Transatlantic Cruise Tours with YMT Vacations

Cross the sea in comfort on one of our best-selling transatlantic cruise tours. These transatlantic cruises combine a leisurely land tour through a beautiful part of the world, with the utter relaxation of an epic cruise. Our transatlantic itineraries include stops across numerous countries and regions, and are the most affordable way to see the world. Book today →
recreate the grandeur and elegance of historic sea voyages with a transatlantic journey of your own aboard a modern and comfortable ship introducing ymt vacations transatlantic cruise tours this is the ultimate way to travel explore many iconic cities exotic Caribbean locales and European destinations all from the safety and comfort of a leading international cruise line such as NSC Costa or NCL and our cruises are an exceptional value with incredible set sail offers such as cabin upgrades onboard credit and free beverage package or internet ymt offers a variety of options aboard leading cruise lines and no matter which one you choose it's sure to be a true bucket list experience no two tours are the same but all ymt transatlantic cruises are relaxing and leisurely with most lasting between 3 to 4 weeks you'll enjoy delicious and exotic food from around the world and an award-winning entertainment experience like none other including music lavish stage shows and special events so where do you want to go choose between a northern Europe route or a Mediterranean route our Northern Europe routes include sightseeing and iconic ports of call such as charming Copenhagen artistic Amsterdam or beautiful Bermuda along with escorted land tours of cities such as picturesque Prague historic Berlin and the Big Apple New York City on our Mediterranean routes your ship will dock in historic and stunning destinations including scenic Madeira Portugal Barcelona and tropicals st. Maarten before or after your cruise enjoyed land tours of elegant nice and Monaco on the French Riviera unforgettable Venice or vibrant Madrid just to name a few all cruises visit numerous countries while you enjoy a safe comfortable home away from home at sea transatlantic cruises is a unique and fun once-in-a-lifetime experience that will delight even the most discerning traveler at the very best part will take care of everything all ymt vacations transatlantic cruise tours include cruise and ymt cruise host hotel accommodations sightseeing all travel during your tour all meals aboard the ship select meals during your land tours and even baggage handling and wherever you travel with us you travel among friends you'll share experiences and make memories creating moments you'll treasure forever that's the ymt experience so call today and a friendly representative will arrange your transatlantic cruise tour in just minutes all ymt vacations are value packed and include our lowest price guarantee so what are you waiting for it's time to travel

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