Vacation Simulator PSVR Review

A vacation that every PSVR owner should take!

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welcome to the grand opening of vacation let's begin in vacation simulator the bots are back and this time they have set up a few holiday locations for humans to experience the game begins with you arriving at your holiday apartment and straightaway you're overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things you can do in the bathroom you can customize your character with a surprising amount of options or simply take a bath the living area has a radio TV and a video game console the radio has different stations you can listen to and for TV has different channels you can watch the video game console it's connected to for TV and can be used to play a variety of different games they're all pretty simple and likely won't hold your attention for too long but they actually control very well with the virtual joystick there is also a PC that you can interact with by using a mouse and a couple of buttons you can browse a few web pages and can read and reply to emails the amount of interaction in this game really is on another level for free our title and all of the previous interactions I have mentioned are optional you really are free to experience the game in your own time and way you can only teleport from place to place there is no free movement but it really doesn't matter because each area you teleport to places you at four perfect angle to reach out and play with loads of things all around you you can make objects on the floor levitate towards your hands but you will still need to stand to play for game this mechanic just removes the need of constantly having to bend down the actual main part of the game is split up into three different areas there's a beach a forest and a snowy mountain in each one you can find activities to do and BOTS to help one bot has you simulating for feeling of climbing up a mountain and another bot has you playing a variety of different ball games you have to actually find and bring a bull to him first before you can play though which makes the backpack infantry system a very handy one you can bring up your backpack at any time by grabbing it from your back nearly every single item that is grabbable in the world can be placed inside it which allows items found in one main area of the game to be carried over to another a lot of the bots requests revolve around a certain item being used so having a good memory will certainly help you during your holiday but you don't actually have to remember where an item is located thanks to your free D printer found in your holiday apartment as long as you have grabbed the objects before it is stored in a database on your PC once selected you can have it printed out right next here your backpack also contains a camera there is a lot of photo taking to be done in for game so it's great to see for camera mechanics works so well here you can take a normal photo and the image is instantly printed for you to hold and you can also take a selfie by standing in front of the lens this makes the screen pop out above for camera so that you can see exactly what you're taking you can even put different types of lenses on for camera such as one that zooms in and another that makes the image sparkle one of the main activities in the game is taking photos of certain objects and locations I say main activities as this task is found in each of the free locations other main activities include catching butterflies shooting deviously placed targets with a slingshot and another has you making burgers from orders that appear on a board at the back once you've completed them you must actually deliver four food to four customer although this food making bot is found in all the areas in for game each time he appears he gives you different ingredients and cooking appliances there's a grill that actually heats the food and can be turned on or off a mixer that knows what items you have placed in size and then blends them all together into one liquid and a waffle maker which actually burns the shape of the object you have placed inside just like Jobson later this game really does bring out your playful side and I haven't even shown every single cooking appliance this review would be so long if I did although some activities are repeated in each there's also unique activities to be found too at the beach you can freely build sandcastles or recreate designs that are on a board at the forest you can catch fish and change their color by feeding them food and at the winter mountain you can go skiing in a comical looking minigame a lot of these activities progress in difficulty as you play but there is a real reason for actually doing them as when you complete a stage of one you are rewarded with a memory these memories can be used to unlock whole new areas in each or four locations which will contain new activities to take part in every single activity in the game just works flawlessly and once again the interaction in this game is incredible to get the bots attention you must actually be facing them and then wave at them liquid actually fills up in cups and it's physics based and you can even mix two drinks together which makes the liquid turn into a different color and ice cream actually melts when it's in hot weather part of the fun of this game is coming across little things like these and the addition of the backpack system that allows you to carry things from one area to another just allows you to be so creative and combine so many different things there is just so much freedom here and fun moments to be had for example some quests have you painting pictures war for bots when they receive them they all hang them on a wall behind them the photos you take with your camera can actually be used as the canvas of your painting so I took a photo of the bots who wanted a painting and then painted over it they gladly accepted my masterpiece and rewarded me with a memory from then on every time I passed them I gave out a childish giggle he absolutely appeals to your playful nature and I even found myself splashing around them for say I hope Pete wasn't watching the humor is amazing too it's sprinkled absolutely everywhere you go books can be opened and contained comical writing you can call room service and choose from quite a few different answers the books always come out with something funny to say thanks to them being self-aware and their designs can even be funny too like for painter who impersonates Bob Russ there really is never a dull moment in vacation simulator no matter what is going on even when you have to livered food for 4/10 time the food that furbot in particular has ordered is going to be entertaining it took me just under six hours to complete for game if you just focus on reaching the end of a game though and not participate in all the activities it could be done a lot quicker in my playthrough time I had only reached around 60% completion but for rest of a percent is made up of harder stages of the activities there is actually a reason to keep getting a high percent to but I won't ruin that here just like job simulator the game does come with a platinum although this time around is a bit harder to achieve a lot of for trophies simply involve interacting with objects in a certain way but the hardest ones here are forgetting every single memory in the game a lot of these memories are easy to get but I can certainly see some people finding the advanced stages of sandcastle-building quite difficult overall though it's a great and fun trophy list that forces you to see every element in the game which in this case is only a good thing job simulator was a game that allowed you to quickly put a friend or family member on for them to try out VR and what this game does offer some places to still do that in its really going for more single user play for experience to to the quests increasing in difficulty families can all experience this game for themselves though thanks to the five different save slots included it's absolutely a step in the right direction for the series and the two main new additions the backpack and camera really elevates the game to new heights as they offer so many new playful options to experiment with at times it can almost feel like a fiower Pokemon snap game if you simply focus on all the photo quests or it can feel like a cooking game where you're rewarded for making strange meals the point is you're given enough options to play through and reach the end of the game whilst only doom for finish you find fun honestly though I enjoyed every single one of these activities admittedly some more than others but all of them certainly have enjoyable moments overall this is absolutely a must own title it so many cool things to find in each of the areas the humor is brilliant for out and for detail along with the interaction is mind-blowing every psvr owner needs to take a break and have a holiday at some point better yet right now fantastic human I feel the energy of this work leading up to for release it was a pretty safe bet that this game was going to be good but honestly it did exceed my expectations if you enjoyed this review please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more PS VR content

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