Vacation in Cebu (City Tour)

they know what the hell I'm at home coming up the brake pads and just llama myself but it was a bang Cebu impressive what are you so I've been ill I'm not swimming down a single movie new year we come in 91 those are my hero [Applause] my it's awesome [Applause] [Applause] Medina behind us Angela [Applause] Oh the purpose of meetings over develop kilometer be did they open that long money had in my back yes and I'm in New Year so he told me he knew for the first time family mama for and medical so this is our first time to celebrate New Year here in sample so I will block it later see you later one eternity later Mabel it is a trio Gogi you think Allah let's throw light fill in the king right paladin do we kick your feel going through oh my god she's or something did say here's something you hey Lucas a la saga be hard to do No Oh boost of the linkage are losing the momentum an order stating he said come eat our third line highlighted not it's finally not myself oh yeah 8:11 25 15 minutes No Oh God hello guys welcome back to my channel so walk out road haha that was my vacation servo connector focus so what is the differences you do people miss Amelia you fake name is you know your wedding so I mean honey talk to the other person of Paulo Hindi column London columns show the meaning of that oh so you're not so cute again my next video and put my sabe SI u here nobody

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