Titan MS Serenade 1 River Cruise Ship Cabins Review - All You Need To Know To Choose The Best Cabin

Titan MS Serenade River Cruise Ship Cabins overview and review. In this video I take you through all the four types of cabins on the MS Serenade River Cruise Ship: Chopin Suites, Chopin Superior, Mozart Superior and Beethoven Superior. And find out the feature that is in every cabin unlike other river cruise ships cruising in Europe.

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hi I'm Gary beverage of tips of travelers I have something very exciting for you it's a river cruise boat called the MS serenade and they have a feature which is completely unique across river cruising in Europe every single cabin has this unique feature and I'm gonna take you through all of the cabin types and you're gonna find out what that unique feature is so the MS serenade has 68 cabins and has two suites I was staying in the Chopin superior so here are inside the cabin and as you can see it's a pretty big cabin now after a number of cruise ships they're quite small you know space is very limited on a river cruise ship however on this ship the cabins are pretty big they feel pretty spacious you've got two beds which are twin beds pushed together so you can either have it sort of effectively as a double or of course it can be reconfigured so it's two twin beds across over there you can see there's two chairs and a table and behind that is a Juliet balcony so there's pretty good storage space and again storage space is normally had a big premium on river cruise boats not only do you have a cupboard space but also the beds are high enough to put things like suitcases underneath one of the things that I really like is it has a safe now a lot of river cruise boats haven't been on have not had safes and I do like having a safe because the ship is designed very much for the UK consume it has tea and coffee making facilities it also has a minibar which actually at the moment is not filled up but normally our normal cruise it will have wine beer soft drinks and and you pay for those also its complimentary is a bottle of water which is refreshed every day one of the strange things in this cabin is it as a tiny television I mean it's a big spacious cabin but as this tiny little television it has mostly news channels now let's go take a look at the bathroom now this bathroom is slightly larger than many of the other similar cabins because this is the one accessible cabin onboard the ship because it has a wet room with the shower it has the very nice basin quite a trendy looking basin but the thing that I absolutely love and the thing that I was referring to is that the bathrooms are big enough in every single cabin to have a bath I really love the ability to have a bath it's great you know selling River being able to relax in the bar in terms of the day course style does have a fairly traditional style it's not particularly glitzy or modern or contemporary you know one of the concerns before I came on the ship is that it would be a little bit too old-fashioned for me but actually I quite liked it it's very comfortable it's quite bright and light so the motor superior cabin as you can see is very similar to the chopin superior the only key difference is really it's on a different level it's on a lower level but it still has all the same features the bathroom has a enclosed shower so you can see the bathrooms are slightly smaller than the one I showed you before and remember that I had a accessible cabin so across all of the other cabins on board the ship the bathrooms are this size now the Beethoven superior has again a very similar structure the only key difference is the window so the windows are those small windows which are just above the waterline and so it's a slightly darker cabin but you can see the layouts it's basically the same the bathrooms are the same and pretty much the size is the same now let's go take a look at the Suites so the suites are pretty magnificent they're bigger than all of the other cabins they're right at the rear of the ship there are only two of them they have separate balconies and have a great bathroom again featuring baths but the bathroom is bigger than the other bathrooms on board the ship and it's a very beautiful cabin so there you have it that are all of the cabin types onboard titan's ms serenade one you have three different types of caverns and some suites as well remember there is only one accessible cabin which is the one I was staying in which is three to six hopefully you enjoyed that video you found it helpful I'd love it if you left a comment but more importantly if you liked the video and please subscribe to tips of travelers YouTube channel [Applause]

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