Travel With Me | Blind Girl Travels SOLO to Antigua

It’s been 11 years and the last time I visited family in Antigua and the last time I went, I wasn’t blind. Hope you enjoy these moments in this travel with me vlog
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Vlog 🕕
Pearson Airport 0:34
First Afternoon in ANU 1:18
Mini Wake Up With Me 2:16
Day At The Beach 3:10
Night Out 4:27
Morning Yoga 4:53
The Things I Do for Youtube 5:30
Let’s Go To Barbuda 5:56
Climbing a Cave 6:57
Frigate Bird Sanctuary 7:55
Pink Sand Beach 8:06
Time to Go….But First, The Beach 10:11

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Places Visited In This Vlog ▹
In Antigua
🔲 Halciane Beach
🔲 The Larder
🔲 Pigeon Point Beach

In Barbuda
🔲 Cave on Northern Side
🔲 Frigate Bird Santuary
🔲 Barbuda Pink Sand Beach

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Music: Famalay ○ Skinn Fabulous (YouTube)
Original Footage Time: 2 hr49 mins
Editing Time: 11 1/2 hrs

Alisha’s Guide
This channel was created to share a passion for style, hair care and lifestyle related videos. Created, filmed and edited by a legally blind person, this guide is proof that you can overcome limitations.
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  1. 4:44 I see you Bath and Body Works candle lol. You know you have a problem when you IMESIATELY know the exact collection and year that collection came out. That particular one also had Winter and Yuletide and came out for this past Christmas.

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