White & Case LLP Careers: Together we make a mark

What started as a radical idea, that the world is our market, is now our reality. Today, complex client projects, nuanced local-market knowledge and global capabilities define who we are. Explore what it means for your career.

the attributes of whiting case as I see them are that pursuit of opportunity that that sense of being drawn to opportunity the global footprint of whiting case is extraordinary and what makes it extraordinary is that it's been built up over well really a century we are international firm with domestic ties the richness of the firm is to have both sides so that the domestic connection as well as the the global interaction the way we are organized across regional sections globally makes it very easy to work with team members wherever they are across the globe and this aspect of dealing complex cross-border international matters is one of the key element of working of Education we naturally attract those who value an understanding of different global markets and different mindsets one case is really very much naturally diverse in fact our attorneys speak probably over 80 languages in our network we need people and we value people who bring a wide variety of perspectives there is no one archetype for a white and case lawyer there is a true value of individuality even the pro bono work that we do at white and case has an international aspect so for example we're working with the Auschwitz Institute for peace and reconciliation and the UN Office on genocide prevention we try to take on pro bono matters that our network can handle that that no other law firm can what we see from our clients and type of work in transactions and disputes that we look for are the most complex cross-border first-of-a-kind transaction complexity is what we do every day clients come to us because of our local expertise also because they know that we are able to handle cross-border international transaction training in the firm is absolutely excellent and has really developed over 17 years that being here wine case launches amazing career the experience in the international network that you build is you'll have for the rest of your life and it's inbound the kind of people that fly here are those that are ambitious they're action orientated they're people that have a desire to succeed and that's in everything that they do we're looking for people who have a real intellectual curiosity about the world those are people that will do really well in light of this I can't think of a better launching pad for anyone's career you

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