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~ Watch as we unbox the Viking River Cruises travel documents package that passengers receive a few weeks prior to sailing. You’ll discover just how much Viking River Cruises provides to enhance your river cruise before, during, and after with all these helpful goodies including your essential cruise ticket. (Since the making of this video, Viking has reduced the amount of included materials, but by no means has the onboard experience been lessened. In all honesty, the lacking pieces are not missed once the cruise begins.) ~
hello I'm Jason leopard captain an editor of popular cruising calm and welcome to our latest video installment where we will unbox the Viking River Cruises travel documents package so from the get-go you can see that it's nice from Viking River Cruises you actually receive a box that your travel documents will come to you in as opposed to some of the other cruise lines net where you just get a manila envelope or a padded envelope that might have a spiral-bound booklet inside with just a few documents maybe even pointing you to online printouts that are required for you to go ahead and get maybe your luggage tags and that kind of thing that you need to put around your luggage temporarily so it's nice to see something you know nice and substantial nicely branded it has Viking River Cruises silver coloring a nice little you know calligraphy style v4 Viking on it and yeah nice and substantial got the Viking River Cruises logo even on the the shipping label so let's take a look at what we got inside so yeah right from the get-go you can see you've got these really nice cloth sort of pouches that you get all your travel documents in it has the Viking River Cruises a little logo right there um kind of a nice and warm and chrome guide Viking River Cruises is sort of a you know tag that's been embroidered there with the the website very nice nice and substantial you know this is not something a cheap or temporary by any means it's very good quality and something IP you definitely reuse for cruises in your future as well so opening it up you can see it's all velcro flap there inside you've got several pouches nice you know little neck strap there looking a little bit further here you've got a little name badge there very cool you've got the state that you're from on it um furthermore you've got some let's see here oh very nice little lanyards that you can take and actually go ahead and put that on so people know who you are nice very cool again the Viking River Cruises logo on there very well done also inside you've got this nice souvenir leather luggage stand again with the Viking River Cruises logo very substantial nice and secure something you can put on your luggage and you know be confident it's not going to be a damaged you know with one or two travels that you have you know with luggage carriers and that kind of thing very nice very nice indeed also inside the pouch here you've got two decals with the logo on it very cool it reminds me a little bit of Apple when you get a computer there's or iPod or iPhone you've got those little stickers that you can sometimes see them on people's cars so very cool nice little little souvenir there little trinket I'm going further into it again got all these nice little pouches you know get the credit cards IDs any sort of thing you can think of when you're traveling just very well-thought-out and very convenient and delving further in here you can see that you get a phone nice little booklet here at a day and age when you have other cruise lines that will point you to maybe a PDF document on the line having to do with you know shore excursions that kind of thing something that you need to read electronically here you actually have something that you can look at you know peruse through old school and you know there's something to be said for that it's nice to have an actual guidebook on this particular one is for the itinerary that you've chosen we're going to be taking a Danube Christmas markets cruise and stay tuned because we'll actually have some video content for that coming up but very nice book professionally printed it's not even you know magazine grade paper I mean this is like a full-on book it's very impressive very well done a lot of information here a lot of things that you can take a look at before your cruise is get excited about and just take it all in very very nice very nice inclusion also you've got sort of a packing list here things that you get with this whole package just so you know that you've received everything very nice always good to make sure that you've received everything as expected very cool and behind all of that again you've got sort of your usual documents that are specific to each passenger on the romantic Danube is the hn area that we're going on very cool so everything that's printed and personalized to you um very nicely bounded very well done very well done all of the details that you need to know for your cruise and everything's here it's great to see lastly in here you've got these self-adhesive luggage tags that are really nice and again a lot of pouches but you can use you know for other trips coming up in the future very very nice you know definitely patchy or something you put your passport an excellent material really impressive I can't say enough great things about all this even have a zipper pouch in the back really awesome just really really good and not only do you get just one of these per state room or per cabin you actually get two of them one per passenger so you're not having to share this with you know whoever goes on the cruise with you you actually get your own everything is redundant the same things are inside that each get your own luggage tag etc your own booklet so again you can all Prue's through all the great information and check it all out all the great photography and really just get excited for your cruise that will be on Viking River excellent package and eight and just looking again at the outside here you've got reminders of exploring the world in comfort you know Vikings great tagging laying there and even a reminder of all the great locations that you can still go ahead and visit with Viking after your your great cruise with them so that concludes our package unboxing of the Viking River Cruises documents hope you've enjoyed it and like always we would appreciate it if you would go ahead and subscribe to our youtube channel and visit popular cruising calm and we'll look forward to seeing you at another video thank you so much for joining us bye bye

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  1. Since the making of this video, Viking has reduced the amount of included materials, but by no means has the onboard experience been lessened. In all honesty, the lacking pieces are not missed once the cruise begins.

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