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hi guys this is Ellie from else's wholesome life welcome back to my channel this is going to be my first travel vlog and it's gonna be a bit of a Dana live then life blog we are currently in Western Australia with my friends Haley and Kyle and alex is making a small appearance here so we're in Western Australia for a week we have this big bin and checking out the bottom of the west coast in esperance and yeah I'm just gonna put a compilation of our troop into this video ok I'm making my van breakfast quite fancy today with our Creola house is getting amongst it she's already eaten all the chocolate bits from a granola so yeah the cheese just alright scrren hola fridge and you're good G box so house is gonna give us a little van tour no this is her kitchen and we just had breaky so yeah cute what have we got in our kitchen house we've got a stove an oven we're gonna be making some baked veg we have a microwave which we shall not be using fridge it's actually stinks plenty of hummus and lettuce that's our diet for the next week down the back is Alex a nice bed where we store everything during the day and adequate storage for all of my things and this real actually we even have a full-length mirror so that's pretty epic and this is we're heading Kyle sleep up there in the little dungeon and the boys the boys in the front be the EMU export Libya TWA so I'm heading down to the beach now and the beach is under to like my favorite beaches in Australia so you guys are in for a real treat we're in lucky Bay which in things for the Kangaroos on the beach [Applause] on the little piece in the chain oh it's so cute [Applause] [Applause] so we're back at our RV now and that was such a cool experience playing at the Kangaroos on the beach there was so many of them and apparently it's not always like that like sometimes there might not be any kangaroos so really really lucky today and I can't wait to go through all the photos and see what we got so for lunch we're making salad rolls and we have all the salads and some hummus to go on our rolls get it going we'll be all right go car give us a wrap on today's lunch I want to say what you would call a sandwich connoisseur and uh that just then was top three all the top five probably sandwiches me alive alive the toasted fish bread with a combination of Chipotle hummus guac all the salads all the combinations salt pepper the view would be the company kind of peaches you know what makes it that's and that's why you live for you live for your mates and you live the good saying is so but may God bless you all thanks for coming where's the color oh yeah we're going to get coffee coffee shop in town what do you got there thank you Twilight's so house and I were just about done with the camping live and this is our little cottage for the night that was and I gonna be sleeping there whoo see you later boys get out what you been I'm going to have a little Pam possession al I'm gonna have a bath and put some treatment through my hair all this swimming in the ocean is making it feel really really dry so while I'm waiting for my leading conditioner to suck in I just want to talk to you about those products because I think they're really really cool so they're by function beauty and they a fully customizable shampoo and conditioners they even have my name on them it does also come with a pump top and I also found these check and refill which is something I really love doing ah no trouble you just jump online and take a two-minute quiz which basically goes through your hair profile and your hair goals so for me my profile is that it's very straight fine and oily and then my hair goals was to volumize my hair and strengthen and fix my split ends so picks the flower fragrance because it went really well with the pink colors so the products are completely cruelty free and vegan which is really great plus they don't contain any parabens sulfates or any other toxins or Mastiff things and I can already feel the difference in my hair it was so much softer already check out the view outside alex is setting up easy we got it in the line you have brekkie cinema we are at Duke of Elaine Beach and I think it's probably my favorite beach in Australia officially are we doing out of our picnic hey I could beat you guys yep we're having a picnic back at the base get amongst the home house code the sir that was terrible here we have the psycho early Louise finishing a run and you go all the way to the end you we just went for a freezing cold swim in the ocean because if someone wasn't out so I'm warming up with some coffee and forage my fake well if this is an interim husband's Boise office I don't know what is talking on it tonight so we I'm cooking this lot he's editing pigs but I'm making tacos so we have ideas and all the sellers meeting with some mood lighting that shows double didn't he I'm I'm smacking tacos three bites aged three taco just a non-white dinner just going on for quality so we're on our way back to Perth now and it's our final day and we thought we'd just break up the trip and stopping at Albany a little beach day because it is a long drive back and the water here is also really amazing it's so clear you do something cute for the camera time to say bye to el Kim a fan that's been out home for the last week kind of excited but I'm kind of excited to get home to a real bit well I'm going to wrap up this vlog here I hope you've enjoyed watching my first ever travel vlog make sure you give it a like and a comment and I've yet to subscribe to my channel Paley's rank that wasn't me that was Kyle that wasn't me the promise [Laughter] Alex decided to have a little sleep on my glasses looking good serve an life lunch today we're making a salad roll sorry you did it lunch boys in the band I did not see you later we're about done with you boys what do you got who's Joe when I change Vegemite socks these little lovebirds having a photo shoot yeah love the office boys few bevvies knocking off soon with my with my pals elsa and the office [Laughter] if you're interested in trying out functional beauty I've popped a link in the description which you can click to take the quiz and you'll also get 20% off your first order they're available in Australia the US UK and New Zealand

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just found your Youtube channel. This travel video is sooo nice to watch, super relaxing, just love the vibe. I'm in looove with Australia 💗

  2. Aaahh love to see your vlog Elsa! I've been following you on Instagram for a few years now, but YouTube is so much more real than just pictures. Can't wait to see all your other travel vlogs. Love from Holland <3

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