a hole in the side here hopefully it even goes through honestly it might not even go through and I might just make an idiot alright guys here we go the flex seal tape experiment with a with our little bin full of water here are you ready I'm ready three two one we're in you ready yeah look at this look at this can you see it is inside I could probably it's not leaking water just yet but if you look through you can clearly see the scissors on the other side if you look on this side Danny can you see the scissors inside can you see them I can see it on the inside yeah they're on the inside now let me alt we're leaking a little bit water I'm gonna try to make a hole out of this okay it's leaking though yep okay so now you gotta take it out ready three two one okay that's not even big enough hold on we got more if you want to keep going yep oh okay okay oh we're losing water now guys the boats going down alright here's the flex seal three two one uh oh my gosh it can't no no stop we're thinking we're gonna be sinking at this point this is not real for the most part it is stopping it but it's not getting all of it we're going under if this was a boat we're going under I need to fix this hold up we need more tape man Bart water level goes down guys if we were actually to vote right now we'd be done we can't beat we can't let this thing go empty of water because that would mean we would fail okay hold up nope nope nope nope nope and we're just gonna yep okay you know I've seen videos of people doing this and it like the first time they did it it worked perfectly I don't know if maybe we got bad luck or maybe this stuff isn't legit is it still dripping a little so we stopped it so with three pieces of flex tape here we have completely stopped the hole that was inside now to be completely honest with you I felt like only one piece would have done it I'm kind of upset that it took three pieces to do this I think we need to try again look well on the other side so we had three pieces that I had attached the first one was in the back here the second one we did the bottom and the third one you could just see I put on and now there's no more water coming through at all yeah it seems like the hole right there you could see it perfectly right here it is now patched up and it doesn't seem to be letting any water out right now so that's successful so we've the bid to the other side real quick I'm gonna punch just like the biggest hole that we can in this side and see if I can use the Flex tape to stop it unlike the first try maybe it was the way I put the tape on or the place I put the tape on it could be anything like that we wanted to just try a second time to see if we can get it perfect okay you're in hold up need a bigger leak that should be good is that good yeah now pull it out drop it all right three two one flat no way dude with very minor minor leaks coming out which it just could be from the tape being wet there's no water coming out do you see this there is no water coming out from either side oh my gosh guys we did it the first try let's go so we just kind of got this cool idea and I wanted to test and actually see how strong the Flex tape is on this box my theory behind this is I want to latch down these two handles right here so the top part can't come off at all I want to throw the bin over the deck and see if it'll burst obviously it's more likely to burst from up here because it's this is the top opening but I wanted to see if the water would burst through either the patches or see if the Flex tape is holding down strong enough on it if we can just get these bungee cords to attach properly we could actually make this work do you see this yeah is it like it's hard you got it you got it come on yes yes yes you just got to pull it literally it fins out the bungee cords so much come on yes dude let's go the reason I wanted to do it like that is now Danny try and lift the lid yeah no okay well at least we know that those two things are locked out yeah they're locked down for sure all right let's chuck it all right let's check this thing it's probably gonna break but no oh this is do it three two one did you yeah the flex seal didn't work at all oh my gosh so it turns out the entire bottom actually blew up because of the amount of pressure actually the bungee cables are still intact on both ends the top literally never came off indestructible top and I mean technically the flex sealed the Flex tape is on there too that is a bungee cord literally broke through where the hole was and it just snapped no bungee cords are better than flex tape man just like just put that out there oh my god feel like Danny he uses flex tape for everything he'll never drop his food again stupid Andrew so one thing that Danny and I just actually noticed is we act we opened a second roll of the Flex tape to do the little scene you just saw and this tape is way stronger than the first roll we opened and I'm right yeah 100% literally Danny and I had it stuck to our fingers forever just trying to make this plate 100% the first roll was nowhere near as sticky as a second I mean look at this what it's not coming off it's really just not even not even coming we should have used the second roll on Alex's skateboard bro that would have been okay I know do you think it's dry enough now we could try let's check it out so guys it's been probably about an hour and a half since we started filming and Alex's window right up there is still open but I think he's oh do you think alex is awake yet I mean what time is it it's like it's about time you get up oh my gosh okay you're on I don't know no Jude look it's still flimsy but I mean we could give it a shot and just try and Surprise them oh okay yeah let's not let's not bend it why don't we just give it to him like that maybe you'll be happy for five seconds then he'll realize his board still broke and you can't use it is your board we fix it for you do you want to try it out you're still sleeping you need to get up you have music Alex oh my god was I dream we fixed your board look pal on your chest right Rob you buy-bust um keep flip you can try do you want to try kickflip yeah okay well I'll talk him in perfect all right man can I see that Alex Danny and I just got this really bad idea and we're just trying to figure out how to do it Danny can you explain to the viewers what we're trying to do so what we're gonna try to do is we're gonna put a bunch of tape on the wall I don't put my hands on it and see if I can hang wider man literally real life spider-man right now we're definitely gonna need to use the whole roll 100% we are so Danny has decided he wants to try and hang inside the garage seeing as the that's the most available space that we have inside the house so now I gotta move the car oh now we have a lot of room the GTR is now out Danny I was thinking of using one of these walls seeing us is the most open wall slap my hands on what if you had someone to bottom you socks bro dude spider-man Raptors in the six-man this is for the Raptors bro it's for the rap you got to get a gig come on there's no man we can't believe come on yep the world's strongest taped for sure yeah man Alex I need you to pull this hey Alex just came up good morning bro can I have a proper daily log Oh give me props to break this mess yeah we've been trying to rip apart whoa wait you got the skateboard oh wow guys look at it there's no way I'm gonna be able to kickflip but I think I might be able to ride it so much shoot my shot you at least appreciate us trying to fix it yeah I do but it's definitely not fixed you can't fix a broken skateboard that's that's true all right give it your best you guys should have stuck some metal in it then take the metal along with the board we were trying man this tape is insane bro the second roll we have is even stickier than the first one and we use the first roll on yours oh I just try kick foot yeah man do it show the viewers you got a man go for it I'll try an alley all right yeah yeah that's protein r.i.p i mean it was it was it was worth a shot there was worth it the tape didn't even last it's just gone that is raw go now you got your own little [Applause] ladies and gentlemen I think we're gonna be concluding today's vlog here I hope you guys did enjoy honestly today's vlog was probably one of my favorite vlogs we filmed it's having fun it was a good vlog Danny how'd it good did you have a good time I did man yeah yeah guys if you guys enjoyed today's vlog you guys want to see some more from us and let me know by just dropping a like and if you guys enjoyed the Flexsteel see this guy Phil Swift he's the man that cuts boats in half and tapes them back together 20,000 likes guys will literally go buy a boat and tape it back together Danny's like no please don't 20,000 likes guys we'll go buy a boat we'll tape it back together that's only if you guys want to see it though let me know dropping a comment down below what you guys want to see next and until then guys I'll catch you guys in the next vlog take care


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