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Imagine a vacation over three-months long, sailing around the world with the consummate host. This is the World Cruise with Princess, a once in a lifetime experience taking you to all corners of the globe with each port even more memorable than the previous.

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it's truly an epic adventure a princess worldcruise over 100 days sailing across the world seas and visiting the most sensational destinations on earth there's so many wonderful monuments people from different countries will supply cultures it really is very very spectacular there's a lot to do and a lot to see it's everything that you imagined and more the world cruise is a journey every intrepid traveler has dreamed about and princes can take you there what lies ahead of you is a galaxy of the most legendary exciting and romantic ports in the world destinations that will delight the mind and excite the imagination from the ruins of once mighty civilizations to sparkling cosmopolitan cities from enchanted island jewels to dramatic natural wonders you'll experience more in one monumental voyage than most people do in a lifetime of travel you'll sail on one of our elegant ships and enjoy a leisurely atmosphere and the unique camaraderie of worldly fellow guests sharing an extraordinary adventure and for those guests who would prefer to join the world cruise for a shorter amount of time in a particular region of the world a range of segments bridges are available a princess world cruise it's an adventure of a lifetime Princess Cruises escape completely

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  1. so you can save and go on a cruise. they take 500.00 down and you can pay off the cruise in 5 months. I did one. now iam working on my second and going to take my daughter to pr for her 21th birthday june 2013. then i would have done 2 in one year.

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