Trying BEER IN NORWAY!  **BAD IDEA**  (Family Travel Vlog)

Trying BEER IN NORWAY! **BAD IDEA** (Family Travel Vlog)

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We also have an Exchange student staying with us for the year named Paola From Rome, Italy she is 16.

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this is jet lag at its finest hey are we lost yeah that's beer anyway it's about the bigger than the snail right Oh okay so for right now we're just kind of winging it we are gonna get on a train this is kind of this is the way I like to travel I don't we'll see how it actually goes with kids but we know which direction we're going we can't check in for another four hours at our Airbnb three hours so we're gonna get some food and just kind of figure things out but we're gonna hop on a train that the guy told us to to get on some wishes luck we'll see how it goes the auricle circus is in Norway in Utah especially it's like everybody's got kids staying like no no we're joking we're like oh you've only got five kids now not a lot of kids so we're getting on the Dramamine train yeah drop it okay we feel like and or do you feel like we're going on the right going the right way maybe how do you feel sorry they're avoiding us or not understanding us we're going to the hotel EP isn't it so beautiful here I like Norway maybe we should live in Norway do you want to live here it's pretty nice Phoebe so far I'm so glad we brought you guys on this adventure I would be missing you if you are here right you have always are you glad you came yeah so far we got to get off on Oslo si Oslo s April is at home we've got lush I like this train takes you to a mall this is like a central line I wanna get subway were it do you think Norwegians know how to make Mexican food they're pretty far from Mexico I don't know let's keep looking this is jet lag at its finest everywhere like this Daisy and amber it's best if you try to stay awake all day girls you're not gonna be able to sleep tonight I know you're tired but today's got the right idea you gotta stay and wait alright we are making our way to our Airbnb this is like a little shopping just like in the movies hello this is nice we're a little bit scared to leave the bus terminal cuz it was really windy but then it's not as bad I was just we were on a bridge yeah this is a nice little shopping area our Airbnb house was nice enough to let us check in an hour early so we're gonna go April's gonna go take a 12 hour nap right now and a breeze super tired our backpacks getting lower and lower that can't be the most efficient way to walk there we lost now yeah we're going to horrified okay we are here quick room tour still a pretty close downtown Oslo we've got it's like an apartment complex we've got a this is the master we are this is a couch I think somebody might be sleeping there and bumperettes in we're still figuring it out let's see we got something in here a little bedroom in here oh my goodness watch out for that the kitchen not too shabby and speaking English did you notice that blonde why are they on this freaking in this is Norway deja vu plug this in babe can you play with them no I can't what just plug it in dizzy that's a power strip that's their power plug it in you know they have different power plugs here that's what maybe we're the way I think we're the weird ones everybody you guys a bigger country so you actually have Oh Daisy who has the bigger country yeah all right so we've been kind of hanging out recovering back in the hotel I looked on TripAdvisor I got us a nice authentic Norwegian restaurant had great reviews wasn't super expensive so we're gonna we're gonna go try it out nice authentic uber driver now an authentic Norwegian you got a Tesla damn girl I only got a jack wire girls you guys stay out of the ring come come wait in here Evie come over here you're gonna get wet and cold come here bebe okay and our come here set a good example for Evie you're gonna if you're gonna get a super cold stay dry as you count Evie come here and I'll zip it up for your coat we made it over we got to take the Tesla and the Jaguar and the breath living in Norway and we only passed like every other car we passed on the road was also a Tesla I was like there literally is that an electric Jaguar yeah this is quiet but I don't hear anything hey guys are you ready for some authentic Scandinavian food Daisy come on Tommy are tell me about you guys I wonder if they're gonna understand our English here I don't know anything they won't understand you might just have to point to something on the menu just guess what it what it is if you know any of this you are doing better than I am I you said this was meatballs and particular from this there's Wienerschnitzel hair that's familiar support ma'am are you gonna get smell no no no we're not the kids do not want to try know what try a snail if I ordered it daddy why are you here a lot of people it's a delicacy a lot of people eat a long time to show you they have nachos maybe look at that you got a fancy one like an alcoholic yeah it's alcohol I know but I think it tastes like sweet beer let's try one and then I want one of these all choice mommy can't hurt that's beer non-alcoholic beer okay I'll do this and shove this deal water it's not good what was that baby I will get one how much in the casting it's so good it's okay okay yes Wiener schnitzel way different than this is our wieners until this is the hamburger hamburger it looks pretty legit french fries looks good okay this is codfish paper what do you make it your meatball the meatballs yeah but I like the potatoes so far the potatoes good yeah yeah we're sewing personnel over tonight what is that so nice it's nice smooth huh snails Oh looks nice snails not right oh that's everybody's gonna travel trap No once try everything oh no you got a skip you got to mix it up with some cheese I gotta get the solid snail look you don't even realize it's just now it's so cheese do you think know what is this no it's disgusting but it's having it taste good though no because this is a weird texture you chicken out of you like yeah it's different texture than anything but it's a snail it's you know I think of a real live snail and then I think of that and I see that I think I'm gonna throw take like girl alive it's so gross I can't okay I'm has agreed to try this out every spine no it doesn't taste like anything just try it cancer your turn ten nine eight seven six five let's chew it up four three two you did it you just ain't a snail swallow it take a drink you got this buddy you got it right here take a drink here and you're just a the snail easy easy now you can tell all your friends guess what I ate a snail it's Dacey's turn to try the snail just tastes like cheese greasy cheese it's fine right dude Daisy waited damn it like nothing okay so first impressions of Norwegian food we both approve good stuff yeah that Wiener schnitzel they do that way better than American though so it's like a cheap hot dog in America the chili cheese nasty stuff got a little Park here before we head back to the hotel I've never seen your legs move that fast before how does not sped up the Strider machine so don't get too close II like walking without walking hey how'd you guys get in there look at this place Evie you've been in touch I'm losing my mind it's 9:00 p.m. and it is like noon out here today I don't think the Sun Goes Down here no we are in Norway and summer the Sun goes and it dips down and comes back up we're at the top of the world it's gonna get done it doesn't get it never just dips it goes like a pit who would circle around the sky like that it wouldn't just dip but I'll told me that it's in the sky and it kind of goes like this and goes oh I got it barely bits below the horizon and comes back up yeah it was nine o'clock right now is going on an adventure venture we're going to get candy candy candy yummy heaven baby like a kid in the candy store they brought us found the candy salad just lets us go I think we're good yeah we're not done here I don't think this is so many tell me your countdown stops nope I didn't do it go what black go back to hotel alright if he's calling it it's calling it a day

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