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Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation Review. Check in was at 4pm and we got our room around 6pm. After driving for 4 hours, we expect to have our room ready not waiting around for another hour or two, then they try to put us on a villa which was cheaper value than the ocean front tower that we booked and paid in full two months before. In the end, the room was nice and yes we got the ocean front that we paid for. We don’t like to complain but sometimes we do when its necessary.

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so yeah so you can tell we're not happy we're not happy at all okay overhead speed hey guys were at the Wyndham shake it was for fun what time's not bad it is 5:35 so everybody housekeeping hasn't clean the rooms yet and they can't accommodate us so we have to wait and okay but they're selling timeshares here for universal oh yeah so you can tell we're not happy we're not happy at all so we're gonna walk back down and sit in the lobby to make sure they know we're waiting because I really don't have much confidence that they're gonna contact us as soon as they should for our rooms you can go up at the beach and come back didn't walk on the beach this color below there okay I'm not going to Albany I did okay before you know if we're not in their face it'll be 7:30 but we get checked in you know you know what there's nothing to say in there all right here and see it right yeah and say wait over here hey guys we're if the Wyndham check in town was a 4 p.m. what time is it now it is about six so somewhat sixteen Wojcicki tamara scorpion there's the rooms available so we're still waiting so I can work the Wyndham see what we see what's plantation or Wyndham say what's plantation but this window to see which plantation there's a lot of time cheers stuff here it's our first time staying here last time staying here about six now and we just got in a room the Seawatch plantation and you'd be the Southtown when I have a chicken out on the first okay hey guys welcome back in general so it's Oh what time is it now ten fifty so we're to see what plantation chicken was for so let you guys know well thank you we're so yeah which they was gonna put us on a villa and first time last time I have paid for a tower and it was gonna put us in a villa and I don't want to have to deal with that so I said I paid for your Tower and it's been paid for for over a month and you should get a coward instead of a Bella Rose if I had chosen to pay for a villa then I should have paid for the villa and the villa is not we knew when did we reserved this room it was like baby I'm sorry good morning everybody at the beach we're gonna be leaving in a few minutes and Steve is trying to do selfie but yes we speak look selfie okay but the Oh oh it's Jamie what load it in a single feed it's got it I'm lugging everybody's walking I'm bragging

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