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This is a stock video from Visit Portugal, the Portugese Tourist Board which gives an overview of the country in quite a cheesy way to be honest. I’m still waiting for my new camera to turn up so this is what I’m left with – publishing other people’s videos!
on the western edge of Europe where the land meets the sea and the winds carry the warm sense of Africa there is a country of friendly and hospitable people a country of contrasts whose diversity is one of its greatest treasures of lands where nature has remained untouched and time appears to have stopped the realm of endless Plains and beaches washed by the Atlantic and caressed by the Sun porch all a country that needs to be deeply experienced to be understood a country of artists whose works have made Portugal world renowned it's long history can be seen in its imposing castles where we can spend the night within walls that have protected Kings caliphs and the march of time itself in fairytale palaces surrounded by enchanted forests abundant with romantic walks and secluded areas where even those already love develop new passions but portugal has also another facet where the grandeur of the past and excitement of the future lives side by side a young and welcoming nation that lives intensely 24 hours a day a vibrant country full of color where the Sun shines all year round in mountains that can take the breath away from even the most experienced traveler in places where the grandeur of the landscape is rivaled only by the majesty of the former and even when you think you have seen everything Portugal has something more to offer the possibility of doing nothing relax and enjoy the endless beaches of a country with 850 kilometers of coastline and after a busy day starts your evening with a great meal because in a country with centuries of history and some of the best wines in the world cooking has become highly appreciated art Portugal is all this and much more a marvelous and captivating country from the very first moment you arrive a unique country that offers a thousand and one things to do embark on an exciting journey take a deep breath and dive into an unforgettable experience you

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  1. All the hate comments about Portugal , let me explain something to you haters you just eat shit and where you all from your country is shit too , Portugal is one of best countries in Europe or best one if I not talking to much already.. greetings from Canada , Portugal is A friendly loved country

  2. Um vídeo optíssimo. Espero visitar Portugal algum dia. Muito gosto das suas cidades, o seu vinho e Portugueses são tão agradável. Saudações da Eslováquia do estudante de português.

  3. I just went to Lisbon and wow, what an unforgettable experience. I took many photos and if you check out my Instagram account, you can see more of Lisbon's beauty. My Instagram id is photos_by_eric_j

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