TRAVEL HACKS & ESSENTIALS! What To Pack On Vacation? The Under-$25 Products I Can't Live Without!

What’s in my bag? As an NYC magazine editor and travel influencer, I’m on the go 3 weeks a month and these are my travel hacks and essentials! So if you never know what to pack on vacation or for a flight, check out my under-$25 products I can’t live without when I’m traveling!



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welcome back showers and welcome back wanderlust wanderlust stirs should I say I'm killing it today I want to talk about something a little bit different usually talking about boys and dating but if you guys have followed me on Instagram you know that I travel a lot like a lot like two to three weeks out of the month because I believe you actually can't outrun your problems and gosh darn it I'm gonna try so I've gotten traveling like down to a science and it's summer right now a lot of you guys are on summer break you're taking that girl's trip doing the Bachelorette thing going to a wedding weekend and if you don't travel well traveling is not any fun and the key to traveling well is organization and the key to organization is having the right products and like I said I've gotten this down to like a science I've been traveling my whole life and so I have figured out my ideal and probably gonna be your ideal and essential travel products and must-haves so everything you see that I'm gonna talk about is going to be shockable on my Amazon affiliate storefront notice you can shop challenge life you go to slash shop slash shall and Leicester I'm also going to put all the info for everything in the description of this video right below and on my Amazon store there's a whole bunch of other store fronts like beauty essentials sexy things you know you can get plan B on Amazon for 10 bucks these are facts it's not prime though so you got to plan your mistakes ahead of time helpful but you can shop my travel essentials beauty basics all sorts of stuff right in one tiny little spot so the first thing I want to talk about is the first thing that I pack makeup because I try to decide like when I pack my makeup first it helps me kind of set the vibe for my whole trip am I going super glam am I going like low-maintenance not very much and so even if it's not makeup makeup that I'm packing I pack my toiletries so that I have that done and I usually forget one or two things as I'd like as the course of the packing goes so if I pack the toiletries upfront I still have time to go get two things I forget I don't know why they don't put like a Rite Aid or something in airports you know like proper toiletries hello is this too much to ask for me to buy the sunblock I like before going on a trip no apparently it is okay so the first part I want to show you it's my favorite one this is a Dopp kit and a Dopp kit is it's like actually named after a guy like William J dog or something from back in the day and typically dot kids are like thought of as a boy product it's right there shaving cream and boy stuff kind of motor oil I don't know whatever boys like but I like to use guys products because typically they're larger and I know that a lot of us use like ratty old cosmetic bags like maybe it was free from a Victoria's Secret get away giveaway it look No throw those out they're never the right size they're always like this big you can't really put anything in them and then you end up having like five of them and they're mismatched and oh my deodorant in that one and I forgot to bring it just get one or two big bags and be done with it and I like this one because it like isn't that big but it holds absolutely everything and I just want my stuff to be concentrated it's got a great little handle which means you can hang it on the back of the door or you can find it in your suitcase like if you just need to pull something out right before you get off the plane you can pull this whole thing out and be done with it okay so this has zippers on the sides that's why I like it and even though this is the Dopp kit and it might say it's like technically for men it clearly isn't because there's a brochure shown there's a makeup brush station this has like changed my life I would always just show my makeup brushes into something they get bent they break they get dirty why am I even reading them so I stopped bringing them and we doing my makeup with my fingers do you not recommend so this is such a nice easy place you can also put a razor there you can put like a million colored pencils if that's what you use instead of makeup and then I put my jewelry in these little compartments here they don't fall out I can see them I know what I'm working with so what I'm getting ready I can do it oh I have 75 pairs of gold hoop earrings that's all all I wear cool so there's that little thing and by the way this is definitely available on my Amazon page it's by Q s USA q s USA and you can get it for 20% off it's actually very cheap it's under 30 bucks already but I'm gonna give you guys promo code it's shallow X Oh on Amazon and you get 20% off and its prime so you can get this in time for whatever trip you're taking and it's gonna be on my Amazon storefront so check it out okay so the main compartment here you open it up with these two zipper thingies and then the whole top pulls open because the thing with those little makeup bags you're always like rummaging rummaging rummaging taking something out you can't see what's actually in there so I really like this because it holds everything that I need medicine the big cans of light setting spray multiple pallets like I've got everything I need in here this stuff is my go-to this is elta sunblock this is tinted this is gonna be other thing too it's hard to see but it's yeah broad-spectrum tinted moisturizing sunblock you got to have your sunblock so I love this you can put anything you want in it it's great and it sweeps it off with the code Xiaolin XL I'm so hopeful so let's talk about what else I take carry on carry on carry on I really believe investing in quality products for your basics just like your basic wardrobe you need a quality pair of jeans a quality pair of shoes a nice tag everything else can be kind of cheap same with traveling I have a really nice suitcase I use a Hartmann suitcase I also put out on my Amazon store my Hartmann suitcase was like a $500 carry-on it's a lot but it is literally lasted me for almost three years now which doesn't seem like a long time but when you think about how much I travel and it's rolled over brooklyn cobblestones to italian cobblestones to greek tiny walk waves like it has been all over the world and it's held up because you don't want a cheap suitcase that's gonna get stuck in the airport that's gonna jam you can't move it then it's like i mean you might as well be a shirt but carrying everything on your back so in terms of the bag that I take you know you have one rolling suitcase and then you have one purse one personal item haha do i abuse that policy this is my back that I carry onto the plane this is my purse now this is a John Varvatos backpack I got this at I think Nordstrom's rack like several years ago it was really expensive it was like $400 that's expensive for me I don't buy stuff but it was discounted from like fourteen and it looks like this big giant black SAP right it is so if you take everything out of it it folds completely flat it's just a big floppy thing but you can fill it absolutely all the way at the top like I always take a pillow when I travel and so you can put it you can carry this thing it's look it's the size of me it is huge and it fits everything and then it folds up so sometimes if I'm traveling and I don't know how much I'm gonna be bringing home a wad this up into my rolling suitcase and then I can pull it out and have like basically another suitcase it has just enough pockets I really like it and so let's see whatever you think first and foremost my new pillow yeah I have me a new pillow send nudes so I always see people with like the pillow like this walking through the airport do you know actually you're supposed to wear them like this that's the whole point do you like lean forward and sleep not supposed to do it in the back nobody knows that but this one I like because it's longer like it folds up to about the same amount of space but it's longer and you would be surprised how like many permutations there are like you can do like that you can wrap it around you can put it in your lower back on a flight because a lot of times you get stressed because there's no footrest so I'll put it underneath my knees to kind of like create a better angle with my back and it makes such a difference also it's machine washable you don't want to get the ones that have like filling inside it like a beanbag chair because you can't wash it it'll never dry this is washable and you need to be washing everything that touches the inside of a plane because it's gross the FAA only requires you to clean a plane every thirty days do you know how many people pass through a plane in 30 days I don't even think about it and you know I'm gross human beings are you don't wanna think about that I don't know why they don't have like UV lights all inside the plane that when the passengers clear out they shut the doors they turn the lights on and it sanitizes the whole plane because that's what UV light does you know we have those on like our toothbrushes if you have like a fancy electric toothbrush you can put the little head in this little compartment and it does that why don't they do it on plates why don't they do it in vehicles on subways in my own home I would appreciate that so you can wash this speaking of UV for going someplace and you don't want to be like gross for the flight back set this outside on your patio if you're going to someplace warm or even just someplace sunny and the sunshine will sanitize it for you in like a day or so amazing if you have access to even like a dryer like a clothing dryer put it in there if you don't even have time to wash it because the high heat will help sanitize get you pretty far so this is crucial max Vanessa sunny snaps snaps from Target not the airport I've gotten stuck in almost every important world so I'm like used to kind of like camping out and I hate to feel further victimized I'm losing my time and then also having to lose my money find like a $6 sleeve of peanuts that I don't even want so stock up on some snacks these were like a dollar fifty at Target and they they could like save your bike you know you never know when you're gonna need them and I have a whole like I call a cheap trap it's this like it's a secret side pocket that goes inside the bag and it's oh yeah it's full Cracker Jacks okay it's full of things also save stuff like this like single-use knives and forks that you get when you have to take out there like I'm not gonna do with this put it in your carry-on you never know when you need it because sometimes you don't want to touch something so that's going in the tree trap see what yes you one day probably getting married in one degree so what else do I take on my carry-on I take this and again I wish this was this but this is specifically for like for the plane this is all step I use on the plane or the train or whatever and there's a few like absolute must-haves I have way too much stuff in here right now but my must-haves are first and foremost saline nasal spray not like a friend like a decongestant this is just pure saline which is saltwater a plane's the air inside of a plane is about 10 to 15 percent humidity that's about twice as dry as Las Vegas like the desert it's incredibly incredibly dry which is why you tend to get sick on airplanes because your nasal passages dry out and they crack and that's what lets in germs your nasal passages and the mucous membranes are like the fortress around your body so I take this in the plane do a squirt or 200 people think I'm doing coke I'm like woo and it just it's hydrating you feel good it just tastes a little bit salty but it's nothing big so this is crucial and it's cheap you can get the cheese crack also I dress speaking of huge memories you want to keep your eyes hydrated this is Visine tears I also like OPCON they're allergy and redness relief and hydrating one it's good it's like a it's like kind of an all-in-one because it also takes the red out of your eyes so if you're landing and you need to look not like some sort of rabid possum they're great you can link all of you guys on my Amazon page also crucial facial spray a facial mist this is wonderful this is caudally it's just like misty water Evian makes one a bidet makes one but it's so nice when you're on a flight and it's long and you're just you just feel sort of dried out like a piece of beef jerky so just mmm it's just a little bit of spa it just feels so nice so I always always travel with this and this is also a really nice gift to get oh speaking of guess something like this I think is a great gift because you then fill it with all the little travel products your recipient is going to need this is specially good boy gift you know just fill it up with like a little mini deodorant some nice lip balm stuff like that speaking of lip balm I always travel before and tomorrow at all okay but I always try with aquifer or Vaseline for my lips and I also put it around my nose again just to fortify those nasal passages because I will not get sick on a plane I will not get sick and you know how's that prevent getting sick what wands disinfecting wipes yes I am that lunatic sanitizing my entire seat area on a plane or a train or a rental car or my own car because germs live on surfaces for a very very very long time and like I said nobody's cleaning these things I don't even know how long it is that they can go without cleaning in the Amtrak car I don't even want to know evidently from my own experience forever so take a pack of these wipe them down offer them to your it's very nice you should watch that wipe down your cell phone the little nozzle with the air your tray table the tab the seat everything everything you cannot over sanitize you can't I always take some Advil with me you never know when your backs gonna start to hurt if you're gonna feel like maybe a little bit of a cold coming on or you're just gonna drink on the plane you wanna prevent a hangover take a billion of these they're wonderful facial moisturizer is key like if I don't have lotion I get really super panicky Aquifer will work in a pinch but I prefer to have like my own hydrating lotion I really like Cetaphil it's sensitive and non-irritating and sometimes just traveling and being on a plane and different kind of air and environments your skin will get irritated and itchy so this kind of keeps that irritation at bay and it really lasts a long time it just stays on my skin like forever it soaks in but it also creates a really nice barrier oh yeah here's my aqua for ya did you miss you mummy I know earplugs crucial I like the little waxy kind because if you want to sleep you need some earplugs I also use an eye mask like not the flat kind of the kind that looks like a little like a little bra because I have lash extensions and I don't want them to like smoosh my lashes Beauty toothbrush and toothpaste I don't care if you didn't eat a thing I don't care if you didn't eat a thing on your entire journey your mouth is going to be gross brush your teeth before you get off the plane it's such a nice reset when you land you're like I feel refreshed also I don't have them they're in the hamper compression socks compression socks are really really crucial because what happens at a high altitude is your blood has to work hard for your body your heart and your lungs have to work harder to circulate so a lot of people have like blood clots they've had strokes like older folks they are at risk for yeah developing blood clots and having strokes and from sitting on a plane for so long so compression socks they don't hurt they feel nice they kind of like they squish like your your feet and they keep the blood pumping and that actually helps with your energy levels and I swear to God the difference is night and day when I wear them and when I don't like if I'm on a long flight over hours compression socks like I'm just not anywhere near its tired when I land I feel so much more rejuvenated by it here they're kind of expensive they're like pygmy like twelve to twenty five dollars but they're honestly worth it like wouldn't you pay that to land and feel like a human person I would okay what else my favorite thing drugs so I like to travel with a variety of pills from ibuprofen to zamak stat oral to whatever it is I might need and I don't want to carry a bunch of prescription bottles and you need to understand that tsa is not looking for drugs tsa is not looking for drugs with weapons okay so don't feel like you need to travel with the doctor's note and all this just don't travel with liquids don't give them a reason to look in your bag they're not gonna care I travel with this it looks like a little Mack at home you know the little French pastry cookie but it's a pillbox and it's so cute and I'm always afraid oh it screws so it doesn't just like pop open and see it holds all my what are these but I just like to have my own medicine with me and last but not least when you land you want to feel good I always look kind of bad on a flight like I try not to put on a ton of makeup because I don't want to like squish into my pores you know whatever I just try to do like a tinted sunblock because you do need sunblock because up high at that altitude the air is thin and the UV rays are stronger if you're in a window seat like you don't think of yourself as being in the Sun for four hours+ but you actually might be so you really want to like protect yourself so I carried just a little bit of makeup just the basic foundation and lip gloss the foundation I love is bare minerals this is going to be on my Amazon page too it's their hydrating stick it doesn't melt and it's nice because you don't need any tools for you can just like wipe it on it's nice and cool – it always feels so nice did I buy this because this is what Haley Baldwin uses and I'm obsessed with her skin yes do I have her skin Oh as it turns out but I like this stuff nonetheless and has an SPF in it so this is nice just to kind of swipe on you can do it at your seat before you land after you brush your teeth and you're like oh I'm a human person again and then a tube of lip gloss I also carry a pen with me always when I travel you know know when you need one you're going through customs you go to the Caribbean the handout that formula like why it's the worst so just throw a little pen in for some tampons in and you should be good to go right is there anything else in here I want to tell you guys about oh oh I'll tell you candy just a little sometimes like I know if you guys are like this but I panic if I don't have 1 billion snatch with me when I travel all the snacks I need all the snacks I need like 7,000 calories worth of snack options the other day I got on a plane with a burger and three pieces of pizza horrifying didn't eat them did not eat them but I just like they were like my emotional support snacks so so it can be really hard to get like any sort of candy on a plane and candy can be more refreshing than chocolate or cookie so I just bring these little like you know when you get your nails done and they have like those little hard candies you're like who wants this it's like at the dry hand job of confection I don't want this but when you're 30,000 feet up in the air you actually might so bring those dum-dums and that's it my babies I think you guys are now ready to be expert wanderlust errs so just to recap you pick up this fabbi little Dopp kit on my amazon page which is slash shop slash shall neck so this is aqs us a table kit and right now it's 20% off with the code shall and XL for more click like and subscribe and follow me on instagram at shell and EXO and listen to my new podcast girl on top every place see on the flipside jet-setters you

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  1. shallon, I'm not able to get instant go, but I'm having an issue with my best friend and i just don't know what to do. we got into an argument yesterday over text and here's what was said. (changing the names, im monica shes rachel) "monica, i know things have been "changing" with you and i know im not supposed to judge you because you are my best friend but im sorta not comfortable with how much youve changed. You used to love marching band so much and you'd work so hard on it and now your kinda just throwing it away. Then you started vaping and even though you say you wont get addicted you probably will and you say that my parents will never find out but eventually they will. And then you started ' doing it ' with chandler which I still cant get my head around it and I know you say that your ready for that type of stuff already but for me it's all just so much for to take in. It's honestly hurting me really badly and has been getting me fucked up lately and I havent been myself because of it. I'm scared of losing you. I dont want us to part because of all these changes. I'm just not comfortable with how much you've changed. I'm sorry. It had to come out. I thought that maybe after a couple days that it'd clear my mind and id just accept but i can't"
    "dude I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do here. I've told you many times that I don't want us to drift either, and I truly don't but honestly all of this stuff is normal dude. were teens in high school now and people do this kind of stuff. I 100% fully understand that you don't wanna do any of this stuff and that's why I've decided to stop telling you about it and I would of course never pressure into it. I just really don't understand why the things I do should affect your life so much. youre my longest friend rachel and id do almost anything to keep our friendship alive but these things are things that effect my life and my life alone. they're my choices and I really do have the right to express myself however I want. so what if I don't love marching band as much or do things with my boyfriend. my grades are better than most peoples and I'm a very respectful person who cares about people and dude I care about you so much. I love yo rachel youre my best friend but I really dont know what to do"
    "the things you do affect my life bc your apart of my life and idk what I'd do if I lost you
    I get that we're in highschool now and i know these things are normal but i never expected you to change so quickly, i just care for your health and what youre doing, i worry about the outcome of your actions because there are consequences in both of them. I get that you dont want to change and i know i can't force you but when you hang out with the wrong people i worry,"
    "the only new thing I've don't that would have a bad consequence is the vaping and I hear u and understand your concern but it really is my choice. and the people I hang out with have nothing to do with what's happening. it's always bugged me when you call my other friends bad influences. it makes me feel bad and honestly it's not true."
    "Im sorry and i get that I'm just being over protective, but i just dont feel comfortable with it, its just my point of view but i understand that what you do is you. I just wanted to tell you, ill just probably take time to myself"

    shes been my best friend since 5th grade and we are going into 10th grade and i really just dont know what to do.she has brought these things up a few times in the past month so i know this argument isnt going to be the last of it. some help and afvice would be much much appreciated. thank you💜💜💜

  2. Due to the noise of the plane, humans crave heavey foods and drinks. They have done studies on this. It is why bloody mary, tomato juice and orange juice are popular on a plane.

  3. I would love to know how you wipe down an entire seat when you’re surrounded by 50 people all trying to get to their seats on a plane.

    Most of the time there’s someone sitting in the seat next to you and there’s people in the aisle trying to get to their seat so you can’t just take your time wiping down the seat lol.

  4. I always thought that im the crazy one with a nasal spray, eyedrops, refreshing thermal water spray for the face,the antibacterial wipes, earplugs and sleeping mask in her purse on the flight but now I really know why I like your content 💖 you are my soul sister 😂 I have everything in my purse that you recommend
    thank you🙏👍

    P.S. when I travel in the summer I always have a big scarf or oversized sweater because I'm cold on the plane and some fluffy ballerinas house shoes: sandals in the bag, some cream on your feet, ballerinas on and you have nice and soft feet when you land 🤗

  5. Perfect video! Please ladies have a wonderful time traveling and bring back MORE of the STDs that are 100% untreatable! Or better yet bring back that Super STD that multiplies all the other general STDs with super powers. And lets keep spreading it around. PUMP and DUMP as many of those guys when you come back as possible, so they can later spread it to other people around you.

  6. So I just watched your vid on Jordyn Woods & also my first time watching you, I know its old news but I'm not the celebrity idolizing kinda person. All I wanna say is that I agreed on your views I can tell that you real AF, humans are idiots.

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