TURKEY 2019 VLOG! Family Holiday at Tui Magic Life Waterworld!

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hello everybody it is Louisa and welcome back to my channel say for today's video I mean doing a turkey blog which I'm so excited to do because I've waited so long to do this video because I've locked my whole idea last year but I didn't do like a talky THOG and I definitely want to do like to talk you on this year because it's like to look back on these videos like in a year's time to see like what I got up to glide on my holidays I'm so excited today is currently Saturday the 13th of July and I'm in Turkey for one week getting to a hotel near Antalya I think that's looting it probably not and I'm gonna vlog everyday hopefully fingers crossed it would work out make sure to give the video a big thumbs up if you enjoy it and if you'd like to see more vlogs like this in the future and subscribe to my channel if you knew because it would mean the world and I'm trying to get to 30,000 subscribers I've never actually been to Turkey before so I'm really excited to see what it's like I'll see you guys in the car you guys so I know in the car and we were about to set off to the airport from now I'll miss vlogging to be on my phone until tomorrow so hey that's okay but I see you guys at the airport there but now I'll see you guys on the plane hey guys so I just arrived at the hotel room it's really like half past midnight their time because they're two hours ahead the ambulance he was asleep seemed because I'm really tired from traveling all day cuz we've literally been traveling for like over 12 hours family my pajamas now and I'll see you guys tomorrow for the rest of the blog bye hey guys so it's now the next morning I would just about to go to breakfast I'm in my bikini which I'll show you in a second that's really not very sitting right now but it's meant to get sunny from like 12 o'clock onwards but it's still like really like hot and humid and be out here I'll show you my bikini and there are these breakfast bikinis from shoot and I'm just gonna put a playsuit over the top and then I'm gonna get to breakfast oh just got back from breakfast and we're going out to the pool now I would just put this like coming over the top of my bikini I'll take it off when we get to the sun beds Abbi I think I'm gonna take my phone down with me so I can do a bit of filming but not my camera because it's nothing I say I'll see you guys later so we just walked into the beach now and we've been running for a bit and then we're gonna go in the water so we're just been around the port for a bit and I've got my tile rummy but we're gonna get an ice-cream because it probably all includes their say yeah but all in peace it is really good yeah dude Scott ice cream and we're going to go back to some beds because it's really hot well it's like not too hot but really nice temperature okay I'd been on the beach for a little bit and I'm just back around the pool again I think it's like half 3 or 4 o'clock ok I'm going to go to my water slides and then we get some debris to get like a shower I'm just walking back to his room I'm not sure if I'm going in the right direction because it's a really big hotel that when you know my way to the room but I'm just kind of following the path um but yeah it's like 5 o'clock so I'll see you guys in the room now about 7:00 p.m. and we're gonna head out for tea in like half an hour on something I've just got changed into my outfit which I'll show you in a second this is my outfit for the first night I'm wearing this dress which is from H&M and I'm wearing my Hollister bra that I'm gonna wear my Nike Air Force she's hmm and I'm gonna see you guys pancakes seen enough but I'm going to like put some cream on so just go back to the room I'm going to speak quiet because my brother's asleep because he went to the nightclub last night in the hotel but yeah so I'm gonna brush my teeth and then go to the pool but I'm not going to film at the pool because so guys it's currently like 2 p.m. and I've just come back to the hotel room for a bit of rest because it's like 36 degrees of think so I'm not working right now but I've been here like half an hour so I'm gonna go back out to the pool and then I'm going to the beach I'm again on a banana boat which I'm really excited for also my dad went waterskiing earlier and I got to like sit on the speedboat which is really fun so yeah I might do waterskiing like later on in the holiday but I don't know because I feel like I'll be so bad but yeah I'm gonna go to the pool now but I'm not gonna bring my phone because I'm like going in the sea and stuff there this time 35 yeah I'm a walking plane because yeah I got to go we just walk into bellick which is our local town and we're about ten minutes away hey guys so it's now the evening and we got back from bel-air Italian turkey we got back like an hour and a bit ago and I've just got ready to go out for our evening meal because we absolutely have a meal booked at one of the ala carte restaurants and not like the main buffet or increase of restaurant they've got like a special kind of restaurant which you can stay at once during your week stay so yeah I've got on a place it which I'll show you in the mirror in a second it's from Sheen and I really like the lek was a little bit like not God to you just like the peas but the men they're a bit dodgy but I'll tell you more about that later on the crickets are so loud oh my god it hurts my outfit I'm around this jumpsuit riches from Sheen and then I'm wearing this bra let's which is from Hollister and my Tiffany necklace straight I'm gonna go out now music videos but I took some unsnapped after I'll insert the we always go back to the room knocks it's like 12 hey I'll see you guys there so I just got back into the room and taking my makeup off so tired so I'm gonna get to sleep but yeah I'll see you guys all tomorrow hey guys foo is no cheese day I think by the way I'm vlogging on my vein just because like my camera is like massive and it's really hard to vlog when it's so hot outside and also like hurry take out with me to the pool and stuff so I'm gonna be bugging on my phantom a sister blog yeah today I think I'm going to the beach to shell out there because our hotel is like right on the beach and we can be like free water sports is just like waterskiing and banana baby that I might do that yeah I just got on my bikini which I'll show you now this is my bikini it's from hmm it's just like burgundy so yeah I'm gonna go down to the beach now this is really nice to them yeah I've got some iced coffee and then some iced tea so I've been in the sea on the Lila and I've like really injured money because it I fell into the dropped em so it was bleeding there it's all right now B I think we're going to lunch in a bit actually I was quite happy maybe at times like half past one so we're gonna head to lunch at the pasta restaurant because I have pasta restaurant which you can use for free balloons so we're going to do that to check it out to see what it's like the unspent illyrian to get some new shoes because I feel really happy every seven to that thank you hey guys it's not the evening I just thought I went to the pool bar earlier and but I just got ready I'm in this dress which is from H&M and we're heading up the tee so I'm in a rush right now so I'll see you guys at tea maybe I might show you ie I'm not sure also there's a pool party tonight which I'm really excited for so I'm bringing my bikini so I just got back to the hotel room and I highly really good now I'm just take it off my makeup and cause I'm about to go to sleep because it's like midnight and I didn't get that much sleep last night that spot is really not doing it's made see you guys tomorrow for a new day I'm in my bikini and I'm gonna go to the beach I think I might bear on the pool for a bit okay I'm gonna get a drink from the pool bar and then I'm gonna walk over to the beach so yeah see you guys there I'm at the beach now just got a coke and and it's a bit cloudy but it's meant to rain later which is not great yeah so it's currently raining right now so we're going to go into the indoor pool say yeah we haven't been in there yet to show you guys what it's like in this bar an indoor pool for a little bit because it's raining outside because it's nippy a thunderstorm tonight but yeah we're gonna go back to the room kept change and then we're going to go out for lunch it's tricking it our brain but we're going to lunch done they were just finished lunch and now we'll walk back to the room to get a few things and also we left our towels at the spa we're gonna go get there and then we're gonna go back to the pool and go and see water slides so I just go back to the room and we're going out in another like ten minutes and get on the water slide with my dad I think you'll have seen it earlier on in the vlog that's the blue one where it like goes like down and then back up and you're like that I'm not gonna take my phone just because it's not a really low percentage and I don't want to leave that like on the side of the pool guys I just got stung by wasps yeah put some buy cream on it I don't really wanted to show it but it's like just because I didn't see it and then it stung me I'm feeling a little bit about it now this thing still hurts but it's not as bad today I think I'm gonna get changed into a different bikini I'm going to the swim up bar in the pool because you have to be able to sixteen but I usually just get away with that yeah I'm not walking forty and right eight o'clock I might show you I guess I'm just walking back from the beach party and with my mom by the way but Hobbs doesn't want to be in the flock theme oh no and their email I just got in from the beach party I'm very tired I'll see you guys tomorrow I've really got two full days there bye guys here you go so it's not the next day and I'm just walking to breakfast with my brother so I'm not sure you want to get I always get this the days go so quickly yeah but yeah you guys I might swim in the sea but I'm not sure so I just got back from lunch and I've got another drink I'm going to go back in the shade and the Lila jeopardy our firm on my watch so it turns out my camera's out of charge so I'll charge it tonight and then get some pics or in the sea tomorrow so it's a bit later now I'm still on the beach crap well be in most of it but they're part of the all-inclusive and I've watched them hey guys so I've just got back from the beach it's like half past four so I think I'm gonna change my bikini because I hate like sitting in a wet bikini then I'm gonna go to the swim up bar so another beach bar I've got iced tea and then we're gonna go to this swim up bar in a minute so it's not around half past seven in the evening and I'm just gonna get changed and do my makeup for tonight the crickets are so loud today I think I can hear them I just got changed my tops from Primark and my shorts are from Primark oh you realize up the whole outfits from Primark and I'm gonna put my necklace on and then I'm gonna head out don't walk into the restaurant now I might show you what I get hey guys search got back from the like entertainment kind of area in the hotel I'm gonna go to sleep it's her last full day tomorrow which is really sad because end of it here yeah see you guys tomorrow bye so I just got back from breakfast and I've got into my bikini and like packed my beach bag and I'll show you my bikini I really like it from Sheen I drew the lighting but it's just this not leopard print one I'm going to the beach now we're going to Buster pasta which is like the pasta bar we can get lunch we went there a couple of days ago it's really good we're gonna go back and we can like the beach because I think we're gonna go in a banana bait and we go on yesterday could see the two rough but take me the cheese melt yesterday yeah yeah I went beyond to film on it okay guys the time is pretty like half past four in me like afternoon the crickets are so loud I'm so sorry I keep saying that basically this Jeremy cricket so where I'm staying in Turkey my rooms like nearly the trees say ignore the noise you can hear that which you will be able to basically we're going to bellick which is our local town where we're staying and well we're like me Antalya but closest town is Bella we went a few days ago but it was just me and my mum and it was quite scary because like we will ever only like English people there so all of the like Turkish man looks like Todd singers trying to make his go in their shop and that forcing us to eat the sweets and I'm saying because I gave back today with my brother and my dad it's really feel a little bit more safe and hopefully they'll be more people out today because it's a bit later on in the day go you've got change in tight really comfy outfit because it's gonna be so hot so I need to be like comfy and not like tight yeah I mean I'm just gonna let my hair air dry I'm not gonna make bonkers to be honest I don't really want to attract any Turkish man I see what I'm wearing it's nothing funky bass killed outfit I like it I'm just wearing this top which is from Topshop and these shorts are from Hewlett and I'm gonna wear my knight Air Force and my little black just got back from Bella I'm in my hotel room now rezoning still not much there is because like it's quiet it's not even like the people there stare at you like so much and if I were to get my phone out they'd literally turn around like like the old men they're like I'd walk past and then they'd stare at me for like the whole time I was on the street it just made me feel a bit uncomfortable yeah I you didn't really buy anything just because that really puts me off like going in their shops because as soon as you go into the shops they just follow you about for the whole thing I went to supermarket to get some food which is an upcoming YouTube video which you'll see later so I'm not gonna show you the few that I got so it's all about and hey guys so I'm back at the room now hey guys so it's now the next morning and today is the day with that we leave it just so sad for – I don't want to be it's gone so quickly and but we just parking all of our suitcases because we need to be up the room by 12 and then we're just gonna like have a normal day until 6 p.m. when we get picked up by our coats yeah it's the hottest day today it's like 37 degrees and it's only like 11:00 a.m. so we leave it on the hottest day but that's like whew hot amazing dirty care and yeah we're gonna leave in a minute and we're gonna get on the body to reception suitcases I cry out to the boys

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