Our little Hazy toddler princess baby girl broke her arm in two places while playing on the playground at LEGOLAND. Both bones in her right arm are broken.

We hoped for the best but feared the worst. To be honest I think we expected the best and never imagined the worst. But this was as bad of news as we could have expected in this situation. I’m stunned. We are shocked.

There’s something extra tender about your little baby girl, your precious three year old toddler full of life and energy, breaking her arm and being in so much pain and not being able to do anything about it!

It breaks my heart but she is AMAZING! Her personality is bubbling at an all-time high and her spirits have never been higher. I am simply amazed at her resilience and her ability to bounce back as if nothing has happened at all!

She will be in a splint for the next few days as we travel home from vacation. When we get home she will meet with a pediatric orthopedic specialist and get a plaster hard cast (a pink one) that she will be wearing for a few weeks or even months. Stay tuned for daily updates on her progress and recovery.

Certainly we are grateful it was not worse and there are so many other things that could have gone wrong while we ran wild at LEGOLAND park on our family vacation in California. So we are hopeful for a speedy recovery and in the meantime look forward to having the cutest little toddler with the most adorable pink arm cast you’ve ever seen! #ThisIsHowWeBingham


Yesterday’s VLOG:

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I didn't want to overreact so that's why we had her sleep on it see how she was this morning and this morning I just knew you just knew something was wrong I just did not think it would be as bad as it was no and good morning everyone I am a sad hazy today she slept great she wanted to sleep in my bed and I didn't dare do that because I was afraid I was gonna roll on her wrist so I woke up and got ready she got up got ready and I just tried to put her dress on and she totally winced when I got near her wrist I took her a little bandage off and she can't hold anything she can't squeeze my hand she can't move it so um Maddy's grandma knows a friend that he's an emergency room doctor and he's coming to our hotel right now so I'm gonna go meet with him and have him just look at it I'm pretty sure that's a good pretty sure she's gonna need an x-ray either way so we are gonna go see them and see what they say I don't let you guys know just to give you the update on Miss hazel you're so big and brave huh I don't think she's feeling very big and brave we told y'all that we were meeting with an emergency room doctor that was just a friend of a friend he happened to be at the beach because that's where people are in California so we went down to the beach met with him he was twisting your arm and she cried out in pain and so we are now headed to the hospital daddy's home with the boys in Maddy he's editing and I says if you know needs be Maddy can take the boys to the pool just keep him entertained but I feel like this is gonna be a little bit so we're heading to the hospital right now my brave girl she doesn't want to be here it's gonna give your armor hunt okay you hold still and I'm gonna put something on your finger and it doesn't hurt there's a little light in there and it just clips on that's pretty great huh hold this I'm still that she says that they could run the insurance and kind of see what it is for you yeah they could run it and then let you know and thank you for Halloween oh yeah I appreciate it Pacey what did you get can you show me a teddy bear he did that'll make everything all better huh candy just brought us back they said she's got a lot of swelling I think it's cause her arms ben-haim so they're gonna put her arm in a little sling and hold her arm up and see if that helps but it's a little bit swollen huh is it hurt but you've got a really cool sticker so that makes it a little better Cinderella huh the only thing she wants in the sucker so I'm gonna have to call in one of these doctors in to get a sucker but we did add to this sticker collection that makes us happy huh this is hey Z's little splint we're just keeping her are immobilized so it's not moving at all and so it's not hurting huh is it better no but we're just waiting for an x-ray now all right guys good morning as you know mom is at the hospital right now with hazy but the vacation continues it's our last day here so we're heading into California Legoland style we're gonna hit up the waterpark mom is at the emergency room with hazy welcome to an update on that as soon as we can but I got Maddie and the boys and we're gonna go to make the most out of this last day here at the park here's our massive map we literally dominated this entire thing yesterday I swear we did everything here except for one important thing probably what I'm most excited about is the waterpark and that's where we're spending the day today they've got two of them right here and we're on our way right now to the wave pool breaks out to the waves let's go of it first thing we're hitting up is the wave pool here we got here just in time the siren just went off the waves are coming right now guys we did a quick walking tour of this place to figure out where we wanted this start this place is awesome there's gonna be tons of stuff to do here look at this thing right here look how rad that is that giant Tower there comes the waves you guys get ready for it definitely have enough to keep ourselves busy here today we are devastated that hazy cannot be here with us absolutely devastated she would be in heaven and I know many would rather be doing that than this but you got to take life as it comes at you and right now she's taking care of that well I take care of the kids here all right these guys are practicing their wave techniques cruise going under the way you said it's just like at the beach on their taller you got to go under the cruise going under the waves here practice going over the waves I'm gonna ride this way right guy how would you say these waves compared to calve Unga Bay Vegas your cut we just ate it's more like as if so into the can of all off the back end here and we got a little bit of a wave coming at us but guess what as a parent that's fantastic because I'm not as worried as I was when they said they wanted to spend the whole day in the wait no this thing is it's a floating island of heads literally looks like it's suspended in the sky with a waterfall that is a rad feature right here it's all along we've been saying this is to waterparks it's actually three you've got Chima waterpark here pirate reef we're headed over to that one right now and then behind this is the surface Cove so it's three epic water parks guys guys check this out how often have you been on a ride like this where you go up in a little boat you come down and get splash on yourself the rest of the day and you really don't want to do it just owning a soap but the ride is so fun well guess what we're doing it in our swimming suits so we want to get soaked and this is gonna be fun you guys can tell Pepa made it all better Maddie's grandma lives in the area so she came to sit with us today she brought Peppa and she brought goldfish and she brought us everything to make us feel all better huh is it working time for x-rays huh we're gonna go take a picture of your wrist we're gonna take four pictures of your wrist you get to go up on this big bed like a skirt I just got x-rays huh what did they make you do with your arm and it hurted huh all right guys hey Z just got her x-rays done she was able to take peppa in there with her they unfortunately made me stop at videoing but I am will be shocked if this thing is not broken because she can't do anything with it can you show them give him a thumbs up what oh that hand okay they got a couple of these things that are very Cowabunga bay like with the gigantic crocodile mouth you come slide that oh there's another one over here climbing the giant Lego castle now we found the water slides that come off of this there's a double slide there fun tube slide here a massive tube slide I hope we can do this orange one blue one looks very similar kind of a longer line for this but a huge giant water Lego castle you got the guy dumping out water there comes down here into the water down here very rad set up here at this part of the Legoland waterpark I can't help but notice you guys are very tan after this you guys are the darkest I've seen you even brexit doodles got some good color on him I don't know I feel like maybe it's the shade yeah it looks a bit though you guys have got some good Sun we've been out all week this week planet is on whether it's the beach the pool the water parks the Legoland do I look for another one of those Cowabunga Bay like water park playground apparatus wanna do this retired things get dumped on this is very much cowabunga day life ready are you ready for this giant white wall of water is about this hey goes over Maddy you ready let's do this should we send it on three I never [Applause] okay hey did you hear what the doctor said hey yes what did they tell us guys hey Z broke both of her bones in her arm so this whole time we thought it's her wrist but it's actually her arm which is what I was just pointing out like I think it's swollen in a different area here's one x-ray of her arm there's the other one you can see the two breaks there's the other one doesn't worry both of your bones are broken do you see that yeah she's just happy to be here and has goldfish honestly her mood completely changed when Maddie's grandma came and she came and brought us treats and brought us a Peppa Pig so they're gonna splint her arm I'll have to go back to Utah and go see in pediatric orthopedist and they're gonna put a hard cast on her nothing like starting school in three days and having a broken arm in two places that's awesome [Applause] this is gonna be hippies Flint for her arm just to get us back to you Tom yeah that's when we're gonna pick a colorful cast what color casts do you think you're gonna choose maybe we should see if we can find someone to drop heads up pig on it my goodness that is such a fancy beautiful cast say well it doesn't match my outfit but I guess it will work a day and then we'll get a fancy pink one yeah oh hey girl sorry we're gonna have to do another one uncomfortable now that won't hurt anymore okay so this will make sure it doesn't hurt nice yes all right so we've got hazy in this perfect little splint but they're so big that we had to double knot it a couple times and it's just perfect so they're gonna get her some ice and we're gonna head out to lunch probably to make you feel better I think we need a treat huh your arm is not hanging right at all should we go get lunch okay we're all loaded in you've got her ice on her arm they gave us a real ice pack okay you just gonna sit there relax we'll go get lunch all right guys so we just got word like Jeff Scott Ward just saw the text messages with the x-rays from Hades arm I'm just devastated you guys it's gonna be hard to stay around here and have any more fun I just want to be with her I want to be holding her I don't know the details mom was in the emergency room did not have very good service so as I tried to call her and frantically get every detail I could it was just broken up and so I just feel like we need to go be with her I just can't believe it I'm literally right next to the ride where it happened it's a rubber ground with a rubbery slide and I don't know how on earth she fell maybe like a foot off the ground and broke both bones in her right arm I just don't even know how that happened fighting back tears right now guys just trying to be strong here in public but I just want to give my little hazy girl how this happened my little sweetie my little princess we're gonna go be with her right now he just got to our hotel just realized I don't have a room key with me so I have to go get one of those but we just got here she fell asleep in the car I think she's exhausted he slept great last night but I just think it's like all just like emotionally exhausting for her you guys and I was just talking about on the phone with someone and I'm just like so sad I'm so sad that this happened to her I'm sad that she starts school in three days and she can't even hold a pencil it's kind of dumb I almost wish I would have had the camera so you guys could have seen you it was like but like I knew something was wrong but I didn't know like that it would be as bad as it is so like when he turned the corner and the doctor was showing me the x-rays and it was as bad as it was I just like fell apart I just like burst into tears because I'm like this is like baby I mean I'd be sad this was any of my kids but it's like she's starting school in three days she count all the pencil she's just so little anyways I think I'm tired but we just got back to our hotel and I'm just sad for her cuz she just keeps asking for the splint to be off it's like I can't take off sweetie your home has to be like this like you have to leave it on no mom I don't want it on could I take this off no sweetheart you can't take it off I was really upset last night I didn't want to overreact so that's why we had her sleep on it see how she was this morning and this morning I just knew I just knew something was wrong I just did not think it would be as bad as it was I'm gonna go get this sweetheart into the hotel room get her some new ice and get her resting I have already received so many wishes from Instagram and everything so thank you thank you thank you for all of the love and support you guys have given us she is such a trooper she's so strong and she's gonna do just great I think sometimes these things are harder for the parents because they see their kids suffering and kids don't know they're just like yeah I know I just have a new accessory on my arm she is really sweet and she'll be just fine gonna cast on her and she'll be bouncing and jumping around like she was before okay I've got her laying down being that this is our last day that's kind of worked out great so I'm gonna get her home because now I just want to be home yeah huh what is this if you can guess which one of these is for you what for join us for hazy we all pick out the hair the face the body pants and the brush Japan they don't have one that had the broken arm I was like if they have anything to sling or we were getting kind of tired you just sitting in there so we were heading out for a walk oh you just randomly came out oh yeah oh my gosh I didn't even know that you were out here good job guys how was the water park like depressing I'm back right where I want to be with my hazy girl although I wish she didn't have a broken off for a little thing but hazy got a brand-new leg gonna show me a leg oh she's brushing the hair of her precious new little leg oh this is so ironic but this exact same thing happened when crew broke his collarbone you guys haven't seen the video where crew broke his collar when you gotta go check it out on that day there was a field day you broke your arm huh broke both bones in her army guys I still can't believe it on that day Mindy had to go to the emergency room with crew to get the x-rays on his collarbone which is much more obviously broken you could just see it sticking up and and that was just so obvious that it was broken that's when we weren't sure on but I had to go to the field day with reigai because he still had a field day to go to the life goes on things still happen we have multiple kids we have to divide up sometimes what each of us is gonna do and so once again here we are on vacation mom spends the whole day in the emergency room fly take the kids to the Legoland waterpark oh you had to go to the doctor huh and were you so brave yeah you cry a lot do this hit a girl yeah okay as you can see nothing gets my hazy girl down you cannot damage her spirits you cannot damage her personality she is still the bundle of joy that she always is you guys obviously I would have much preferred to be right by hazy side holding her the entire time but sometimes when you've got a big family you got lots of kids needs you just have to divide up and so I'm so grateful to be back with my hazy girl to see her feeling good like she does mwah and to be able to hold her at the rest of this night I love you hazy what do you tell everyone for all the get well wishes we're gonna close it this vlog today you guys it's gonna say keishon guy said this guy just want to say one thing about how this all went down I was talking about this with Maddie it just blows my mind how these things work it was the last ride of the day oh my god let's just do one more the last moment of the last ride bill ride was complete we were grabbing hands and walking out of the park to leave the park for the day we were done Legoland was over it was in the books and it was like hey guys let's jump off this thing and go and in the jumping off and going there was the tussle that resulted in hazy falling to the ground and literally the last possible moment of activity at Legoland broke her arm I just keep reliving it over and over my mind thinking like how could that have been avoided oh my gosh how could we have avoided that for a little hazy I guess you just can't done these things but you're one tough cookie everyone is saying there's no way it's broken because she wouldn't be acting like she's acting it oh they weren't okay they would say she would let you grab their arm if if it's broken they wouldn't let you do this if it's broken they would be able to fall asleep broken they're not hazy tough you're not built hazy tough you're not built easy tough yeah give all kids yes today it's still ending on a high even though he has a broken arm the boys the boys and Maddie had an epic day at the water park we were gonna go to bed get some rest he loved you this is what an awesome vacation Sui were already right here I just wanted to give you guys some perspective on how small the fall was for her to break her arm literally standing right here in between these two dots Brexton came out this way and to get past her just moved her to the side like this pulled on her arm a little bit like this to get by she felt from here to there that's it underarm broken both bones right arm it's crazy to me that it was from there to the causing the breaker

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