hey guys!! sorry this video is so short, i had some problems with my computer and lost some of the footage but still wanted to get this video up. lmk what videos you want to see from me in the future and thanks so much for all the support:)

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Ethan Patrick – Ozone
Jeff Kaale – Footsteps
Dreams – Joakim Karud

How old are you? 16
What kind of camera do you use? Canon G7X Mark II
What do you use to edit? iMovie
good morning guys it is what time 8:45 and we're on our way to the airport because one day is it like oh why you day okay tomorrow we probably should have rehearsed that a little bit more what you do la la de la baby if I don't see some stars I'm gonna be kind of upset that's all I have to say right now hey guys we're not at the airport we're gonna quiet also I have something really funny um so I got this way of case rights from the case justified case by justifier got waves on and then yeah I wanted to get another props like it because I had that yellow case what the story roads why don't I got this short one cuz so can I just thought it was a funniest thing ever feels like a wave gays like ocean was got a short wish but that showbiz baby so that's what you got to do sometimes okay this plane is gonna be full so this is gonna be really important uh knocking what are we talking to you to plan youtubers around the development all right cool going to Vegas and then to LA with your stay my battery I thought was charging I like the whole time I was sitting down and it wasn't just like contraband yourself or whatever you got into make sure there's nothing gonna be somebody sitting right over there because it's not anything so I'm gonna put this over I'm just there are seniors hi guys we're now in LA showing them the outside LA we're leaving tomorrow morning to go to Hawaii so I think we're getting in and out tonight that will be the end of our la experience and also when we were on the hotel shuttle there were these three guys and they all had on Survivor stuff like to matte hats and then one of them had a jacket that said survivor and I didn't recognize him and I've seen like every season of Survivor but so I don't know if they're crew by even like looked up the like cast for this year and I didn't recognize him so I don't know I'm late it's 335 here but it was on 535 dice yeah oh look at that my drawing it I'm starving I'm getting a little hangry okay that's all I've got for right now I haven't seen anybody famous but keeping my eyes peeled good morning are leaving hello a big ol coffee so looks like I'm not sleeping on the plane anything you want to say anything we never said by each other our minds also they have which the three ponies you better just keeps me but I hi guys so we are now in Hawaii we just got our rental car and funny thing I've learned Kody coat is also in Hawaii no I'm not kidding he really flew from San Francisco he'd flown from LA we've been on the same plane I think so yeah basically I'm gonna find him and we're gonna be best friends flight was good it was boring but it was good we're gonna go get some food and I'm gonna end this vlog here next video you see will either be travel vlogs or my main Hawaii video that I'm making all my visco if you want to see like all the cool pictures from my trip because I only post like a few on Instagram obviously but mungus goes the same as my Instagram that's all I have to say right now for Channel

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