we broke up

Hi pretty little wassabians, we love you all SO much and can’t thank you enough for your support and love. Alex and I have so much love for each other and even though we’ll be spending some time apart, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a future for us. To be the best version of Laurex, we both need to spend some time working on ourselves and we thank you so much for understanding. I’m going to be taking a little break from YouTube, but I’ll still be around on social media. This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, but I know Alex and I will both get through this and come out as better and stronger individuals.
so you've seen the title and we felt that because you guys are such a part of our life that we should address all of the questions because obviously you've seen the one social media especially after you posted your video and Wednesday do you meet this man when you weigh like that you're gonna make them think that you hate me don't hit him I just might have any Nicorette so I have to support him big head okay so there are definite link that we should talk about because there are already rumors flying and I want you guys to hear it from us because obviously we don't hate each other and obviously rinoa it's not the end of the world and also potentially not the end of Lorex so right now we feel like what's the best for us is we take some time apart but it doesn't mean that Norris is dead it just means that it marks her thinking in that thing she's taking a long slumber yeah and then he might revive one or she know I didn't put make it much just in case it's happened oh no basically we just feel like we both need specific things and we're not fully on the same page and so we have to take time apart so for us to be able to come back stronger and better we have to take time and focus on ourselves I know it's so so cliche in every breakup video yeah that's what they say that they need time they need to improve themselves you're not the best version of yourself you can't be that for someone else for someone else oh my god it was so quick into the video I know I was so good before in the game plan it all just forgot everything a lot of you guys think like that merrier couple rolls and like you guys want to be like us when you get older but we don't want you to lose faith in love because we haven't sometimes you take some time apart to realize what you have and also to like everything that you guys have seen in the blogs has been like so good you just don't wanna go to memory gates you guys know that's a clean everyone's gonna know ratchet I am I guess I'm a toilet baby no we just want you guys to know that everything you guys have seen in the vlog so you guys have been on vacations with us you've been so many place with us and experienced so many things like it all truly it was like the best three years of my life yeah oh god is it gonna make me look better I think the main thing that we want to make sure everyone knows is that it's not because we want to see other people and date around or there's someone else that knowing she's just not who we are as people and that's not something that's ever been an issue in our relationship like jealousy or anything like that so I just want to squash those rumors right out the gate because that's not that's not the case and we don't hate each other we're not gonna delete all of our videos together her photos or already so Carla is like Laura and fall at Ella's on Instagram did you know I did are you gonna are you gonna mute me no no I'm not gonna okay we're gonna meet no I I'm gonna continue liking all your pictures like I always do yeah can't believe you're crying didn't trigger my crying oh another thing is that this is also pretty out of the blue for us it's not like we've been on the rocks yeah like the last six months or like period of time we kind of just had to have a serious conversation and talk about like where we were and where we were headed and if we were on the same page and to be on that same page we have to make some personal changes and personal growth I didn't be a better version of me for you so that's pretty much all there is to it it doesn't mean that we're not going to see each other you still have a law Rex merch you could just still wear it and like as we do start coming back and making more content obviously I think we're both gonna take a short break from YouTube which I've never done in my entire life I've taken but I think we both need time and just like be with family and reflection but when we do come back to making videos it would be so awesome if you guys could just be supportive which I know you will because you guys are both wassabi it's pretty little or it's pretty little as audience you guys are the best and I know that when we come back and obviously we're both really positive people so our vlogs are gonna seem like we're totally fine and everything is fine and we've moved on but when the cameras off we're just straight crying but for real when we come back we obviously are gonna try and continue regular content that doesn't mean that we're not going through stuff as well off-camera were real people this is a real relationship we just happen to have billions of people that are also involved not involved but yeah this is a weird like no other couple need to send an ounce to millions of people when they break up they just do it okay so I was hoping there was a tie but the news I'll still love you I think I love you I really think it's gonna help us yeah and I mean like we wouldn't be breaking up if we didn't think that there would be a better future ahead soldi some people just cry and their face looks normal right after like yours my face just like just doesn't look normal after I like it it's not good we're on the same page about not being on the same page but not be on the same page that we need time we both agree get to the same page yeah and that's where there's no hard feelings there's no resentment there's no anger if you end up falling madly in love yeah can I be your maid of honor I don't know good you be my best man okay another thing we want to make sure you guys know is that nobody was wronged here so I don't hate her she doesn't hate me we still love each other and we want you guys to love each other too so we don't want you to take sides we don't you start rumors we don't want you to leave mean comments on her channel or my channel because because it's all love that's all you ever wanted to spread we just want to emphasize that we don't want this to cause any hate in any way like obviously we're sad and I'm sure you guys will initially be sad but basically guys can understand and still support us as Laura and also as Lorien and Alex hey I don't know in the next video i'll be posting will be probably in about two weeks I think I'll probably just come back with a DIY nothing too personal or not they're taking three weeks off I don't know I'm sad I'm sad I don't know I don't know I'll still be on Twitter and Instagram and stuff um so not gone forever but it definitely need a little time we love you guys and we still love each other I love back chicken doc what no doc chicken you want baby Tiana back he's yours but no we like him yeah only kept him because nobody else wants him you kept maybe do you know oh that is love that is love for real already oh my god he stayed chicken ah music I'm up now the guys in the video okay okay alright okay okay I'm gonna hug you forever everybody cry don't cry don't cry if you kind of kiss you crying no oh that wasn't mine

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