VIA Rail Canada Train Journeys & Vacations - Part Four: The Canadian (Toronto to Vancouver)

VIA Rail Canada Train Journeys: PART FOUR ‘The Candian’

The final part of our journey continues with our trip on the Canadian, showing you in detail the rooms and cars available on any Canadian train journey before our concluding our trip at Pacific Central Station in Vancouver.

We had an incredible time and thank VIA Rail greatly for asking us to take on such an exciting production challenge. I hope you like what you’ve seen and please do feel free if you’d like any further information regarding our trip or our company.

All the best,
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The brief for our films was to show the UK sales teams & customers what it is really like to travel with Via Rail, so the customers know exactly what they see is what they get, unlike misleading big budget ‘polished’ promotional videos. This ‘real experience’ approach was exactly what VIA Rail Canada were after.

Since completing this film VIA have not only distributed to sales teams and customers throughout the UK but across the world, including South America, Australia, Europe and Canada!

Written, Directed, Presented & Edited by Joe Jamieson
Co-Presented by Max Holdstock
Produced by Lee George
With Music Written, Performed & Recorded by Jon Mills
Special Thanks to VIA Rail Canada
first off the Canadian the verse is the most economical way of travelling yourself you have to open shared compartments spacious seats that and by night your specialty and it comes to your spacious pain making them than any single beds there are the string and for those are wanting more privacy bedroom to the next best thing and shave single bedrooms are private room for one pass featuring a small loveseat a picture window and all your regular amenities by night it converts into a cozy bedrooms to bring your favorite cuddly toy and have a very cozy night sleep for those traveling with someone double bedrooms are the next best thing you get a private bedroom for two featuring two castee armchairs a panoramic window and of course all your vir amenities by night the room is transformed into inviting upper and lower beds complete with pillows and everything and in certain cases some adjoining bedrooms can be combined to create a spacious suite for special occasions like musical chairs there are also a few triples available on board which is similar to doubles just a little bigger with an extra bed if you require it and what's more all bedrooms contain a sink vanity mirror plug sockets with night lighting cool buttons a tap for drinking water and a complimentary shower kit containing soap shampoo and sounds Sharon in beer warrior birth there is one locating each sleeper car completely changing room to get as dirty as you like there are a number of scar line cars in the Canadian and like the lounge cars in the ocean these serviced the entertainment hubs of your Canadian adventure comfy sofas and a coffee shop make this a great place to relax and chat with your fellow passengers as you cruise along the rails whilst a stunning panoramic dome is situated above it all for everyone's viewing pleasure the cafe also doubles up for movies games and scheduled activities giving everyone happy on their journey from A to B as if the incredible passing views weren't enough on the canadian was not a seniority given to give a Gorger anchora so sweet through breakfast lunch afternoon they divided the dining cart make a whole range addition took people ages have satisfied the Canadian like the ocean also includes beers flagship park are complete with bullet lounge newer lounge and of course the scenic zones available solely to silver and blue past customs so hey here we are at Pacific sanitation Vancouver we traveled across Canada on the ocean the corridor and Canadian trains had an incredible time and seems from amazing places and we hope will show you everything you need to know about traveling with via rail you can also find out more about the players of journeys and the author's pombero website but just remember it's not a journey it's also an adventure it really is the services sector on everyone onboard is lovely and there's no better way to see the beauty of fun of Canada than will be around and I think that's all we can say the best thing you can do now this experience it be so really is so enjoy it you

8 thoughts on “VIA Rail Canada Train Journeys & Vacations – Part Four: The Canadian (Toronto to Vancouver)”

  1. i have a question, how long did you guys reach Vancouver from Toronto? well the truth is i'm from Ontario and i want to go to Edmonton to visit my friends, i just want to know based on your trip, btw great video guys

  2. @howardkevinm The cars are actually all being renovated and upgraded so they're very comfortable journeys. Food is also very good, yes made on the train, the smaller trains however don't have onboard kitchens so food is supplied but it's made previously. Was still very nice though. To be honest it all pales into insignificance when you're going through such scenery!

  3. @howardkevinm The trains generally run to a pretty loose timetable. They allow plenty of time to arrive in places, often you'll arrive and have some time to have a break and enjoy what's around. This is typical of the bigger journeys (The Canadian & The Ocean) as these all VIA trains run on state owned Canada Rail lines, they have to fit in with all the freight trains so sometimes this can mess with VIA's schedule. On the smaller journeys the timetable is a bit more specific I guess.

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