Went on Safari, Ate Some BBQ & Dancing in the Streets at Animal Kingdom

We are having a fun day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom! We wander though Dino Land USA then go on safari! This was the best Kilimanjaro Safari ride we have ever had as it was cool outside and the animals were very active! We worked up quite the appetite so opened the My Disney Experience app and ordered some lunch which was ready almost right after we arrived at Flame Tree BBQ. Let me say… this place has really good bbq! And you know how picky Jason is, but he always enjoys the food here. We catch a really fun dance party before heading back into Dinoland for our Fast Pass at Primeval Whirl… and did we make a mistake right after eating?? This ride does have a nickname of Primeval ‘Hurl”!!

Music credit: DJ Quads

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so the flight of passage is at 195 minutes standby that is three hours in 15 minutes why four men arrived by yeah like that maybe with that well I'm gonna change as for dum-dums [Applause] so we just we've already decided we're going to flame tree barbecue for lunch works good with uh JC does he do ribs chicken pork so we're heading into the Dino land USA we just blown away with how busy you are sweet you know every kraut calendar I checked that this week would not be like this we've been this time of year we came this almost exact week a couple years ago and it was like a ghost camp every time that we walked through Dino Dino and always damn about the boneyard where the first time we came about the boys they sat in that boneyard yeah wherever and we had a law watching them yeah our boys were really into dinosaurs when they were kids the dial and was their favorite part of animal kingdom MacDonald's Dino fashions going on we are heading into dinosaur zoo at the wait time is we may or may not ride it it's too long we won't yeah I said a 25-minute wait and then this like group of 100 people just walked in so we're like t-shirts and stuff we might do it if we can get around the group but as soon as we got up on them they charged in yeah did you know look so worried about hopping on all the ride we've done on the rides again this morning you know you hit your bullet points what you want to do specific and then we just roam around and soak up the scenery and just love being around in inside the business wondering you know that's right good old I know Rama so here is Donald and Donna has a really fun costume on primeval hurl nope not for a 35-minute wait for five minutes it's not worth that honey glasses open oculars hua came to read that far man it's a carnival atmosphere here at Disney Dino land isn't it it is oh here comes Chippendale aren't they cute I'll dress up like dinosaurs he's our favorite store and animal kingdom it is we like the other up top alright so and this is why this is why we like this story not for what's in it but for what's up here memories in this this shot yeah kids breaking down tired and cranky and kids happy just thriving yeah we've covered the gamut oh yeah shoes with our kids in this it always seems like it's here it is but they also live yeah it's cool in your racket where it's just so down [Applause] someone had a lot of fun designing this oh my god I loved this whole purse snack money and look I love the Dole Whip hat I think Alicia I love this shirt tell Disney life it is me let's get with the ears look at that hi it is [Applause] I wonder if next time we tell them if the boys would want to go play in the boneyard just for nostalgia sake hey my my gertie we never play the games I wonder if anybody ever plays the games I never see anybody playing the game oh there's somebody here for their clue I guess when it's really busy actually horrible yeah played it when I was a kid you know yeah I remember back when they had the mirrors with all the rock bands like blockly crew and you know the darts you have to pop the balloon you'd have to top like three balloons in a row or four balloons in a row I can never get out I get the mirror and those were everybody wanted one of those I do have got a couple levels I never want anything the only thing I could play is a car when I was a kid is when you had this you could throw the ping pong ball into the fishbowl and win a goldfish I could do that that was the extent of my uh my skills here's the theater for Finding Nemo the musical we're not gonna do that this trip but I do love that show love love love that show we're just not gonna do with this trip dinosaur is alive and well Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park thanks Stacey okay so here's the other view of Everest when you come in from Dino land so guess what time it is time for our every podcast but yeah we can hear people scream and it's gonna be fine hello that's right this is my favorite roller coaster in all of Disney World yep that one and rock and roll yeah rock and roller coaster second this one is our favorite it's longer and surprisingly understand by still only 25 minutes for here but we have a fast path six chimes on a rollercoaster on a busy busy day that's pretty good you know it's always good to just come over here the lines not too bad which it's gonna be today it's gonna get a little shot of man that is an adrenaline rush just good for the soul it is and oh it's up to a 40-minute wait I was like does it not look like a 25-minute way yeah but just tell me we're going to Safari yeah and we're heading to heading from Asia to Africa first for me now the breeze is fantastic through here we're not hot at all it's great are you HOT I'm not hot it couldn't be more fantastic I have today is like stellar the breeze just fried it's not too hot it's not to fall I mean yep pretty little spot back here walking from Asia to Africa walk down to that landing you can get a really good spot of the tree creative reading here at the Tulsa canals restaurant there's a bar right inside there yeah you got to try the Golden Monkey right through there on the stage show right now so we're making our way back to the Safari Safari is always a must do and you can hear sorry my name is Kristin I am going to be your Safari nice are the trucks driving around Mumia Ahmedabad meeting about fun the name of our guide is Kristen she was fantastic she was really good at one point kids kind of stood up and told him to sit down I don't think he understood and then she said in Spanish yeah but she uh she was good and she knew Spanish she's very she like a broadcaster boys as you heard she was submitted fun yeah I guess it's because it's it's cooler it's a nice day a lot of good photo ops yeah we saw a lot more animals than we normally do on a safari you come when it's real hot outside they're hiding there in the shade they're not active it's a little cooler outside get more animal activity we're here at Flame Tree BBQ we did the mobile ordering so we go right here to mobile order pickup and they will call us as soon as it's ready sampler platter that is the chicken the ribs and the pulled pork and since like three ribs yeah and it's got your little beans and coleslaw and this was 1899 don't put in a barbecue sauce that's okay we got barbecue sauce here we've got B in this case I'm just gonna split it yeah cuz that's a lot of food a Little Dipper good ribs I remember this being good food here yeah and the beans are good and the beans have meat mixed into them also and then the pulled pork is just it's shaved you dip it in the barbecue sauce that we may not have been thinking it through correctly when we got a fast path for primeval world right after lunch well we were hungry primeval world after so far as any but we were hungry so depressed and thinking that yeah Tony's are full crazy ride let's see it does have the nickname primeval pearls so hopefully that's not gonna happen so we're heading back in a Dinoland oh goodness [Applause] ready or not here we go that's right we got this we got this this is one of those rides that you have to ride but nobody really enjoyed it that's going to be this in the hell of that thank you so experience she's never home to be seen right there you know they say come on bar together this bride will let you know who's boss here we go first drop right Roly smackeroonies who's got the ibuprofen that ride is insane I'm telling you what my facebook yeah it's leads you into the next person beside you and oh good Hills like honey is that a heel plate for surviving from evil world we shoot out the other end to freedom so we decided to leave Animal Kingdom for a while we're gonna head over to Animal Kingdom Lodge we've never been there before yeah chill for a bit and decide if we're gonna come back here tonight or tomorrow else or what we're gonna do we're gonna go figure it out y'all help us figure it out along the way but it's gonna be neat to see animal kingdom watch yeah never ever seen it I'm looking for do that I know they got done I think you can yeah I think you don't have a room but we'll see that's gonna be cool we can so yeah we're trying new things this trip but we've learned especially when the parks are as busy as they are right now this is a good time to take a break get out of parks go somewhere chill for a bit and I'm back later yeah those people that slept late are just now getting here and it's uh it's getting a little bit warmer yeah it's not bad warm up so we're just gonna get out of here it's about time we'd like to take a break anyway just kind of bring it in for a landing for a little bit yeah but yet still get around and check out you know try new things and see new resorts we'll see the theming the different beautiful resort absolutely beautiful so you've got pool entrances all the way around and then over here you got animal viewing see it your raft from right here all right this is pretty stinking coal [Applause]

19 thoughts on “Went on Safari, Ate Some BBQ & Dancing in the Streets at Animal Kingdom”

  1. The Primeval ride reminds me of the old Mad Mouse….crazy fun! Your videos are so much fun, I would love to be there [again]. Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  2. Hi guys! Just wanted to say to you and your family and friends that I hope you guys are all safe during Tropical Storm Barry and hope the flooding doesn't effect you all . I saw that they expect 3-5 inches of rain in Alexandria and hope that you all will be ok. I always enjoy your videos and cant wait to visit Louisiana some day. My next cruise is September 21 to Bermuda & Grand Turk on the Carnival Breeze . I am so excited to be going on the larger ship this time and try Guy's for the first time.Again, just hoping TS Barry doesn't effect you all too much! Sandy from Roanoke, Va.

  3. Oh myyyyyy!!! I so remember the days of winning those mirrors of Bands!!! I had sooooo many of them!! Wish I had kept some, the old ones would be worth something now!!! I do still have my Andy Gibb beach towel from the 70’s & my Elvis concert ticket & poster from my first concert ever— when I was 9 my mom & her friend took me!! It was the last time he came to Dayton OH before he passed! That’s my earliest memory— when he walked out on the stage!!!

  4. I watch your cruise videos so much I had the intro stuck in my head all morning. Had to come to your channel just to hear it.

    Sailing the Breakaway in December. Port Canaveral is our home port just down the street!

  5. I'm sure Alisa already had this edited and scheduled to come out today. (She's good like that!) I'm enjoying this series of Disney..can't wait til the next one.
    *Stay safe 😄

  6. I can’t believe you are uploading videos right now. You must feel prepared and safe. Send us a note and let your viewers know you are ok, we are thinking of you and the boys!

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