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Camp Woodward Season 10 – Episode 14
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Kader heads to The School with Jordan Maxham to check out a gap that hasn’t been done since Season 8 and Dylan meets up with Nick to stack some heavy tricks around camp. After that, Cyprus and Zion meet up at F-Bowl to see if their talent extends beyond skateboarding. Later on, the whole crew skates the weekly Outdoor Street Contest and 5-Block Jam.

About Season 10

Season 10 of Camp Woodward follows three up-and-coming skateboarders as they spend two weeks at the world’s only camp destination for action sports, digital media, and cheerleading. With dreams of one day turning pro, these aspiring athletes get an opportunity to live alongside the biggest names in action sports and experience a summer they will never forget. Real kids, an unreal summer.

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taters are the school trying this the cap into this Bank think it'll be pretty gnarly if he gets a tie to skate Street but he can still skate pretty much everything he kills it it was funny cuz he kept like jumping from the top in without his board and like thought sliding I reckon that was almost an earlier than just sawing in the gap but the school is easy it's not far but it's really steep and it's high to drop from I was like wow Katie got the ollie into the bank it's super gnarly it's kind of tight when you're rolling in and you're getting a lot of speeds with super sick I got a call from Nick and he was like wanna stack some cliff and I was like all right might as well so he skated target plaza for a little bit and then went to the blog oh fuck I'm good now we're gonna do then when to launch that we're at the launch pad and trying to smell like Jay stop work here right now but try to get over here I would stick that wonder just got the noid tray if I try a couple frontside flips another frontside flips a lot lately dan went to the rock we stacked a bunch of cliffs there's really fun fun to be filming Nick reach for this guy [Applause] you missed we watching a dollar I can borrow I'll pay you back folks ah i'ma get this clip and then I'm gonna dream I'm gonna go grab a drink I'll be right back yeah cherry joke hello Mike sure you go out to that floor these are scary kids don't like can I borrow your scooter can I try your scooter yeah this is a news forum to go pro for this I sent a couple scooters and I wanted to try it cuz it looked fun alike they're out of cypress oh he always in whatever you call it tail with whiplash same thing there's like a tiny little bike too that we tried oh yeah too good at scootering way too good hey let me try the bike Zions yelling by bike Center scared skate like my dad's bike bike not scoots key anymore I'm gonna pop this sick really yeah I'm definitely gonna stick to skateboarding highly doubt I'm gonna give up skateboarding for scootering or biking rocking up to the outdoor street contest it's gonna be a fun night Hunter Street contest by another official mascot of the week ten outdoor street skateboard contest we are out here it's like 200 degrees who are about to have the outdoor street contest there's so many kids that are shredding right now it's gonna be really sick oh my god after she contest then we all won one and run we got cheese like anything we wanted in the whole park and it's gonna be fun Zach's is so sick he did like an ollie up the gyro need a pole Jim he was killing it maybe one day it's really fun to skate with other kids from one roof I can help them they can help me it's cool people here are so good at skating everybody's good at different things and it's like really cool when we join together does my crown wanna see one more I like you boy do we go back three and it couldn't have been any more I didn't do so good in my run I think I was tired from factors plenty of time to Julie ten seconds in I like landed everything in practice I only landed like to the tricks in my run you only get like one run that birth sucks next time and that's a lonely one next week I've screwed up big-time on my first trick that's like a trick I have unlocked but I have no idea how I fell on it what side indeed nobody has his back boarded by the summer baby and he's about to just session it oh no he's back fifteen seconds dude that was very trainable backside 360 for the time that was really fun to watch to it then sent it oh my god oh yeah I kinda just went and tried to fit in a couple tricks everybody else seems only bored Ethan did super good he like blended everything in his run he leaned to tell the bigger redbull vert war dude that was the craziest thing in his room Jer I got some crazy good flip tricks you were healed buddy nice one Wow he had a crazy run while I was there the huge front three of the start of his run yeah cool dude his first truth tricks in the run front three up the step up then back with the five walk around and they did it back lip down the big five block real he's already wanted off those first two tricks it was like wow Myles is super gnarly like do some of the tricks in his run were just insane like I didn't seen him do them all days rocks up and doesn't wait up board comes out and he still gets bite puts it around the ball corner setting up tick what over the bank thing oh my god dude chill second one he landed every trick Myles killed it he like landed his whole run perfect no did I really – it's five block contest is gonna be not this super big set with the giant rail and they just like sentence tricks down it the best trick wins everybody was like doing cool tricks everybody was buckling it was fun to watch some of the tricks of people doing on that like insane really really wanna do it really really well then I really wanna do it really really really wanna do it really really want [Applause] [Applause] this wonder are I remember his name but he did the nicest pop shuvit best front foot catch to a so sick [Applause] someone gonna kickflip noseslide I saw I was pretty gnarly [Applause] I gotta jump in this I might like doing oli and I'll be it I'm super nervous for things huge long good out there it was a little bit nervous but you got up there since it I like buckle on the first I like my knees went over my head and now I like sore right there but then I landed next try so it's all good super Heights on it I did the five walk now I just gotta do the four block miles gonna sit back tower down it miles did the cleanest back tail I've ever seen I don't know how you guys the pop to get up on there [Applause] last year ago in the Wynwood show my brother and my friend is like you have to do it again how's it okay I'll do it Dex just like goes down the stairs put it on the ground then butts around it it was so funny everybody went nuts everyone loves it I got 79 out to shoot contest I got really happy because I didn't really think I was gonna place my advanced division this was absolutely gnarly third place Ethan Copeland get up here man get you some product I got good it's pretty locked on it I was just there have some fun share with everybody so it was all good second zero were you a serial it's like a place man so sick you can homey look ain't killing it out here man let's get into product good yeah dude first place miles we all do it do it miles where you at miles come get you Soprano yeah miles hey let's give it up for these guys and that's gonna wrap up outdoor streets week tent contest and we're out Jordan macsam gaming gave this to me because he's freaking dope and then I won this and then Ethan just gave me some stickers did you call that a good night yeah I would call that a good nyos freaking dough next time on cap would scatting a bump to barrier at the rock we're gonna get some clips on that how you holdin up Gabo I haven't skated crime on brought yet so I mean Sam I'm gonna head over and I've escaped watching Ethan skate the vert super crazy he's like super good at it you guys got a 40% on your cabin inspection so there's no more skating you gotta go back to the cabin clean up the cavern right now flies are breeding flies in here we've got some food items around this cabin is disgusting

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